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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Big Update! - You can hold Yer Bunneh!

Hi guys!

We have HUGE news for you all, several big reveals in this notecard! The big day is tomorrow too - the start of our Beta. Watch for an IM from me and a package to get you going. Remember we have a beta section on our forums for chat and questions on the beta, so please sign up at with your SL name so you can participate!

The big one - You will be able to hold your bunnies! Not a copy, or a non-scripted version - but the actual animal. :) You can literally pick up any bunny you own from the ground and wear it from your inventory. Holding the bunny will increase its happiness too! Bunny poses are made by Dove Swanson of Long Awkward Pose and they are adorable. :)

The bunnies will be several prims less than our original estimate of 18-20. We've made several modifications to improve and streamline the bunnies and we'll release a final prim count once we go through a bit of beta testing.

Another great feature is that the bunnies have a "homing system" you can set the radius for that will keep your bunnies within a certain area, eliminating the need for pens and hutchs other than for organizational or decorative purposes.

All bunnies can be housed in the same area without unwanted breeding issues. We have a system in place where you can form bonds between two bunnies that will prevent them from breeding with any other bunnies but their bonded mate.

You can also breed your bunny with a bunny owned by a different person, so long as both owners are in the same group. You do NOT have to deed your Ozimals bunnies to the land - you just have to make sure that all your Ozimals products are deeded to the same group. This opens up a great opportunity for people who might want to set up "stud services" - charging a fee to breed a certain bunny with one of yours.

More details to come - lots in store regarding the breeding system and much more. :)

Keep it hopping!

Candy Cerveau


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