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Monday, March 15, 2010

Bunny Bytes 3/15/10

Well, the big news for this week is that the much anticipated 1.2 update is coming out later today (Monday 3/15) A few of the things this update will bring is the end of nest expiration, returning minimum range to 1 meter, and fixing the bug so Elder/Sage/MP status shows - so definitely a must-do to update all your bunnies! Complete patch notes will be available with the updater totem.

**An IMPORTANT bit of information! At present, an SL bug (another, sheesh) causes problems with bunnies who are down on a sim when the sim is moved. The bunnies try to return home to the old location and go off-world, then get returned to the owner's inventory and then can't always be rezzed again. So, MARKET OWNERS and LANDLORDS - make sure you let your renters know if you plan to move your sim so the bunnies can be picked up. RENTERS, you need to make your landlords and market owners aware of this if they aren't already.** The Lindens asked us to notify everyone of this issue.

**Ozimals won't be able to repair a sim full of bunnies that are lost in sim moves!**

Work on Bunnybury is coming along really well – Yesterday I saw a demo of the vendor that you will be using to redeem coins! I still can’t give a date for when the program will be released, but it is ahead of schedule at this time. We do plan to have the Deposit Program ready sometime this week so keep watch on the forums and the group notices for more news on that.

In celebration of the awesomeness of all things Ireland, we will have a special gift for all Ozimals customers – The 2010 Ozimals Irish Cabbage Patch designed by Makaio Stygian! The gift vendor will be put out in 3 locations beginning later today and we will send notices out with SLURLS when they are set up. The gift provides a Refreshment (food/water) bonus for March 15th – 20th and afterwards becomes a special collectible for this holiday.

We have several ~very~ cool plans for the Easter holiday coming up! I can’t go into much detail quite yet but I will say that I’ve noticed bits of gold foil sprinkled around the workshop… What are those boys up to I wonder??

We will be beginning the work on the Ozimals Reward Food vendors this week and hope to get those running and out in the next two weeks so keep watch for updates on those as well!

There’s been a bit of confusion at the store so I just wanted to list out our official Ozimals staff members so everyone would be familiar with these names. Only the people listed here are staff and are authorized to do support for Ozimals products:

• Candy Cerveau
• Aeron Constantine
• Malkavyn Eldritch
• Elphaba Stormcrow
• Locasta Frostwych
• Niccolo Woodrunner
• Tiktok Steampunk
• Dorothy Galewind
• Glinda Guardian
• Nessarose Stormcrow
• Fiyero Stormcrow
• Pompadore Fairlock

Lastly, as we continue to work on general stability for the bunnies and keep pressure on Linden Labs to fix some of their bugs that are affecting us, we also are working on future items as well. I wanted to talk briefly about some additional exciting things we have in the development stages.

One is an interactive real time genealogy system to help you track your bunnies’ breed lines. Another is a very cool auction system that pulls your bunnies information directly from our database so you can quickly and easily set your bunnies for sale on our site with no tedious data entry. Just choose the bunnies you want to put up for auction and leave the rest to Ozimals! These things and much more are on the way, so keep on hopping along with us ;)

Much <3 from the Ozimals Team!


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