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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

More Details about the Bunnybury Program!

As promised, here is a list of the initial items that will be released in the Bunnybury program. Please note that this is just the initial wave of items and we ~will~ be adding more regularly.I will basically explain the system but complete instructions will come when we release the program of course.

We've set up a tiered system based on how you earn and redeem coins. The number of coins earned or the number of coins you decide to spend that week determine what tier you can purchase items from in each weekly session. What this does is enable the smaller seller to get items as well as larger breeders. Some items will be transfer and some will not. Again, this is to ensure that everyone enjoys the system regardless of the number of nests you produce.

Tier I:
1) Energy Drink 10%
2) Copper Cargo Ticket
3) Bunny Brush (Interactive item)
4) Nest Dye - Colors
5) Random Bunny Nest

Tier II:
1) Happy Stump (Redesigned)
2) Silver Cargo Ticket
3) Exclusive Bunny Hutch
4) Nest Dye + Shininess x3
5) Bunny Nest with increased chance of recessives

Tier III:
1) Love Potion
2) Gold Cargo Ticket
3) Bunny Treats
4) Nest Dye + Sparkle! x3
5) Special Rare Bunny exclusive to Bunnybury!

Cargo tickets can be purchased through the Bunnybury program for Ozimals.

Cargo tickets are turned in to the Bunnybury train station manager (or whatever we deem is a good turn in location).

Cargo Ticket rewards:

Copper Tickets:

80% chance to get random items that are not tier rewards.
20% chance to get something from tier II.

Silver Tickets:

80% chance to get something from tier I.
20% chance to get something from tier III.

Gold Tickets:

80% chance to get something from tier II.
20% chance to get two random items from tier III.

Now, I know what you really want to hear many coins will each item cost? We want to be careful to tread a line between making the items have value and keeping the Bunnybury coin prices reasonable so we are finishing up research so we can set the correct prices. We've gone ahead and released the planned list to get feedback and so that you can see what you are turning 1.1 nests in for, as a few people mentioned that they would like to see the items before turning nests in. Look for item coin prices coming next week sometime!

All correctly submitted 1.1 nests that were submitted in the proper time frames have been processed. We will announce another time for turn-ins soon on the blog and via notices.

DISCLAIMER OF DOOM!!! This program may change in a few ways before we launch. This preview is to give the community more information about the program as requested. :)

much <3 from your Ozimals team!


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