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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ozimals Bunny: Bunnybury Vault Counter

Cha-ching! Cha-ching! Hear those coins jiggling together as nest after nest is turned in for Bunnybury credit. Excitement is growing as bank accounts start to bungle with gold Bunnybury coinage. Interested in knowing exactly what you Bunnybury balance is? How much credit you have stocked up to be able to spend on fabulous prizes when Bunnybury officially opens? Well wonder no more, the Ozimals Bunny: Bunnybury Vault Counter is here!

What is Bunnybury you ask and how do you get the fabulous prizes it will hold? The special, exclusive Bunnybury items that will only be available for purchase with Bunnybury coins, like Ozimals Bunnybury variation bunnies. Lucky for you I have the answers! Bunnybury is an exchange of sorts. When it is open, it will allow you to exchange your extra nests for Bunnybury coins that you can accumulate to purchase Ozimals items that are only available through the BunnyBury store. Right now the Ozimals team is still hard at work putting the finishing touches on Bunnybury so its not officially open yet, but Candy and Malk know that there are some Version 1.1 nests that are ticking away toward expiration in the next week. With this in mind special arrangements were made to accept Version 1.1 nests this week and begin crediting Bunnybury accounts. The response has been enormous and Bunnybury accounts are starting to bulge with the newly minted golden Bunnybury coins.

In real life everyone loves to be able to tip their piggy banks upside down and run their fingers through all those shiny collected pennies. It's no different in Second Life, we all want to know how many golden Bunnybury coins we have so we can start dreaming of ways to spend them. Now you can do just that. With the Bunnybury Vault Counter, every hour on the hour you can check to see how the coins in your account are stacking up. I get a twinkle in my eye just thinking about all those golden Bunnybury coins that are mine, Mine, MINE! I have to check my balance again right now!

In order to get your Ozimals Bunny: Bunnybury Vault Counter so you can obsessively check your account just as often as I will, just follow these simple instructions.

To obtain your Counter all you need to do is come to one of the announced locations and touch the Bunnybury Vault Counter Vendor. You will receive your "no copy, no mod, no transfer" Bunnybury Vault Counter within a few moments. Take the package home and once it is rezzed you will be able to use it to check your Bunnybury account balance one every hour. The other 59 minutes of each hour you can daydream about ways to spend all those lovely, shiny, sparkling, radiant, golden Bunnybury coins!

Fine Print:

Each avatar will be allowed only one Ozimals Bunny: Bunnybury Vault Counter, so you will want to observe a few precautions when attempting to obtain your Counter from the vendor. If there are a lot of people in front of you all trying to access the vendor as well, it is advisable to wait your turn or try going to another location. When in use, the coin on the vendor display will turn red. If the coin is red, do not attempt to click the vendor to obtain your copy of the Bunnybury Vault Counter.

Once you have gotten your item there will be NO redeliveries. There is a check for being in busy mode so there is no reason why you shouldn't get your Counter. Please do not IM the Ozimals staff to ask questions about not receiving this item. The only way to get the Counter is to click one of the three vendors available. If the vendor says you already have your item then you will not be given a replacement. Thank you.

For the next week, from March 30, 2010 – April, 5, 2010 the Counters will be available at the following ten locations, after that they will be available only on the Ozimals sim.

Magic of Oz
Centering Place
Enyo Twins
The Kennel
Lawst Paradise
Healthlink New York


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