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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ozimals Welcomes New Bunny Variations

Greetings bunny fans! It's time for pink bubblegum cigars to be passed out all around! The first natural born Ozimals Elite bunny was kindled this weekend on Saturday, March 6. Geniveve Boucher is the proud parent of a bouncing baby bunny girl by the name of Lucky Charm. Not only does the name fit her perfectly but she was a lucky charm for Geniveve who was awarded a $50usd gift certificate to by Candy and Malk for being the first person in SL to kindle an Elite bunny. Congratulations Geniveve!

Lucky Charm - First Natural Bred Ozimals Elite Bunny
Owner - Geniveve Boucher

In addition to seeing naturally bred Elites finally hit the grid, there have been new fur and eye variations popping up in the Ozimals gene pool as well. Two new furs, Silver Fox - Black and Blanc de - Hotot, have been discovered as well as a new Turquoise eye color. Word is that this is just the beginning of the new variations that may be discovered. All new variations are the result of breeding pairs and are not available as first generation nests purchasable from the Ozimals Main Store.

Newly Discovered Fur Variation: Silverfox - Black

Newly Discovered Fur Variation: Blanc de - Hotot

Newly Discovered Eye Variation: Turquoise

Finally there have been some very odd bunny combinations showing up on Flickr. Mutants bunnies are the result of a brother/sister bond pair and can result in practically unlimited variations. Mutants are rare and do not pass on their unique characteristics to their offspring but they are a joy to find and yet another way you can push the Ozimals envelope and see what amazing surprises you can kindle in your warren.

Bunny Cart to Ozimals


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