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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ozimals Pricing!

Hi Everyone! Here is a preliminary Price List to give you an idea of how we will be selling the bunnies and what will be offered. Remember, this is subject to change before launch, but the amounts should remain about the same. No 7K lindens in sight! ;) We've tried to make it affordable for both the breeders and the pet lovers. The important thing to remember is that you can choose how much you want to spend on your bunnies. We are offering lots of options based on your goals, needs, and budget.

I know there will be LOTS of questions so if you could please go to the forums and sign up there to ask, so everyone can see the answers that would be great! Just go to and register using your SL name. That is important because we are using the same logins for any support tickets and we need to know your Second Life name.

Give us feedback, let us know what you think! and be sure to sign up for the hippogroup update group (no group slot needed) or the regular SL group - Ozimals Orations and Updates. The beta starts Monday and we are choosing beta testers randomly ONLY from our update groups, so sign up by Sunday night! Here's the slurl:

Keep it hopping!

Candy Cerveau

Bunny Price List

IMPORTANT NOTE:The only requirement for maintaining your bunnies is the food/water. Other items are optional, you can choose to speed up a certain process, but are NOT required.

Basic Bunny Starter Kit: 295L

  • One bunny with random stats, breed, and gender.
  • One “Basic” Starter Food and Water – lasts for one week.
  • A special gift for the new owner.

Advanced Bunny Starter Kit: 595L

  • Pair of bunnies, guaranteed one male and one female – random stats and breeds.
  • One “Standard” Starter Food and Water – lasts for 2 weeks.
  • One item that gives a % increase to happiness for one week.
  • A special gift for the new owner, exclusive to the advanced kit.

Breeder Pack: 3,000L - random gender or 4,000L - 5 male/5 female

  • 10 bunnies – random stats and breeds.
  • One Large “Standard” Starter Breeder Food and Water – lasts for 2 weeks.
  • One item that gives a % increase in happiness to 10 bunnies for 2 weeks.

Aphrodisiac Food: 275L

  • Gives 3% increase in Love to one bunny for one week – a LOT, or Love Over Time

Love Potion: 500L

  • Gives instant 5% increase to Love for one bunny.

Happiness Totem: 150L

  • Gives a 5% increase in Happiness over time to one bunny for one week - a HOT, or Happiness Over Time

Basic Level Food/Water: 99L/4 weeks

  • Food for non-breeding bunnies. Satisfies food/water requirements and keeps Love at 0%. Great for pet owners!
Standard Level Food/Water: 195L/4 weeks

  • The staple food for bunnies – no stat bonuses.

Premium Level Food/Water: TBD/1 week

  • Several foods which give stat bonuses and one that gives access to an exclusive bunny archetype!

Standard Level Food/Water (Breeder Size): 1495L/10 bunnies for 1 month

  • Over 25% savings off buying the individual bowls!


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