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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Open Beta Testers Gift and Velveteen partnership!

The Ozimals team would like to thank everyone who participated in the Open Beta and helped us fine tune and finalize the release version of Ozimals bunnies. We've wanted to give this gift out since launch, but we've been so busy with the release, the hunt, the alien bunneh, and getting our support system in place that we've barely been able to breathe! Big thanks to Barnesworth Anubis and Callie Cline of velveteen for creating this adorable little hutch, we hope you all enjoy it! For those not in the groups to get notices, you can come by the store and the gift will be sitting outside for you to pick up.

Barnes and Callie came to us very early on in the Ozimals development process and expressed an interest in designing houses and accessories for Ozimals bunnies. We were pleased at the prospect and entered into an agreement for them to produce a line of exclusive housing for the bunnies. Velveteen presently has an area showcasing those items just down the hill from our main store, be sure to go by and check out the location there! For more information on the velveteen line for Ozimals, please see below.

Also, velveteen has been inspired to produce a house designed specifically for the Ozimals Alien Bunneh and plans to donate the proceeds to the Haiti fund as well! Kudos to Barnes and Callie for this selfless thought to help the people of Haiti. You can pick up this special item at their store at the Ozimals sim only as long as the alien bunnehs are being sold, so if you might want one, don't wait :)

As the Ozimals sim opens today full of fun and surprises, Ozimals, along with Barnesworth Anubis & Callie Cline announce a new partnership. Anubis and Cline will expand their Benedict & Florentine "pampered pet items" to include a new brand "veLveteen". Under the veLveteen brand, Anubis and Cline will create bunny-centric items for Ozimals. The line will focus on bunnies homes and living environments.

Ozimals are the next generation of AI breeding pets brought to Second Life by the imaginative minds that brought the the successful Land of Oz to SL with the Magic of Oz sim. Heading up the team are Candy Cerveau and Malkavyn Eldritch. Cerveau and Eldritch have been working on the Ozimals concept and execution for the past several months and the first animals Ozimals will offer will be bunnies. "I have always loved bunnies in real life and I thought that they would be a natural choice for a breeding pet because of their many varieties and endearing traits," said Cerveau when explaining the reason for choosing bunnies as the first Ozimals line of pets. "SL is limited by the absence of the tactile but bunnies are universally acknowledged as being soft and cuddly."

"I love bunnies too," says Cline. "After making our first houses for chickens, we heard bunnies were coming and kept that in mind as we were designing. We loved the idea of making things that were fun and a different for 'animal houses', and one day I told Barnes that I wanted to contact the bunnies people." She found out there were a few doing bunnies, and after speaking to Cerveau and hearing more of the Ozimals vision Cline was sold. "It's not everyday you meet folks who really have the passion and commitment to excellence I saw with the Ozimals team and I was confident we could attach our names and exclusivity to this project as we all really care about what we're making."

Cerveau had this to say about the new partnership, "when Barnesworth and Callie approached us to create an exclusive line of housing for the bunnies, I was thrilled. Barnesworth is an incredible builder and Callie has some very innovative ideas. We knew that any products that came out of that partnership would be fantastic." Both parties are excited about this new partnering and excited about working to create the most excellent products for the emerging pet market.

Anubis agrees with Cline's assessment of the new partnership with Ozimals, "I am thrilled to be working on this project with Callie and Ozimals. Knowing the dedication the Ozimals team has and their attention to every detail gives me confidence about their product and vision" says Anubis. "All of our items are bunny tested and approved, and Callie and I are both very excited that they have chosen us for this venture."

Both Anubis and Cline are seasoned Second Life veterans who have created reputations for themselves based on their impressive achievements. Anubis is a well respected master builder who has worked on a host of projects with companies such as Reuters, Nissan, Bantam Dell and even Linden Labs. Likewise Cline has also worked in SL with RL companies like Pontiac, Leo Burnett, Manpower, in the arena of consulting, branding, content creation and promotions.

The items will be available exclusively on the Ozimals sim in a special Velveteen Garden store and on the So caL sim which is dedicated to "pampered pets" and creative environments and supplies for pets.


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