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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

More Details about the Bunnybury Program!

As promised, here is a list of the initial items that will be released in the Bunnybury program. Please note that this is just the initial wave of items and we ~will~ be adding more regularly.I will basically explain the system but complete instructions will come when we release the program of course.

We've set up a tiered system based on how you earn and redeem coins. The number of coins earned or the number of coins you decide to spend that week determine what tier you can purchase items from in each weekly session. What this does is enable the smaller seller to get items as well as larger breeders. Some items will be transfer and some will not. Again, this is to ensure that everyone enjoys the system regardless of the number of nests you produce.

Tier I:
1) Energy Drink 10%
2) Copper Cargo Ticket
3) Bunny Brush (Interactive item)
4) Nest Dye - Colors
5) Random Bunny Nest

Tier II:
1) Happy Stump (Redesigned)
2) Silver Cargo Ticket
3) Exclusive Bunny Hutch
4) Nest Dye + Shininess x3
5) Bunny Nest with increased chance of recessives

Tier III:
1) Love Potion
2) Gold Cargo Ticket
3) Bunny Treats
4) Nest Dye + Sparkle! x3
5) Special Rare Bunny exclusive to Bunnybury!

Cargo tickets can be purchased through the Bunnybury program for Ozimals.

Cargo tickets are turned in to the Bunnybury train station manager (or whatever we deem is a good turn in location).

Cargo Ticket rewards:

Copper Tickets:

80% chance to get random items that are not tier rewards.
20% chance to get something from tier II.

Silver Tickets:

80% chance to get something from tier I.
20% chance to get something from tier III.

Gold Tickets:

80% chance to get something from tier II.
20% chance to get two random items from tier III.

Now, I know what you really want to hear many coins will each item cost? We want to be careful to tread a line between making the items have value and keeping the Bunnybury coin prices reasonable so we are finishing up research so we can set the correct prices. We've gone ahead and released the planned list to get feedback and so that you can see what you are turning 1.1 nests in for, as a few people mentioned that they would like to see the items before turning nests in. Look for item coin prices coming next week sometime!

All correctly submitted 1.1 nests that were submitted in the proper time frames have been processed. We will announce another time for turn-ins soon on the blog and via notices.

DISCLAIMER OF DOOM!!! This program may change in a few ways before we launch. This preview is to give the community more information about the program as requested. :)

much <3 from your Ozimals team!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ozimals Bunny: Bunnybury Vault Counter

Cha-ching! Cha-ching! Hear those coins jiggling together as nest after nest is turned in for Bunnybury credit. Excitement is growing as bank accounts start to bungle with gold Bunnybury coinage. Interested in knowing exactly what you Bunnybury balance is? How much credit you have stocked up to be able to spend on fabulous prizes when Bunnybury officially opens? Well wonder no more, the Ozimals Bunny: Bunnybury Vault Counter is here!

What is Bunnybury you ask and how do you get the fabulous prizes it will hold? The special, exclusive Bunnybury items that will only be available for purchase with Bunnybury coins, like Ozimals Bunnybury variation bunnies. Lucky for you I have the answers! Bunnybury is an exchange of sorts. When it is open, it will allow you to exchange your extra nests for Bunnybury coins that you can accumulate to purchase Ozimals items that are only available through the BunnyBury store. Right now the Ozimals team is still hard at work putting the finishing touches on Bunnybury so its not officially open yet, but Candy and Malk know that there are some Version 1.1 nests that are ticking away toward expiration in the next week. With this in mind special arrangements were made to accept Version 1.1 nests this week and begin crediting Bunnybury accounts. The response has been enormous and Bunnybury accounts are starting to bulge with the newly minted golden Bunnybury coins.

In real life everyone loves to be able to tip their piggy banks upside down and run their fingers through all those shiny collected pennies. It's no different in Second Life, we all want to know how many golden Bunnybury coins we have so we can start dreaming of ways to spend them. Now you can do just that. With the Bunnybury Vault Counter, every hour on the hour you can check to see how the coins in your account are stacking up. I get a twinkle in my eye just thinking about all those golden Bunnybury coins that are mine, Mine, MINE! I have to check my balance again right now!

In order to get your Ozimals Bunny: Bunnybury Vault Counter so you can obsessively check your account just as often as I will, just follow these simple instructions.

To obtain your Counter all you need to do is come to one of the announced locations and touch the Bunnybury Vault Counter Vendor. You will receive your "no copy, no mod, no transfer" Bunnybury Vault Counter within a few moments. Take the package home and once it is rezzed you will be able to use it to check your Bunnybury account balance one every hour. The other 59 minutes of each hour you can daydream about ways to spend all those lovely, shiny, sparkling, radiant, golden Bunnybury coins!

Fine Print:

Each avatar will be allowed only one Ozimals Bunny: Bunnybury Vault Counter, so you will want to observe a few precautions when attempting to obtain your Counter from the vendor. If there are a lot of people in front of you all trying to access the vendor as well, it is advisable to wait your turn or try going to another location. When in use, the coin on the vendor display will turn red. If the coin is red, do not attempt to click the vendor to obtain your copy of the Bunnybury Vault Counter.

Once you have gotten your item there will be NO redeliveries. There is a check for being in busy mode so there is no reason why you shouldn't get your Counter. Please do not IM the Ozimals staff to ask questions about not receiving this item. The only way to get the Counter is to click one of the three vendors available. If the vendor says you already have your item then you will not be given a replacement. Thank you.

For the next week, from March 30, 2010 – April, 5, 2010 the Counters will be available at the following ten locations, after that they will be available only on the Ozimals sim.

Magic of Oz
Centering Place
Enyo Twins
The Kennel
Lawst Paradise
Healthlink New York

Monday, March 29, 2010

Redeeming Ozimals Version 1.1 Nests for Bunnybury Coins

Important headline news bunny fans! I'm sure you have all heard the hushed whispers that are circulating about the new and fabulous Bunnybury. The Ozimals team is hard at work to make Bunnybury happen as soon as possible, but the clock's a-ticking on Version 1.1 nests and as the days, hours, and minutes count down toward expiration, Candy and Malk are swooping in to save the day! Bunnybury might not be open yet but special accommodations have been made to accept Version 1.1 nests before they spoil.

So if, and only if, you have Version 1.1 nests, you will be able to turn those nests in during special designated hours this week so they can be credited toward your Bunnybury account before Bunnybury is officially open and operating. In other words, if you have Version 1.1 nests, you will be able to earn credit for them and have Bunnybury coins accumulating in your Bunnybury bank account before anyone else! How special do you feel now?

I know, you want to know the details! How do you turn in your Version 1.1 nests and start collecting those golden Bunnybury coins? Well read on and all your questions will be answered.

REMINDER: THIS BUNNYBURY NEST TURN-IN IS FOR 1.1 NESTS ~ONLY~! Don't forget this! If you send in any other version of nest besides Version 1.1 nests, they will be LOST! Don't doom your little unkindled bundles of joy to forever float on the waves of the cyber sea! Only send Version 1.1 nests and show you are a proud and responsible bunny parent!

You MUST read and follow these directions in order to have your Version 1.1 nests counted for Bunnybury coins. We apologize for being so strict about the rules but they are to ensure that we get as many 1.1 nests processed as quickly as possible.


1. Rez all nests you may want to turn in to verify they are 1.1 nests. The easiest way to determine that is to see if they have a timer.

2. Separate all Version 1.1 nests into groups of 35. If you have less than 35 nests, then place in one group.

3. Turn hovertext on all the nests in the groups. If hovertext is not on, the nests will not be counted!

4. Create a new folder named "Your Name - 1" . Continue making new folders until you have the same number of folders as nest groups, changing the number each time. Put one group of 35 nests in each folder.


Candy Cerveau – 1

Candy Cerveau – 2

Candy Cerveau - 3 and so on.

If you need help creating folders, click here for more information.

5. Double check that your folders are named properly and have the correct number of nests. (max of 35 per folder)

6. Drag each folder onto the profile of Totos Doghouse. REMEMBER to verify that Totos is online!

That's it!

These Version 1.1 nests are going to have to be processed by hand and the rules are designed to make it as smooth a process as possible for everyone and minimize nest loss. That being said, we cannot be responsible if despite all these precautions SL eats or loses nests you try to turn in to us so please keep that in mind.

Anything turned in that is not a Version 1.1 nest with hovertext on will not be returned or credited. Period. Sorry, no can do. Totos has no opposable thumbs to give them back. Please understand that giving a folder or other items to Totos is a one way street.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010 from 8am-8pm SLT will be the next turn-in time for Version 1.1 nests. Additional turn-in times will be announced on this blog and through the inworld groups.

DO NOT IM Totos. He is too busy being nest processing monkey to respond to IMs unfortunately.

DO NOT send nests unless it is during these turn-in periods AND Totos Doghouse is online. Folders will be declined and the nests will not be counted. You can just look in the top right corner of his profile to see the "Currently Online" status, there is no need to IM. Also be aware that there is an SL the bug that if you are not in the same sim you will not get confirmation of acceptance of a folder.

FINAL REMINDER: Mislabeled folders, non Version 1.1 nests, and nests given outside of the turn-in times will not be counted so PLEASE be sure to read the directions.

If you have questions, please post them in the forum thread here.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Erin Go Bragh! from Ozimals

Down in the cabbage patch the bunnies are whispering. Munch! Crunch! It's time for Lunch! Erin Go Bragh the bunnies are cheering! They know that St. Patrick's Day is coming, and the bunnies were absolutely adamant that Candy and Malk should do something to honor the Emerald Isle. So, in celebration of the awesomeness of all things Ireland, Ozimals will have a special gift for all bunny fans – The 2010 Ozimals Irish Cabbage Patch designed by Makaio Stygian!

Just like the amazing Love Totem that appeared for Valentine's Day, the Ozimals Irish Cabbage Patch will be offering a bunny bonus from Monday, March 15 – Friday, March 20. The bonus will reduce the amount of food and water the bunnies in proximity to the Cabbage Patch need to consume to stay full and satisfied.

The Ozimals Irish Cabbage Patch will be available for free to all avatars over the age of 30 days. Note there is only one Cabbage Patch per avatar. Please don't try to game the system, there is more then enough cabbage to go around for all the bunnies!

To obtain your gift all you need to do is come to one of the announced locations and touch the Cabbage Patch Vendor. You will receive your "no copy, no mod, no transfer" Cabbage Patch within a few moments. Take the package home and set it out for your bunnies to enjoy a taste a good Irish fare. Don't worry about the crunching and munching you may hear from the Cabbage Patch. The bunnies won't be able to eat their way through the garden. It will stay active until Friday, March 20, and once the bonus ends you will have a colorful, collectible, commemorative Ozimals Irish Cabbage Patch remembrance of St Patrick's Day 2010 for your bunnies to romp through in the coming months.

Do bunnies like to pinch? Just in case, make sure you pull off a cabbage leaf and wear a bit of green on Wednesday! Happy St Patrick's Day from The Ozimals Team!

Fine Print:

This item will only be available from Monday, March 15, 2010 until Friday, March 19th, 2010. Once you have gotten your item there will be NO redeliveries. There is a check for being in busy mode so there is no reason why you shouldn't get your gift. Please do not IM the Ozimals staff to ask questions about not receiving this gift. The only way to get the gift is to click one of the four vendors available. If the vendor says you already have your item then you will not be given a replacement. Thank you.

The Ozimals Irish Cabbage Patch is Available from the following locations:

Bunny Cart to Ozimals

Carrot Trolley to Magic of Oz

Strawberry Wagon to Gypsy

Apple Train to Lagomorph

Bunny Bytes 3/15/10

Well, the big news for this week is that the much anticipated 1.2 update is coming out later today (Monday 3/15) A few of the things this update will bring is the end of nest expiration, returning minimum range to 1 meter, and fixing the bug so Elder/Sage/MP status shows - so definitely a must-do to update all your bunnies! Complete patch notes will be available with the updater totem.

**An IMPORTANT bit of information! At present, an SL bug (another, sheesh) causes problems with bunnies who are down on a sim when the sim is moved. The bunnies try to return home to the old location and go off-world, then get returned to the owner's inventory and then can't always be rezzed again. So, MARKET OWNERS and LANDLORDS - make sure you let your renters know if you plan to move your sim so the bunnies can be picked up. RENTERS, you need to make your landlords and market owners aware of this if they aren't already.** The Lindens asked us to notify everyone of this issue.

**Ozimals won't be able to repair a sim full of bunnies that are lost in sim moves!**

Work on Bunnybury is coming along really well – Yesterday I saw a demo of the vendor that you will be using to redeem coins! I still can’t give a date for when the program will be released, but it is ahead of schedule at this time. We do plan to have the Deposit Program ready sometime this week so keep watch on the forums and the group notices for more news on that.

In celebration of the awesomeness of all things Ireland, we will have a special gift for all Ozimals customers – The 2010 Ozimals Irish Cabbage Patch designed by Makaio Stygian! The gift vendor will be put out in 3 locations beginning later today and we will send notices out with SLURLS when they are set up. The gift provides a Refreshment (food/water) bonus for March 15th – 20th and afterwards becomes a special collectible for this holiday.

We have several ~very~ cool plans for the Easter holiday coming up! I can’t go into much detail quite yet but I will say that I’ve noticed bits of gold foil sprinkled around the workshop… What are those boys up to I wonder??

We will be beginning the work on the Ozimals Reward Food vendors this week and hope to get those running and out in the next two weeks so keep watch for updates on those as well!

There’s been a bit of confusion at the store so I just wanted to list out our official Ozimals staff members so everyone would be familiar with these names. Only the people listed here are staff and are authorized to do support for Ozimals products:

• Candy Cerveau
• Aeron Constantine
• Malkavyn Eldritch
• Elphaba Stormcrow
• Locasta Frostwych
• Niccolo Woodrunner
• Tiktok Steampunk
• Dorothy Galewind
• Glinda Guardian
• Nessarose Stormcrow
• Fiyero Stormcrow
• Pompadore Fairlock

Lastly, as we continue to work on general stability for the bunnies and keep pressure on Linden Labs to fix some of their bugs that are affecting us, we also are working on future items as well. I wanted to talk briefly about some additional exciting things we have in the development stages.

One is an interactive real time genealogy system to help you track your bunnies’ breed lines. Another is a very cool auction system that pulls your bunnies information directly from our database so you can quickly and easily set your bunnies for sale on our site with no tedious data entry. Just choose the bunnies you want to put up for auction and leave the rest to Ozimals! These things and much more are on the way, so keep on hopping along with us ;)

Much <3 from the Ozimals Team!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ozimals Welcomes New Bunny Variations

Greetings bunny fans! It's time for pink bubblegum cigars to be passed out all around! The first natural born Ozimals Elite bunny was kindled this weekend on Saturday, March 6. Geniveve Boucher is the proud parent of a bouncing baby bunny girl by the name of Lucky Charm. Not only does the name fit her perfectly but she was a lucky charm for Geniveve who was awarded a $50usd gift certificate to by Candy and Malk for being the first person in SL to kindle an Elite bunny. Congratulations Geniveve!

Lucky Charm - First Natural Bred Ozimals Elite Bunny
Owner - Geniveve Boucher

In addition to seeing naturally bred Elites finally hit the grid, there have been new fur and eye variations popping up in the Ozimals gene pool as well. Two new furs, Silver Fox - Black and Blanc de - Hotot, have been discovered as well as a new Turquoise eye color. Word is that this is just the beginning of the new variations that may be discovered. All new variations are the result of breeding pairs and are not available as first generation nests purchasable from the Ozimals Main Store.

Newly Discovered Fur Variation: Silverfox - Black

Newly Discovered Fur Variation: Blanc de - Hotot

Newly Discovered Eye Variation: Turquoise

Finally there have been some very odd bunny combinations showing up on Flickr. Mutants bunnies are the result of a brother/sister bond pair and can result in practically unlimited variations. Mutants are rare and do not pass on their unique characteristics to their offspring but they are a joy to find and yet another way you can push the Ozimals envelope and see what amazing surprises you can kindle in your warren.

Bunny Cart to Ozimals

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Information on 1.2 Update and the Village of Bunnybury!

Before we start talking about what is happening in 1.2, I would like to say this. Despite the immense excitement and popularity of Ozimals from even before the launch date, we are a new game - barely 2 months old. Ozimals is essentially a "massively multiplayer online" game, and any new MMO during its first 2 or 3 months of release will have to make changes to balance gameplay.

It is an unescapable fact, no amount of testing can uncover every bug, every imbalance, and every exploit. If you look at the history of the first months of any new MMO-type game, you will see patches and updates always happen to bring things into balance and in line with the core game concept. There will always be things that could never have been accounted for during beta.

Please remember that we do not make these changes randomly, for extra profit, or for spite. We make them to benefit the overall customer base and because we want to make this the best game possible for the long term.

When is 1.2 coming out you ask? Very Very Very Soon. They won't let me say the day yet :(


1. We've fixed the unpacking bug from 1.1 where if you picked up the nest or moved it too soon, it would show the unpacked error that turns the nest red. To help with knowing when it is safe to move or pick up a nest, we have added hovertext in red that says "Please Wait" and also further darkened the nest to make it more clear not to touch it yet.

2. Added option for anyone to click nests to get stats - removes the necessity of having hovertext on for nests that are for sale.

3. The nest expirations will be removed. Yes, you read that right. We are removing Nest Expiration. I discussed why it was done in last week's letter, and I do want to say briefly why that decision was reversed.

We heard a lot of good feedback about the expiration and the other methods for nest control. We took those constructive comments and suggestions into consideration when we decided to reverse the expiration. What we did ~not~ take into consideration, nor will we ever, are those comments made in a angry or threatening manner. We are all adults here and should be capable of having civilized discussions. We always welcome feedback given in a polite and constructive manner.

It is important to note that not all game balance changes we make will be popular and there may not always be other options available. Please know that we have the benefit of the overall game in mind when changes are made,and they cannot always be reversed as we can in this instance. Also, we will not be able to remove expirations on nests. The scripting will not allow this, unfortunately - but they can be turned in to Bunnybury.

***Happy Stumps and Stat Boosters***

As most everyone knows, we have removed the happy stumps from our product lineup for review due to game balance issues. The stumps were being used excessively in conjunction with other stat boosters to prevent the bunnies from following their proper life cycle (waking/sleeping) and contributing to faster nest production that exceeded the intended levels for the game. We put the life cycles in place to prevent overbreeding and subsequent overpopulation.

When we did our initial numbers, we never anticipated the boosters being used in this way to prevent the bunnies from ever sleeping. The bunnies are supposed to sleep 8 hours a day, and by using the boosters like this, those breeders gained hundreds of extra hours for breeding resulting in many more nests than intended and that has negatively impacted the entire marketplace.

The stumps will not come back in the form they are now. We know that not everyone used the stumps to avoid the life cycles and it is unfortunate that the bad apples have to ruin the whole bunch, so to speak. But there were enough people misusing these stat boosters that we had no choice but to remove them. We are doing tests to determine if we can have a replacement that can be used to slightly bump a bunny's happiness without being used to overbreed.

We are aware that the current happiness boost from holding is affected by an SL bug. We are looking into similar "spending quality time" boosts that owners can use to bump the happiness as well, as an addition to the holding since that LL bug has not yet been fixed.

We know that you all share our concern for preventing the continued overproduction of nests and we appreciate your understanding that this is a necessary step in that direction. Please note that no stat boosters were available for the entire duration of our pre-release beta and people bred quite successfully.

***Elder/Sage/MP Bonuses***

The happy stump/red bunneh combo focused our attention on all the stat boosters and prompted a review of everything that provides a bonus. When we began our testing, we quickly realized that the initial M/P 7.5% boost was too high to be a permanent item. However, because changes are being made to the stat boosters - these slight reductions in the percentages and ranges do not change the fact that Matriarch/Patriarchs are still the best stat boosts in the game and well worth the investment of the Archetype food on their own, not even counting the additional benefits that food provides while being eaten.

New stats for the Elder, Sage, and Matriarch/Patriarch are the following effective with 1.2:

Elder - 1% per 5 meter range

Sage - 3% per 10 meter range

M/P - 5% per 15 meter range

Again this is a step that needs to be taken to keep the game balanced, and based on your feedback, that is your primary concern as well as ours. Grandfathering will not be applied in this situation because you are still receiving the highest bonuses in the game from the Archetype food. In fact, Elders, Sages and M/Ps are all actually more useful now because of the removal of the happy stumps, making it so everyone has a chance to have a permanent bonus item available to them, rather than one that runs out and must be repurchased.


1. Fix the bug from 1.0 and 1.1 that wasn't allowing Elder/Sage/MP to show in hovertext.

2. We believe we have fixed the happiness jumping up and dropping bug in hibernation (added additional check, performed well in testing)

3. Increased cooldown between generations to 4 days.

4. Increased baby phase to 7 days.

5. Adjusted bond time to 5 days per requests.

6. Added to "anyone" stats to show if bunny is bonded - this gives buyers more information about the bunny before purchase. Showing cooldown is a more involved process that couldn't be ready for 1.2, but we are still looking into options to add the cooldown in.

7. Bunny no longer needs to be set to "anyone" in order to see its stats - this is to prevent unintentional breeding in marketplaces.


1. No more spam if bunny is hibernating and it is the wrong version.

2. Lengthen all food times to account for the increase in cooldown. Please remember that babies eat half as much as grown bunnies do, so the increase in baby phase actually reduces the amount fed for that time period.

3. The Premium level 2 carrot breeder pack water (only) had an incorrect script that caused water imbalance. If you purchased this pack and need assistance, please file a ticket at


1. Restore the ID display for "no ID" bunnies. (This will eliminate bonding issues.)

2. Fix 1.1 "zombie" bunnies upon updating.

3. The updater will only update one bunny at a time now but is still automatic. (should fix most bugs related to the updating process)


1. We are hard at work on Bunnybury at the moment, but please understand that this is a ~large~ project with many parts that need to be done (The coin values, the actual Bunnybury items, scripting for those items, the system and the backend database to support it, the vendor system you will use with it, etc.) and we hadn't anticipated needing it as soon as we did. We have additional help in to assist with these projects and we anticipate having Bunnybury soon.

However, for those who would like to go ahead and turn in nests and bunnies we are working on a Deposit program where you can turn in your nests for coins and they will be saved in a database where you can view your coin levels while the Bunnybury program is being created.

As an incentive to add your nests and bunnies to the Deposit Program, we are offering a 10% coin bonus for any nests and bunnies submitted to this Deposit program prior to the launch of Bunnybury. We expect to have this database up shortly and will provide complete info at that time about how it works and post a notice - you don't have to ask, we won't forget... really. ;)

We've come up with a system that we think will reward players regardless of the number of bunnies you have, which has been a major complaint of other programs of this type. Again, more information on those specifics will be released closer to the launch of Bunnybury.

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