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Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day from Ozimals

In case you hadn't noticed, love is in the air and Ozimals thinks that even bunnies deserve to celebrate the season, so in the spirit of giving, Candy and Malk are sending out a Valentine to all the Ozimals customers in the form of a Love Totem for your bunnies. Its time to share the love and make those special pairs of bunnies into a family warren as bunny breeding season kicks into maximum overdrive!

The Ozimals Love Totem will be available for free to all avatars over the age of 30 days. Note there is only one Love Totem per avatar. Please don't try to game the system, not only does it make you look greedy but it makes the bunnies cry when they know people are trying to take advantage of them. After all even bunnies in love need time for a cuddle and a carrot juice cooldown!

To obtain your gift all you need to do is come to one of the announced locations and touch the Totem giver. You will receive your "no copy, no mod, no transfer" Love Totem within a few moments. Take the package home and set it out for your bunnies and watch the Love Totem start to work its mojo magic as your bunnies hop off in pairs to celebrate the season. Love will be on a steady and repeatable climb as long as the Love Totem is out and functioning. Be prepared because snugs and huggles will turn into bouncing baby bunny bundles of joy before you know it!

The Love Totem will be available on Friday, February 12 and will be active through Friday, February 19. After the 19th the Totem will be all out of Love Juice but you will still be able to keep the decorative statue as a keepsake collectible of Valentine's Day 2010.

Fine Print:

This item will only be available from Friday, February 12th, 2010 until Friday, February 19th, 2010. Once you have gotten your item there will be NO redeliveries. There is a check for being in busy mode so there is no reason why you shouldn't get your gift. Please do not IM the Ozimals staff to ask questions about not receiving this gift. The only way to get the gift is to click one of the three vendors available. If the vendor says you already have your item then you will not be given a replacement. Thank you.

The Love Totem is Available from the following locations:

Bunny Cart to Ozimals

Carrot Trolley to Magic of Oz

Gypsy Sim

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tick Tock Tick Tock on The Bunny Breeding Clock

We here at Ozimals recognize that every single bunny birth is a beautiful and precious occurrence; however, there can only be ONE first Elite bunny birth on the grid and when that happens we want to know about it!

Natural born Elites are rare bunnies with unique and unexpected coats. Elite bunnies are possible only on the 13th, 14th and 15th generations in the mother's breeding span. Knowing this we are anxiously awaiting the birth of the first natural Elite bunny into the Ozimals family. If you had a chance to see the Elite [europa] Alien Bunnehs that were here for a short time during the Rezzable sponsored 2010 - The Future is Now event at the Greenies sim, you know that an Ozimals Elite bunny is something extra special.

Occasionally, Ozimals will announce the arrival of a special Elite like the [europa] Alien Bunneh that will be available for everyone to add to their families, but natural born Elite bunnies are created as a result of in world breeding and are thus widely anticipated. In order to have the possibility of producing an Elite bunny, the eyes and fur on both parents must be recessive genes. Bunnies that are eating the Archetype food and still have the asterisk have a higher chance at producing an Elite.

So now that we are all informed about Elites and what makes them possible, I can feel the excitement rising on the grid like a tangible presence. This has the potential to be as big as the first baby born in the new Millennium! So how can we possibly celebrate such a once in a lifetime occurrence? Candy and Malk thought long and hard about how to honor this special Ozimals bunny and finally came up with something I know you are all going to love. The owner of the first natural Elite bunny born in Second Life will be awarded a $50usd gift certificate to!

If you find yourself to be the proud parent of an Elite in the next several days (because we aren't exactly sure when this is going to happen!) this is what we need you to do. Send an email to with the following information: your SL name, your email, the birthday of your Elite bunny, and a copy of the information in you Elite bunny's description field. Once Malk receives your email he will double check the database to confirm the birth. Once we determine the owner of the first natural Elite bunny, the name will be announced, the $50usd gift certificate will be sent out, and much celebrating will commence!

So everyone cross those fingers, toes and paws and let's birth us a little Elite baby bunny!

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