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Monday, March 29, 2010

Redeeming Ozimals Version 1.1 Nests for Bunnybury Coins

Important headline news bunny fans! I'm sure you have all heard the hushed whispers that are circulating about the new and fabulous Bunnybury. The Ozimals team is hard at work to make Bunnybury happen as soon as possible, but the clock's a-ticking on Version 1.1 nests and as the days, hours, and minutes count down toward expiration, Candy and Malk are swooping in to save the day! Bunnybury might not be open yet but special accommodations have been made to accept Version 1.1 nests before they spoil.

So if, and only if, you have Version 1.1 nests, you will be able to turn those nests in during special designated hours this week so they can be credited toward your Bunnybury account before Bunnybury is officially open and operating. In other words, if you have Version 1.1 nests, you will be able to earn credit for them and have Bunnybury coins accumulating in your Bunnybury bank account before anyone else! How special do you feel now?

I know, you want to know the details! How do you turn in your Version 1.1 nests and start collecting those golden Bunnybury coins? Well read on and all your questions will be answered.

REMINDER: THIS BUNNYBURY NEST TURN-IN IS FOR 1.1 NESTS ~ONLY~! Don't forget this! If you send in any other version of nest besides Version 1.1 nests, they will be LOST! Don't doom your little unkindled bundles of joy to forever float on the waves of the cyber sea! Only send Version 1.1 nests and show you are a proud and responsible bunny parent!

You MUST read and follow these directions in order to have your Version 1.1 nests counted for Bunnybury coins. We apologize for being so strict about the rules but they are to ensure that we get as many 1.1 nests processed as quickly as possible.


1. Rez all nests you may want to turn in to verify they are 1.1 nests. The easiest way to determine that is to see if they have a timer.

2. Separate all Version 1.1 nests into groups of 35. If you have less than 35 nests, then place in one group.

3. Turn hovertext on all the nests in the groups. If hovertext is not on, the nests will not be counted!

4. Create a new folder named "Your Name - 1" . Continue making new folders until you have the same number of folders as nest groups, changing the number each time. Put one group of 35 nests in each folder.


Candy Cerveau – 1

Candy Cerveau – 2

Candy Cerveau - 3 and so on.

If you need help creating folders, click here for more information.

5. Double check that your folders are named properly and have the correct number of nests. (max of 35 per folder)

6. Drag each folder onto the profile of Totos Doghouse. REMEMBER to verify that Totos is online!

That's it!

These Version 1.1 nests are going to have to be processed by hand and the rules are designed to make it as smooth a process as possible for everyone and minimize nest loss. That being said, we cannot be responsible if despite all these precautions SL eats or loses nests you try to turn in to us so please keep that in mind.

Anything turned in that is not a Version 1.1 nest with hovertext on will not be returned or credited. Period. Sorry, no can do. Totos has no opposable thumbs to give them back. Please understand that giving a folder or other items to Totos is a one way street.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010 from 8am-8pm SLT will be the next turn-in time for Version 1.1 nests. Additional turn-in times will be announced on this blog and through the inworld groups.

DO NOT IM Totos. He is too busy being nest processing monkey to respond to IMs unfortunately.

DO NOT send nests unless it is during these turn-in periods AND Totos Doghouse is online. Folders will be declined and the nests will not be counted. You can just look in the top right corner of his profile to see the "Currently Online" status, there is no need to IM. Also be aware that there is an SL the bug that if you are not in the same sim you will not get confirmation of acceptance of a folder.

FINAL REMINDER: Mislabeled folders, non Version 1.1 nests, and nests given outside of the turn-in times will not be counted so PLEASE be sure to read the directions.

If you have questions, please post them in the forum thread here.


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