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Friday, January 29, 2010

Ozimals [europa] Alien Bunnehs Not Long for This World!

This just in from the Ozimals Mothership...

[europa] Alien Bunnehs have been spotted hovering above the Greenies Home at the 2010 - The Future is Now fashion event extraordinaire hosted by Rezzable. Ozimals Supreme Commanders Candy Cerveau and Malkavyn Eldritch report that so far 777 [europa] Alien Bunnehs have found homes in Second Life. Translation: $1000usd has been raised so far for to benefit the victims of the earthquake in Haiti! Amazing achievement Ozimals fans!

However the [europa] Alien Bunnehs will be flying home soon. Only available for TWO more days, the Ozimals [europa] Alien Bunnehs will blast off for their home planet when 2010 - The Future is Now closes on Monday, February 1. Don't miss your chance to add this elite bunneh to your collection today and help the people of Haiti at the same time!

Already have your [europa] alien bunneh? If you want a keepsake copy of the alien bunneh money coupon you redeemed to receive your bunneh, you can go to the main Ozimals store and donate to the bunneh money sign and get one! An additional $30,000L, on top of the proceeds raised from the sales of the bunnehs themselves, has been donated to to obtain these keepsake coupons!

The Fine Print

There are a few special instructions that need to be observed if you would like to add this elite bunny to your Ozimals collection. Please read the following rules before purchasing the [europa] Alien Bunneh. These restrictions are put into place to preserve the value of this Elite Special Edition. No refunds will be given for those not following the rules. Thank you for your understanding!

1. One Elite Alien Bunneh per avatar. We will be keeping a list ;)

2. No avatars under 30 days can purchase or recieve this bunny. No exceptions, no refunds.

3. Please read over the manual for this bunny before purchasing - this bunny requires food and water to survive.

4. This is an addition to the Ozimals Bunny Game. By purchasing this item you agree you have completely read the manual and understand what the product does and how it works.

You are purchasing a certificate that must be redeemed by following these directions.

a) Create a folder labeled "Alien Bunneh - YOUR NAME HERE"

b) Put the Alien Bunneh Certificate in that folder and drop it to Aeron Constantine.

If you do not follow these directions, we will not know who turned in the certificate and we will not be able to send you your bunny.


All profit of the Alien Bunneh that goes to Ozimals will be sent to for the Haiti Relief Fund. Anyone caught selling this bunny for more than the purchase price of 1295L before the end of the Rezzables show will have the bunny removed from their care permanently. By purchasing this bunny you agree to these terms.

Thanks for reading and welcome to the Magical World of Ozimals!

TP directly to the [europa] Alien Bunneh Vendor


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