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Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Holidays from Ozimals! (and an announcement)

The Ozimals group wishes you all a Very Merry Christmas and Wonderful New Year - and we have a small on for more info!

Almost nine months...from when I first tossed around the idea in my head of creating a game in Second Life to now, as I write this basking in the glow of lights on a holiday tree early on Christmas morning. What a journey it has been, with great successes and small setbacks as any large project must have. It is very akin to birthing a child in more ways than simply the time span involved.

I'd like to thank those of you who have waited with such great patience through the personnel replacements and subsequent revamping of the entire bunny system which threw our project much later than we had hoped for. Your understanding that the delays were only to provide the best game possible was very much appreciated. Your support helped to keep us pushing forward, producing the most advanced and entertaining AI breeding animals on the grid! In the end, this incarnation of Ozimals Bunny is a far superior product for the extra time it was given and the changes that were made.

We've given this project the very best of us all, and I think that shines through in our final product. No game is ever complete - there are always things to add and small tweaks to make. But finally, I am so pleased to announce that Ozimals : Bunny will be released to the public on January 9th, 2010! Mark your calendar, as this will be a weekend (and following week) FULL of celebrations, prizes, and magic to commemorate the release we have all been looking forward to for so long and the opening of the Ozimals sim itself.

We will be sending more details out shortly, after the rush of today's holiday has subsided a bit - but we wanted to get the news out to you as soon as it was finalized. We wish you the happiest of holidays and hope this news adds a small bit of extra jolly to the season. We are just as excited as you are!

The Wait Is Over. Ozimals - 1.9.10

Candy Cerveau and the whole Ozimals Team: Malkavyn Eldritch, Neobokrug Elytis, Elphaba Stormcrow and Locasta Frostwych

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Important Information from Ozimals

Hello Ozmites!

There have been a few rumors and incorrect statements being passed around about a copybot situation and I haven’t commented until now as I needed to discuss with our attorney on what could be said on the matter.

A week and a half ago, several of our beta testers made us aware that there was a store advertising an open beta for breedable bunnies that were incredibly similar to the Ozimals bunnies and recommended that we take a look. Our sculptor determined quickly that these bunnies had been ripped from Ozimals sculpts and some of Ozimals textures she created. They added in poorly modded versions of our fur textures and a freebie ear on some models from xstreet in an attempt to disguise the theft. They also copied nearly all of our game concepts - down to using nearly identical hovertext stats (including a memory stat - which was only for debug in beta) and nearly all our game terms. There were a couple of Sion chicken game concepts used as well.

To correct a few rumors that have been passed about – they did NOT get access to the scripts we use for Ozimals – there were several indicators that made that obvious. What they DID do was attempt to duplicate the Ozimals system using their limited knowledge of our game structure - specifically an older closed beta package acquired by their alt - as a guideline. Even still, they were attempting to create an entirely new company using our content, not pretending to sell legitimate Ozimals bunnies and they were only advertising a beta, not anywhere close to selling anything at all.

As this was a ludicrously apparent example of copyright violation and IP theft, a DMCA was filed against the person responsible and the entire “business” was swiftly shut down by Linden Labs the next business day and the content removed from the copier's inventory shortly after. After consulting with an attorney who deals regularly with SL’s content theft issues, we have determined this is likely to be the end of the matter. Should a similar attempt be made, we will again act to aggressively protect our rights AND the rights of our customers. Content theft affects everyone in Second Life, and it is up to all of us to be proactive and shut the thieves down before they can even start.

Ozimals beta bunnies cannot be sold to anyone presently since they are no transfer. (Obviously they will be transfer at release.) There has been no hint of anyone attempting to sell bunnies as Ozimals and I believe with our large dedicated group of watchers that we would know as quickly as we knew about this incident. In addition, there is no motivation for any thief to even attempt it, as any consumer who would be interested is aware that Ozimals is in open beta and the bunnies are no transfer so it would be an obviously counterfeit item.

At release, you will have a simple way to verify that any nest or live bunny you purchase is a legitimate Ozimals product, eliminating any fear of purchasing a copybotted bunny shell or an empty nest.

We’d like to take a moment to thank those Ozimals testers who came to us immediately with this information. We are enormously grateful for your caring, loyalty, and support. You will be the ones to keep these few bad apples from ruining everyone’s experience – and we thank you!

As a last note, the Ozimals Team is ~very~ approachable and has multiple methods of contact, including email. If you ever have a question, concern, or in this case – hear some unverified rumor, please come to us directly and we will give you the facts. Information you’ve only “heard” is likely to be false. We are always available to you, our friends and customers.

Much Bunneh Love,
Your Hard Working Ozimals Team!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Open Beta is Released!

Oh yes - today was Official Ozimals Open Beta Bunday! After nine months of hard work, we are happy to come into the final stretch with these bunnies we've come to love so dearly. We'll be using this last push to add in some new features, iron out any last minute kinks, and give people a preview of what the final release bunnies will be like :)

Give the Open Beta a try - you can find it on xstreet - or the preview store which is located on the Magic of Oz sim here: The owners of Oz have worked for over nine months to create a very special sort of game - we hope you enjoy this preview!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

More Updates! Beta Date and Release Date and Vendors, Oh My!

Hi everyone! I’ve got an update on the open beta and the release date. As we have said since we began, our target release time was the beginning of October with a tentative launch date of October 9th. Given the fact that our system is a robust one, the approach we are taking with the beta testing is very thorough, testing a few features at a time and layering new ones on once we have ironed out the bugs. We’ve gotten an amazing amount achieved already, but to keep to our standards for testing we will need to push the open beta date to October 9th with a launch date of October 17th.

The open beta will be placed at the Ozimals preview store (ON OCTOBER 9TH)for anyone to come by and pick up a copy to test for that week. Just remember that the beta bunnies will delete themselves on October 16th so that everyone can start with a fresh group of bunnies – but this will give you an excellent opportunity to see these adorable creatures for yourself!

We know that you guys are excited and anxious to get the bunnies, and we are working long hours to get them to you quickly – but it is of the utmost importance to us that we release a stable product with as few bugs as possible. If that means delaying the release date by a couple of weeks I think that it is definitely worth taking the time to get it done right.

I have to give HUGE props to our beta testers for helping us find bugs and making suggestions for features. They have been truly excellent about documenting bugs and helping us squash them quickly. We are so very grateful to all of you for your help. You have contributed to making Ozimals a great product and we thank you for that. We plan to keep adding testers from our update groups during the next few phases up until open beta.

Speaking of our update groups – we are THRILLED to say that we have over 1,300 people in our 3 update groups (accounting for the few who are in more than one) The Ozimals team is overwhelmed and humbled at the incredible support from our community. We’re planning to send out a small gift in appreciation of your confidence in us – so keep an eye out for that. Our forums are also going strong with over 500 members and lots of informative threads posted daily and a growing list of entrepreneurs in our Bunny Business Forum. If you haven’t come by yet, give us a look! You can find it at – just be sure to sign up with your first and last SL name.

Some various notes now - We’ve had lots of requests for displays of the Ozimals bunnies from markets and other business owners. We would love to come and put down something at your location so if you are interested, please drop a notecard to Candy Cerveau and she will get in touch with you.

We’ve also had inquiries about affiliate vendors and the shops that will be for rent on the Ozimals sim. We will have affiliate vendors that pay a commission and those will be available at launch. We have a section of shops on the Ozimals sim that we plan to rent to creators. We know that there are several excellent markets in place already that welcome breeders of the Ozimals bunnies with their nests and live bunnies, so we are going to limit the items sold on our sim to only bunny products and accessories - so that we can support those markets. If you are interested in renting a shop from us, please send a NC to Elphaba Stormcrow with the title “Ozimals sim shop rental – Your Name” and what type of product you make (or will be making). It is possible we may have to do a lottery for the shops because the demand is already pretty high. If we have to go that way, we will update you in a later post.

We’re planning another Q & A session on Friday evening at 6 pm SLT to talk about the topics in this post and any other questions you may have – stop by and have a chat.

Again, the team wants to extend their most sincere thanks to you Bunneh lovers out there for your support and we beg your patience while we work to bring you the next generation of AI animals!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Information on Bunny Breeding

I wanted to talk about one of the checks we will have in place in our system to prevent over breeding and population glut of bunnies. I’ve heard many comments from people who want to be sure that we prevent some of these population problems that have occurred with other breeding pets. This is something that we’ve discussed from the beginning and was a key part of our design. The first one of these checks is Generations.

We’ve considered this feature carefully before deciding to make it a part of Ozimals - Bunny. We feel it is a great way to prevent overpopulation while adding to the realism of the experience. Your bunnies cannot die by accident so you don’t have to worry about losing a rare bunny that is important to the breeding process, and this helps control the bunny population to keep the game fun and challenging for everyone. Remember that you can continue to produce bunnies with those same genes through each set of subsequent generations.

The beta bunnies currently have 15 breeding generations. Once those 15 generations have been produced, it is considered “retired” and can no longer breed. There will be a "cooldown" period of 48 hours between each generation before the bunnies can breed again.

Each time you breed a bunny, the generation number drops by one. If you let a bunny die from owner neglect, they will lose one generation. Those are the only ways to reduce your bunny’s generation numbers at this time. In addition, retired bunnies still contribute positively to your warren. Once a bunny is retired, he/she is given “Elder” status, can be switched to the basic food for maintenance, and will give a 1-3% increase in a random stat (random stat is rolled once the bunny hits that status) to all bunnies within a 10 meter range. Only one Elder(per stat) is effective per 10 meter range – their stats do not stack.

We are also offering an optional higher level to this part of the game with the Matriarch and Patriarch bunnies. To produce a Matriarch/Patriarch, you MUST feed the bunny the special “Archetype” food for its entire breeding life. Once the bunny reaches retirement after being fed only the Archetype food, it attains the rank of Sage which gives the same benefits as the Elder except that its range of influence would be 20 meters. If you continue to feed the Sage bunny the Archetype food for 60 days, it will ascend to Matriarch or Patriarch status. This status gives a 7.5% increase to a random stat (random stat is rolled once the bunny hits that status) to all bunnies in a 20 meter range. Only one M/P is effective per 20 meter range – their stats do not stack. Once ascended, Matriarch/Patriarch bunnies can eat the basic food for the rest of their lifespan.

IMPORTANT: In order to raise your bunny to Matriarch/Patriarch status, it must be fed ONLY the Archetype food for its entire ascension period. If the bunny eats premium, standard or basic food even once before it attains the Matriarch/Patriarch status it cannot become one, even as a Sage – it will lose its ability to ascend and will drop to Elder permanently. NOTE: the starter food/water included in the starter kits DO NOT count against attempting to raise your bunny to Matriarch/Patriarch status.
If the Matriarch/Patriarch bunnies die from owner neglect 5 times, they suffer a permanent premature death. Their high status does guarantee an additional 6 months of life beyond their normal lifespan.

Remember - the Matriarch/Patriarch is completely optional and not required for anything. You will always be able to do everything for your bunnies yourself over time, this is just a fun side game for people with a really nice prize at the end :)

I know there will be lots of questions on this - we do plan to hold a Q & A session specifically on this topic later this week and also please visit our forums at to discuss!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Big Update! - You can hold Yer Bunneh!

Hi guys!

We have HUGE news for you all, several big reveals in this notecard! The big day is tomorrow too - the start of our Beta. Watch for an IM from me and a package to get you going. Remember we have a beta section on our forums for chat and questions on the beta, so please sign up at with your SL name so you can participate!

The big one - You will be able to hold your bunnies! Not a copy, or a non-scripted version - but the actual animal. :) You can literally pick up any bunny you own from the ground and wear it from your inventory. Holding the bunny will increase its happiness too! Bunny poses are made by Dove Swanson of Long Awkward Pose and they are adorable. :)

The bunnies will be several prims less than our original estimate of 18-20. We've made several modifications to improve and streamline the bunnies and we'll release a final prim count once we go through a bit of beta testing.

Another great feature is that the bunnies have a "homing system" you can set the radius for that will keep your bunnies within a certain area, eliminating the need for pens and hutchs other than for organizational or decorative purposes.

All bunnies can be housed in the same area without unwanted breeding issues. We have a system in place where you can form bonds between two bunnies that will prevent them from breeding with any other bunnies but their bonded mate.

You can also breed your bunny with a bunny owned by a different person, so long as both owners are in the same group. You do NOT have to deed your Ozimals bunnies to the land - you just have to make sure that all your Ozimals products are deeded to the same group. This opens up a great opportunity for people who might want to set up "stud services" - charging a fee to breed a certain bunny with one of yours.

More details to come - lots in store regarding the breeding system and much more. :)

Keep it hopping!

Candy Cerveau

Friday, September 11, 2009

The Mini Rex!

Here's our fifth breed - The Mini Rex! Mini rexes are known for their soft velvety fur and unique markings - we have some of the prettiest colors that the rexes come in, like black otter and castor! Stop by our preview shop at Magic of Oz to see a display of the new bunnies!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ozimals Pricing!

Hi Everyone! Here is a preliminary Price List to give you an idea of how we will be selling the bunnies and what will be offered. Remember, this is subject to change before launch, but the amounts should remain about the same. No 7K lindens in sight! ;) We've tried to make it affordable for both the breeders and the pet lovers. The important thing to remember is that you can choose how much you want to spend on your bunnies. We are offering lots of options based on your goals, needs, and budget.

I know there will be LOTS of questions so if you could please go to the forums and sign up there to ask, so everyone can see the answers that would be great! Just go to and register using your SL name. That is important because we are using the same logins for any support tickets and we need to know your Second Life name.

Give us feedback, let us know what you think! and be sure to sign up for the hippogroup update group (no group slot needed) or the regular SL group - Ozimals Orations and Updates. The beta starts Monday and we are choosing beta testers randomly ONLY from our update groups, so sign up by Sunday night! Here's the slurl:

Keep it hopping!

Candy Cerveau

Bunny Price List

IMPORTANT NOTE:The only requirement for maintaining your bunnies is the food/water. Other items are optional, you can choose to speed up a certain process, but are NOT required.

Basic Bunny Starter Kit: 295L

  • One bunny with random stats, breed, and gender.
  • One “Basic” Starter Food and Water – lasts for one week.
  • A special gift for the new owner.

Advanced Bunny Starter Kit: 595L

  • Pair of bunnies, guaranteed one male and one female – random stats and breeds.
  • One “Standard” Starter Food and Water – lasts for 2 weeks.
  • One item that gives a % increase to happiness for one week.
  • A special gift for the new owner, exclusive to the advanced kit.

Breeder Pack: 3,000L - random gender or 4,000L - 5 male/5 female

  • 10 bunnies – random stats and breeds.
  • One Large “Standard” Starter Breeder Food and Water – lasts for 2 weeks.
  • One item that gives a % increase in happiness to 10 bunnies for 2 weeks.

Aphrodisiac Food: 275L

  • Gives 3% increase in Love to one bunny for one week – a LOT, or Love Over Time

Love Potion: 500L

  • Gives instant 5% increase to Love for one bunny.

Happiness Totem: 150L

  • Gives a 5% increase in Happiness over time to one bunny for one week - a HOT, or Happiness Over Time

Basic Level Food/Water: 99L/4 weeks

  • Food for non-breeding bunnies. Satisfies food/water requirements and keeps Love at 0%. Great for pet owners!
Standard Level Food/Water: 195L/4 weeks

  • The staple food for bunnies – no stat bonuses.

Premium Level Food/Water: TBD/1 week

  • Several foods which give stat bonuses and one that gives access to an exclusive bunny archetype!

Standard Level Food/Water (Breeder Size): 1495L/10 bunnies for 1 month

  • Over 25% savings off buying the individual bowls!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The next breed of the Ozimal: Bunny - The Dutch!

This is the dutch bunny, one of the most recognizable breeds and SO adorable with their dark jacket over white! Don't forget to join our update groups for a chance to be in the beta beginning Sept. 14th - we will be pulling exclusively from those groups to help us with final testing. See for how to join! We have a hippogroup also so no group slot needed :)

I'll be out of town until Tuesday, September 8th - if you have questions, please feel free to message Malkavyn Eldritch until I get back.

Keep hopping!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Preliminary Ozimals FAQ!

Ozimals: Bunny FAQ

1. Ozimals? What in the world are Ozimals?

Ozimals is the name for our line of breedable AI animals in Second Life. Why Ozimals? Well, because they come from the Land of Oz of course! Ozimals is being produced by the same creative minds that brought Oz to Second Life in a big and inventive way. We hope to bring that same sense of wonder and enjoyment to this new project.

2. Who are you people anyway?

The Ozimals team is made up of several talented long term Second Life residents. Heading up the team are the partners behind the successful Magic of Oz sim, Candy Cerveau and Malkavyn Eldritch. Our primary scripter is NeoBokrug Elytis, with assistance by Vaalith Jinn. Our bunnies were created by Aki Shichiroji of Organica. The avatar in charge of customer service will be Elphaba Stormcrow.

3. So these are like the Sion chickens and the turtles, right?

Well, Ozimals also breed – but really the similarities stop there. Our bunnies are adorably realistic, professionally sculpted, and full of variety. The six breeds that the bunnies are launching with are actual real life breeds and each one has custom textures that reflect the look and coloring of that breed.

The Ozimals bunnies use a true dominant/recessive genetics system modified for SL that will enable you to breed for recessive traits to create the bunnies you want. Each bunny carries a specific percentage of recessive qualities, and you selectively breed those to achieve new colors and even special mutations!

When you breed an Ozimal bunny, you are producing true characteristics like fur, eye color, ear type, and more! Each variation is a separate, hand drawn texture. Those traits will show up as new features on your bunny – unlike other breedable animals where RGB colors (plus sometimes glow and shiny) are the only ways to tell your animals apart.

4. Can the bunnies be killed?

We recognize that these animals are both an emotional and financial investment on your part. We don’t believe in allowing your investment to be destroyed through accidents or malicious intent. Our bunnies cannot be killed by accidental return to inventory (be it picking up, going off world, or being returned) or by griefing. The only ways for a bunny to die are either owner neglect or old age. There are consequences to leaving your bunny in inventory too long or neglecting them though, so it is best to take care of your little friends. ;)

5. How do baby bunnies arrive?

Just like in real life, Ozimals bunnies are born in a nest made of hay and the mother’s fur. They remain in the nest for a certain period of time until they are ready to emerge and begin exploring!

6. How many prims are they? Are they laggy?

The Ozimals bunnies will be 11 prims, which is a low number given their complexity and realism. As far as lag is concerned, there is no scripted object in Second Life that does not produce lag in some amount. We are taking steps to insure we have a fully featured, engaging and interesting animal that produces as little lag as possible. You will also have options to help control the amount of resources your bunnies use based on your own individual needs and restrictions.

7. What will the bunnies be able to do?

We have a large list of features for our Ozimals – obviously the intricate breeding system is a large part of the experience. Also, the bunnies will be able to eat and drink, interact with their owners, their environment, and other bunnies in their warren. There are also some special features that we will release shortly after launch that will enrich your time with them even more!

8. Can we keep our bunnies from breeding?

Yes, we will provide several methods to prevent breeding until you are ready to mate just the right pair.

9. What accessories will you have for the bunnies?

We plan to create several types of accessories for our bunnies – from toys to special treats and foods to unique housing. You will have lots of options to spoil your bunnies with!

10. How expensive will they be?

One of our primary goals was to create an animal that could be maintained for a reasonable amount. We’ve structured our feeding and care systems so that you can take care of the basic needs of your bunnies for a very modest price, and if you want to devote more time and resources to go deeper into the breeding and interaction process you can do that as well. We want to cater to the casual pet owner as well as the dedicated breeder.

11. Will you allow outside items to be made for the bunnies?

Yes absolutely! We welcome new creations and helpful tools from our community. We plan to release an open API shortly after launch to assist you in creating items for personal use or for commercial sale.

12. How do you plan to support the bunny keeper community?

Our highest priority is to support and listen to our customer base. We have a website and an active community on our forums located at , as well as inworld SL and subscriber groups to distribute information and gather feedback. We always want to hear comments and suggestions from our customers so we can continue to make Ozimals an engaging and enriching experience! To be sure we provide the best possible and most constant service to you, the Ozimals system is not backend database dependent – so you won’t have to plan the time you spend with your animals around outages or downtime.

On a related note, a local rabbit rescue group – Alabama Ears – has graciously agreed to let us record the sounds for our bunnies from their foster buns. In thanks for their kindness, we will have a special product, with all proceeds going to assist their rescue efforts and have other plans in the works to help their worthy cause. For more information on Alabama Ears, you can visit their website at


The Ozimals team is thrilled that so many people are looking forward to the bunnies. We are excited too! We are working VERY hard to release the bunnies as soon as possible. We know that many people are anxiously awaiting the Ozimals but one thing we are not willing to do is release a product with flaws, inferior looks or design – so we are tweaking and refining things now. We are about to release our Open Beta, with release scheduled for late October.

Ozimals will have their own sim (Road to Oz) neighboring Magic of Oz where the main store will be located, along with some vendor shops catering to the needs of the bunnies and other Ozimals.

Have more questions? Want answers? Drop a notecard on Candy Cerveau or Malkavyn Eldritch in world and we will be adding to the FAQ constantly until launch!

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