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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Strawbunneh Fun from Velveteen

As a special treat available for the Magic of Oz Strawberry Festival, Velveteen by caLLie cLine and Barnesworth Annubis has put together the "StrawBunneh" collection. This limited edition collection will only be available for the duration of the Magic of Oz Strawberry Festival running from now through Sunday, July 11.

The Strawbunneh Exclusive Collection comes in a crate packed up with lots of summery goodness including:

1. The strawbunneh stand house for your bunnies to rest and play in.
2. A cute pillow to keep them comfy
3. A hollow strawbunneh wood barrel for them to hide in
4. A little path leading into their house
5. A old wooden fence
6. A lush strawbunneh tree
7. A few strawbunneh plants and wild grass
8. A basket of yummy strawberries the bunnehs grew themselves!

Remember, this package, in this version, was put together exclusively for the Magic of Oz Strawberry Festival! Make sure to do the Strawberry Hunt covering both the Magic of Oz and Ozimals sims in order to collect the pose barrels which compliment the house!

Front Door Delivery to Velveteen


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