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Friday, April 9, 2010

$2800USD Donated to Yéle Haiti Foundation by Ozimals Community

Shortly after Ozimals officially launched the bunnies on January 9, 2010, Candy Cerveau and Malkavyn Eldritch, the leaders of Team Ozimals, made a decision in response to the horrific earthquake that leveled much of Haiti. They decided that the proceeds from the first Elite Ozimals bunny, the [europa] Alien Bunneh would be donated to help ease the suffering and devastation caused by the earthquake. Candy and Malk chose to send any funds that were raised to Yéle Haiti, a foundation started by Grammy-Award winning musician, producer and social entrepreneur Wyclef Jean to assist his native country of Haiti.

The [europa] Alien Bunneh made its appearance at the 2010: The Future is Now fashion extravaganza hosted by Rezzable on their Greenies sim. On sale for only two weeks, the Ozimals community came out in force to support the Haitian people and make this six-eyed, robo-space bunneh feel at home on the Second Life grid. In addition to sales of the [europa] Alien Bunneh, the Ozimals Team also set up a donation kiosk at the main store where donations earned you a keepsake Alien Bunneh Money coupon.

The Second Life community is known for its generosity, and in the face of the Haitian earthquake they once again accepted the gauntlet and gave from their hearts to support a broken country and its people in need. Sales from the Ozimals [europa] Alien Bunneh and donations to the kiosk at the Ozimals main store allowed for a total donation of $2800USD to the Yéle Haiti Foundation. In the end there might have been room for only one name on the donation, but in reality that $2800USD was the result of hundreds of contributions from people across the Second Life grid logging in from around the world. Thank you for helping us raise that money. Thank you for being part of the Ozimals community. Thank you for showing that virtual connections can become real life contributions that help change the course of events in the world we all share.

If you missed out on donating to help Haiti through Ozimals or would just like to give a little more, there are instructions on how to text donations to aid the Haitian relief initiative on the Yéle Haiti Foundation website, one of the many foundations that has taken on the mission of helping the Haitian community begin to rebuild their country.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ozimals Easter Update

Hippity Hop! Hippity Hop! Who's that traveling around the bunny trails at Ozimals? Why it's none other then the Easter Bunny and he has a surprise to share with you! The Easter Bunny just loves Ozimals. It is his kind of place, what with all the cute and cuddly bunny love hopping around, so he got together with the Ozimals team and concocted a special surprise just for all the bunny fans. From Friday, April 2, 2010 at 12:00:01 AM SLT through Tuesday, April 6, 2010 at 11:59:59 PM SLT there is a chance that every Version 1.2 nest kindled may produce an Elite Easter Choco-Bunneh - 2010 for you to have for your very own!

Admit it, it has always been your dream to have your very own bouncy choco-bunneh to snug and huggle with ears you can nibble on but that never get any smaller. Only Candy and Malk could think of such a perfect Easter present for everyone.

In addition to the chance of getting an Elite Easter Choco-Bunneh – 2010 from every Version 1.2 nest kindled between April 2 and April 6, there are Easter baskets overflowing with the treats bunnies love to eat. Available now in the Ozimals store are delicious holiday goodies including all your Easter favorites from colored Easter eggs to jellybeans. To celebrate the season, in addition to pellets, hay, carrots and bok choy, for a limited time there is now Easter inspired fare for your bunnies to munch. Set out an Easter Basket this April and give your bunnies a junk food high. When you purchase from the Easter vendors, you will receive a folder of selections including food in Easter Basket form, pastel colored water bowls, and a combination of assorted chocolate and marshmallow energy treats. Please be aware unlike us, bunnies eat Easter Baskets whole. Do not open the Easter Baskets! You will break them and make your bunnies cry! And just because the Easter Baskets are so uber cute, Candy and Malk wanted you to keep them as a holiday decoration after the bunnies have stuffed themselves full of chocolatey goodness.

So hop around to the Ozimals store and collect yourself up some Baskets of Yum for all your little fluffy cuddle bunnies. And don't forget to kindle those Version 1.2 nests starting at 12:00:01 AM SLT on April 2 to have a chance to get your very own Elite Easter Choco-Bunneh – 2010!

Malk/Aeron and Candy will be out of town from Wednesday March 31st through Tuesday April 6th with limited connectivity to SL or the web. Please send any urgent messages to our emails listed in our profiles rather than IM or notecard because we may not be able to log in to SL until we return.

Our hard working Ozimals CSRs also deserve a break to spend time with their families on this holiday... and since getting all those Easter baskets together and dying those eggs is a long process, there will be:

****no support CSRs available on Saturday April 3rd or Sunday April 4th****

Of course our support site is open 24/7 for you to put in a ticket with any issues and we will respond and help just as soon as possible! Please be aware that between the time intensive 1.1 nest processing, Malk and Candy being out of town and the limited support schedule this week:

*****ticket resolution times may run up to 96 hours for this week*****

We appreciate your patience and just know that we ~will~ get your problem resolved, it just might take a bit longer than normal.

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