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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ozimals Community Notice - Please Read!

It is with regret we announce that effective immediately per our TOS, Hudson Novak and her alts have been removed from the Ozimals groups and forums, banned from all the Oz sims and are no longer allowed to possess, buy or sell any Ozimals product - present or future.

We are giving Hudson 12 hours to liquidate all Ozimals items from her possession before they are reclaimed. If you purchase a bunny or nest from Hudson Novak within this 12 hour period, you must report this purchase to Aeron Constantine in order for that bunny or nest to not be reclaimed.

We had genuinely hoped to never have to take this step with anyone, but the multiple violations we have personally dealt with over the past several weeks as well as misleading actions reported to the Ozimals Community and her utter disregard for our requests to stop this behavior have forced this decision.

We've also been informed that the entire Ozimals team has been banned from her parcel, including group officers and moderators. While that is a landowner's prerogative, we do find it extraordinarily odd that someone selling our products would ban our team, as it makes it impossible to provide support.

IMPORTANT: We wish to make clear that a single instance of any of these issues will *not* necessarily cause a ban. We will attempt to contact you if you have danced across the line of our Terms of Service and request that you make changes to come into compliance first, as we have done several times with this person to no avail. It is the cumulative effect of these items together that have made this unfortunate decision necessary, as our highest priority is to protect the Ozimals community.

We've listed the specific (and many) reasons for her ban below. If you have any questions regarding this issue, please send a notecard to Candy Cerveau.

1. Multiple instances of using Ozimals groups and events to spam invites to her group, despite repeated warnings by both Malkavyn Eldritch and Candy Cerveau.

2. Used official Ozimals Logo in her group photo, in her store, on gift bags, and online indicators in her store despite repeated requests to stop from the Ozimals team. Modified the Ozimals Merchant texture in order to circumvent this rule, even though modding the Merchant texture is not allowed under its terms of use.

3. Removed text from her group charter clarifying she was not an official Ozimals group shortly after we requested she add it to avoid confusion.

4. Continually breaks posting rules on the Ozimals forums despite post deletions and requests to conform to the posting guidelines.

5. Implied through multiple methods that she was officially part of Ozimals in order to attract members into her group, which is strictly used to sell bunnies for her sole profit. We have been directly told by several residents that they indeed did believe they were joining the official Ozimals group.

6. Sold alien bunnies for inflated prices while they still for sale, after Ozimals specifically requested that not be done. Publicly denied doing it, saying they were taken down after an hour when several residents, including Ozimals team members, saw them still available for sale.

7. Unauthorized use of Ozimals textures on items created by Hudson and set for sale, as well as deliberate replicas of custom Ozimals decor items created by Hudson and set for sale.

8. Used alts to slander other Ozimals customers publicly through multiple animal groups.

9. Threatened to AR members of the Ozimals team for no valid reason.

10. Represents that she runs an orphanage and sets out collection kiosks, yet takes bunnies given to her under the guise of re-homing and resells them. This has been reported to us from multiple residents, including those who have given bunnies up for "adoption".


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