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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ozimals at SLCC!

Ozimals is proud to be a Level Three Sponsor of the Second Life Community Convention 2010 in Boston this year! SLCC organizers put out a call for sponsors and Ozimals was happy to give back to the Second Life community by helping to bridge the gap between SL and real life with this convention.

Candy, Malk, and Elphaba are here at the convention in Boston to spread the word about Ozimals to new people, network with other residents to help expand the breedable pet market and meet some of our customers face to face. If you happen to be attending, please find us and say hi!

Ozimals is sponsoring the contest prizes for the Avatar Ball and also has a fun event planned during the ball as well. We're giving away free bunny pair packs at registration and we will also be carrying some tickets around so that's another reason to look us up if you are here - if you aren't able to be here in person but know someone who is, ask them to pick you up a ticket for the free pack. In addition, three lucky ticket holders that get their tickets directly from one of us here at the convention will get an additional prize to be revealed at the end of the convention period.

In celebration of SLCC, Ozimals is having an Xstreet sale on all normal foods! The single packs are 25% off and the breeder packs are 15% off. (This includes all foods except aphrodisiac food) The sale runs now through Monday morning whenever we wake up from the long weekend ;)


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