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Monday, March 30, 2015

Magic of Oz 2015 Holi Hunt How-to!

Hello, Ozimals friends!

Holi Hunt 2015

This year we are welcoming Spring by celebrating the festival of Holi. Holi commemorates the victory of good over evil, and all of the new beginnings that come with the start of Spring! A major part of the festivities is dousing people with brightly colored pigment powders, until everyone is rainbowed from head to toe. Come hunt with us, and pick up some festive Holi goodies!

The Magic of Oz 2015 Holi Hunt begins at 12:00 noon SLT on Wednesday, April 1. The hunt will run through Thursday, April 16.

There are exclusive prizes to be won from our Munchkinland merchants ~silentsparrow~SchadenfreudeHalf-Deer*katat0nik*Pixel ModeCubic Cherry Kre-ationsFallen Gods Inc., and, of course, Ozimals! 

Here is how the hunt works:

Once the hunt opens on Wednesday, when you teleport to Magic of Oz, you'll see a sign at the landing point advertising the hunt. Click the sign, and you'll receive a brass platter to wear on your head. 

Little pots of brightly colored pigments will appear all over the sim, in hundreds of hiding places. When you find one, click it! (You may have to right-click and "touch") It will vanish, then reappear balanced on your platter.

When you have collected six pots of pigment, a menu will pop up asking you to choose a shop whose prize you would like to receive.

Once you select a shop, the little pots on your platter will vanish, and you will receive a large pot of pigment to hold. Wearing it, go to the shop you have chosen in Munchkinland. You'll see an overflowing platter of pigment pots in the shop!

Creep up close to it--within two meters--and click the pot of pigment you are holding. The shop's platter will give you your prize! If a merchant has put more than one prize in their platter, it will randomly pick one for you. Once you have your prize, you can play again by refilling the platter on your head by finding six more pots. Each large pot of pigment, however, will only work once, and only for the shop you chose from the menu.

When you are done, you can use the platter's menu to make it into a collectible decoration, with color-change pigments!

Here are pictures of SOME of the prizes to be won from our participating merchants!

More info about the hunt, and about other Holi treats from Ozimals, coming soon! Stay tuned!

Much <3
Ozimals Team

Friday, March 27, 2015

Coming in April: Magic of Oz 2015 Holi Hunt!

Hello, Ozimals friends!

Holi Hunt 2015

Starting next Wednesday, April 1, we'll be hosting sixteen days of Holi, with custom hunt prizes from Ozimals and from our Munchkinland merchants! There'll be more information here on the blog in the coming days about the hunt and about Holi itself, and even some sneak previews of this year's prizes, which we are very excited for all of you to see! Stay tuned!


Much <3
Ozimals Team

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Hello, Ozimals friends!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day from Ozimals! This year we are celebrating with a new special green bunny elite, with the chance at two limited-edition traits!

The Leprechaun 2015 elite pack!

The Leprechaun 2015 elite bunny pack is available at the Ozimals Bunny Main Store and at the Ozimals Satellite Shop at Shamrock Market. The box contains one random-gender Leprechaun 2015 elite nest, with unlocked ears and shade. This means that these nests will produce Leprechaun 2015 elite bunnies with any currently available shade and ear type. These bunnies have a chance at carrying two limited-edition genetic traits, which can be passed to their offspring. Also in the box is a 30-day limited-edition Level 2 Standard Omni food. The Leprechaun 2015 elite pack will only be available through the end of March.

It may still not feel so for many of us, but Spring *IS* coming. There are many many different ways, worldwide, that the beginning of the season of growth and new life is celebrated, and we've picked a colorful one to observe this year... stay tuned for details!

Much <3
Ozimals Team

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Last chance for Beloved elites!

Hello, Ozimals friends!

Today, Saturday, February 28th, is the LAST day to pick up your Beloved limited edition bunny elite pack! The vendors will be disappearing Sunday morning, so this is your last chance! Grab yours from the Ozimals main store or from the Ozimals satellite store at Shamrock Marketplace.

The box contains one random-gender Beloved 2015 elite nest, with unlocked ears and shade. This means that these nests will produce Beloved 2015 elite bunnies with any currently available shade and ear type. These heart-speckled bunnies have a chance at carrying two limited-edition genetic traits, which can be passed to their offspring. Also in the box is a 30-day limited-edition Aphrodisiac food; Aphrodisiac food is a level 2 food that provides a 5% speed boost in Love gain for bunnies and Charm gain for Pufflings.

Thanks so much for sharing so many photos of the 3.4 bunnies on Flickr! We'll be posting soon about St. Patrick's Day and more forthcoming events, so stay tuned--though, meanwhile, since we see many of you out and about at gacha events--check out Gacha Minion, a new project from Malk and Candy that makes sorting, trading, and selling your gacha goodies quick and fun!

Much <3
Ozimals Team

Monday, February 2, 2015

Ozimals Bunny Update 3.4!

Hello, Ozimals friends!

Welcome to Bunny Update 3.4! Please read these notes carefully before you begin updating! 

Ozimals Bunny Update 3.4

Update 3.4 is a non-mandatory update. What this means is that your bunnies will continue eating for two weeks without being updated, though each food you have rezzed out will message you once a day to remind you to update. If your bunnies are not updated to 3.4, they will not be able to breed with updated or new bunnies. Remember, a bunny takes 72 hours to go from 0% hunger to 100% and hibernation, so you have two weeks plus three days to update... just don't forget!

If your bunnies do hibernate, all you need to do is give them food, wait 24 hours for them to come out of hibernation, and then use the 3.4 updater.

The Bunnybury Exclusive Rare Bunny Nest will be updated on update day. The Bunnybury Random Nest and the Bunnybury Nest With Increased Chance of Recessives will be updated two weeks from update day, on Monday, February 16th. Bunnybury Random Nests and Bunnybury Nests With Increased Chance of Recessives bought from the vendor before that date will be version 3.3 nests with no chance of v3.4 genetic traits.

* New genetic traits!
* Beloved elite bunny!
* New Bunnybury exclusive bunny!
* Ozimals Xing signs!

New genetic traits!

As of this update, new starter packs purchased from Ozimals (Warren Packs, Pair Packs, and Pet Packs, from the Ozimals Bunny Main Store, the Ozimals Satellite Shop at Shamrock Market, or the Second Life Marketplace) have the chance of carrying a range of new genetic traits.

Beloved elite bunny!

Beloved elite bunny pack!

The Beloved elite bunny pack is available at the Ozimals Bunny Main Store and at the Ozimals Satellite Shop at Shamrock Market. The box contains one random-gender Beloved 2015 elite nest, with unlocked ears and shade. This means that these nests will produce Beloved 2015 elite bunnies with any currently available shade and ear type. These heart-speckled bunnies have a chance at carrying two limited-edition genetic traits, which can be passed to their offspring. Also in the box is a 30-day limited-edition Aphrodisiac food; Aphrodisiac food is a level 2 food that provides a 5% speed boost in Love gain for bunnies and Charm gain for Pufflings. The Beloved elite pack will only be available through the end of February.

New Bunnybury exclusive bunny!

The Bunnybury Exclusive Rare Bunny Nest has been updated for version 3.4 with a new bunny. This bunny's eyes and fur are exclusive to these nests and will not be available from other bunnies. The previous Bunnybury Exclusive traits, Envy eyes and Banded White fur, are now retired. Bunnybury Exclusive Rare Bunny Nests are now updated, so any Exclusive Rare nest bought from the vendor will be version 3.4 and have the new Exclusive genetic traits.

Ozimals Xing signs!

2015 Ozimals Crossing sign!

Way back in the mists of ancient time, there was a weekly award given to pet owners who displayed our old "Bunny Xing" signs near their bunnies. We've updated the sign to include Pufflings as well - and made it mesh, so it's only 1LI now - and have included one in the 3.4 update box, along with simple instructions to be eligible for the award! Much simpler than the old version--just rez and click!

****************IMPORTANT NOTES****************



Please check that you restore bonds, reset home near food and reprice if you had bunnies set for sale.

2.  If your update totem gets stuck on a bunny (after 5 minutes, it hasn't completed)  please TAKE THE CRATE into your inventory and delete the white bunny underneath.  Copy the crate prim description number.  File a support ticket ( ) and include that crate number for a replacement bunny.  Do not delete the crate until you receive your replacement bunny.

Once you pick up the crate and delete the white bunny, your update totem should move on to the next bunny in range.


The food does NOT get updated itself; it only communicates to you the need to update your bunnies. PLEASE NOTE!! You do NOT need to buy new food!  Once you update your bunnies, they will eat any recent version of food just fine.


2. Prepare your update area:

A.  Designate an "update area" someplace on the land you own.
B.  Rez your updater at the center of the update area.

C. It is important to only rez ONE updater!
D.  Pick up ALL third party scripted products (monitors, dispensers, servers, rings, etc.) and any other heavily scripted items in the area. These items can slow down or even prevent the update process from beginning or completing correctly. This is VERY IMPORTANT.

3. Update your bunnies:
    A.  Turn bunny movement off. Take a moment to record the bunny's ID if you do not already have it recorded.
    B.  Pick up your bunnies one at a time (do NOT pick up in a group!)
    C.  Rez up to 10 bunnies in your update area. The updater affects bunnies within a 9m radius (18 m circle with totem in center)
    D.  There will be a short delay before the updater begins; please be patient! :)
    E.  The bunnies will update one by one. A crate will appear over them and the process will be shown in hovertext above the box.
    F.  When all updates are completed, remove the updated bunnies from the update area, and put down the  next 10 un-updated bunnies.
    G.  Continue this process until your entire warren is updated.
    H.  After the update is completed,  RE-REZ ALL YOUR FOOD so it will detect that the bunnies have been updated. If you use any dispenser or server system, you need to remove the food from those systems and rerezz them.

Much <3
Ozimals Team

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Thank you to the Ozimals community for five years!

Hello, Ozimals friends!

Thank you so much for celebrating our fifth Oziversary with us! It has been great to meet some of your older favorite bunnies, and to see all of the new Dorothy elites!

We hope you all enjoyed the delicious Free Cake - remember, it vanished last night, so check your bunnies and Pufflings to ensure they all have something to eat for breakfast this morning.

Tiktok Steampunk's Flickr Pic Of The Week awards have returned for the New Year. Join the Ozimals Flickr group (it's free!) and post pictures of your pets to be eligible - it's also a great place to see everyone ELSE'S photos!

We are planning Bunny Update 3.4 for early Feburary, so get ready... new genetics, new elites, and more! We'll be sharing much more information soon, but wanted to give you an early heads-up!

Much <3
Ozimals Team

Friday, January 9, 2015

Happy Oziversary!

Hello, Ozimals friends!

Today, January 9, 2015, marks five years since the first bunnies hopped out across the grid. We are more than a little amazed at this, and gratified by the support that all of you have given us--THANK YOU! To celebrate this year's Oziversary, we have a number of limited-time special goodies; read on!

Free Cake!

Free cake! Each box of cake costs L$0 and contains free cake in levels 1, 2, and 3. This food will feed bunnies and Pufflings for one week, until midnight SLT on Friday night, January 16, 2015. When the clock strikes midnight, the cake will disappear, so please remember to replace your pets' regular food when the cake is gone! Also included in the box are unscripted decorative cake slices, in case you'd like to keep a memento.

Free cake is available at both the Ozimals Main Store and the Ozimals Satellite Shop @ Shamrock Marketplace.

Ancient Everlasting Timepiece II: Electric Boogaloo

Ancient Everlasting Timepieces! An Everlasting Timepiece makes a bunny unable to breed, but also unable to hibernate, and never hungry again. Bunnies that have an Everlasting Timepiece applied will lose any Elder status they may have had, and will not boost stats any longer. When Timepieces were first introduced, there was a variation, sold for a limited time: the Ancient Everlasting Timepiece. We are bringing these back for one week, with some slight alterations.

The new Ancient Everlasting Timepiece is half the price of a standard Everlasting Timepiece, and is available singly, or in a pack of five or ten. These Ancient Everlasting Timepieces will ONLY work on version 3.3 bunnies that are at least 1400 days old. There is no time limit on their use, only on their sale--they will only be available for one week, through Friday, January 16, 2015.

Ancient Everlasting Timepieces are available at both the Ozimals Main Store and the Ozimals Satellite Shop @ Shamrock Marketplace.

Birthday Bunny Food! In previous years, we have awarded a year's worth of free food to any active bunny on the grid whose birthday is also January 9th, 2010. Last year, we expanded and improved this offer to include active bunnies born during the first week of Ozimals, and this year we are widening the net once again, to include active bunnies born during all of January 2010. We've made the list, and the owners of these bunnies will receive a special limited-edition Archetype food that will feed one bunny for 365 days! (Or two bunnies for 182 and a half days, or four bunnies for 91 and a quarter days, or... )

Holiday Elite Kindling! A new holiday elite, to celebrate Oziversary, can be created by any pair of 3.3 bunnies who have not hibernated. The kindling period has begun, and lasts for one week, until midnight SLT, Friday evening, January 16th, 2015.

Holiday elite bunnies are special rewards for active bunny breeders--if you've not been with us for previous holiday kindles, here is how they work!

To be eligible, a nest must be both created and kindled during the specified date range. The nest's hovertext will not tell you whether or not the nest is an elite; it must be kindled to find out.

When you kindle a nest created during the date range window, you will see a "No Elite" button in its menu--pressing this button makes the nest ignore its chance to produce a holiday elite, so use it carefully, if at all! Remember, if a nest has a chance to be a natural elite AND a chance to be a holiday elite, natural elite wins-and the "No Elite" button only turns off the holiday elite chance, not the natural elite chance, if one is present.

The genetics of potential holiday elite parents do not affect eligibility; both parents must be updated to the current version, the nest must have been created and kindled during the date window, and both parents must have zero hibernations.

To check the number of hibernations on any bunny: if the bunny is not yours, click the bunny and choose "Ozaria" from its menu. If the bunny is yours, click "Support" and then "Ozaria". This will bring up a web page showing the bunny's number of hibernations, so it's easy to check if a bunny you own or are considering buying is eligible to produce holiday elites!

Happy Oziversary to everyone! We'd love to see you celebrating on Flickr, whether you build a palace of cake or just spend a quiet moment with your new holiday elites and freshly Timepieced old friends!

Much <3
Ozimals Team

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