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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

More Updates! Beta Date and Release Date and Vendors, Oh My!

Hi everyone! I’ve got an update on the open beta and the release date. As we have said since we began, our target release time was the beginning of October with a tentative launch date of October 9th. Given the fact that our system is a robust one, the approach we are taking with the beta testing is very thorough, testing a few features at a time and layering new ones on once we have ironed out the bugs. We’ve gotten an amazing amount achieved already, but to keep to our standards for testing we will need to push the open beta date to October 9th with a launch date of October 17th.

The open beta will be placed at the Ozimals preview store (ON OCTOBER 9TH)for anyone to come by and pick up a copy to test for that week. Just remember that the beta bunnies will delete themselves on October 16th so that everyone can start with a fresh group of bunnies – but this will give you an excellent opportunity to see these adorable creatures for yourself!

We know that you guys are excited and anxious to get the bunnies, and we are working long hours to get them to you quickly – but it is of the utmost importance to us that we release a stable product with as few bugs as possible. If that means delaying the release date by a couple of weeks I think that it is definitely worth taking the time to get it done right.

I have to give HUGE props to our beta testers for helping us find bugs and making suggestions for features. They have been truly excellent about documenting bugs and helping us squash them quickly. We are so very grateful to all of you for your help. You have contributed to making Ozimals a great product and we thank you for that. We plan to keep adding testers from our update groups during the next few phases up until open beta.

Speaking of our update groups – we are THRILLED to say that we have over 1,300 people in our 3 update groups (accounting for the few who are in more than one) The Ozimals team is overwhelmed and humbled at the incredible support from our community. We’re planning to send out a small gift in appreciation of your confidence in us – so keep an eye out for that. Our forums are also going strong with over 500 members and lots of informative threads posted daily and a growing list of entrepreneurs in our Bunny Business Forum. If you haven’t come by yet, give us a look! You can find it at – just be sure to sign up with your first and last SL name.

Some various notes now - We’ve had lots of requests for displays of the Ozimals bunnies from markets and other business owners. We would love to come and put down something at your location so if you are interested, please drop a notecard to Candy Cerveau and she will get in touch with you.

We’ve also had inquiries about affiliate vendors and the shops that will be for rent on the Ozimals sim. We will have affiliate vendors that pay a commission and those will be available at launch. We have a section of shops on the Ozimals sim that we plan to rent to creators. We know that there are several excellent markets in place already that welcome breeders of the Ozimals bunnies with their nests and live bunnies, so we are going to limit the items sold on our sim to only bunny products and accessories - so that we can support those markets. If you are interested in renting a shop from us, please send a NC to Elphaba Stormcrow with the title “Ozimals sim shop rental – Your Name” and what type of product you make (or will be making). It is possible we may have to do a lottery for the shops because the demand is already pretty high. If we have to go that way, we will update you in a later post.

We’re planning another Q & A session on Friday evening at 6 pm SLT to talk about the topics in this post and any other questions you may have – stop by and have a chat.

Again, the team wants to extend their most sincere thanks to you Bunneh lovers out there for your support and we beg your patience while we work to bring you the next generation of AI animals!


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