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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Changes in the Ozimals World!

What's going on with Ozimals? What are we up to now?

A whole lot actually...Let me explain :)

Ozimals has had tremendous growth over the past 7 months and that is because of YOU - thank you!

We’ve been scrambling to keep up with everything that needs doing.

We know you want a few simple things (and so do we):

* better, clearer communication.
* more predictable and consistent response to issues.
* solid fixes for problems along with solutions to make the tricky parts of bunny parenting easier.


We have been listening to you and we have a plan for doing better all around so we can support and grow Ozimals. Here are the first steps, and they are already in motion.

1) We have hired a professional project manager. Why? To help us organize how we get things done and make sure they’re getting done more effectively and more reliably.

Joel Foner (Joel Savard in Second Life) has joined Ozimals and will be working with us to improve our internal procedures, guide software development and coordinate with our CSR group and the community. You’ll meet him in world very soon because he’ll also be closely involved with the Ozimals community meetings that we'll talk more about in just a bit.

2) We are expanding our software development staff. Why? More people can do more things! With more people, we can fix things faster, make sure the fixes work better, and add new cool stuff more regularly.

3) We are about to start a series of regular Ozimals community meetings inworld, held at multiple times to accommodate users in many time zones. Why? So that we have a regular chance to talk “in person.” So we can hear directly from you about things you like, things you don't, and suggestions you have for us - plus we can share what we are working on and get your feedback!

Ok, this all *sounds* great, but when does it actually start happening?

Surprise... the answer is not "soon", it starts NOW!

Joel is already hot on the trail of some additional professional programmers, folks who have experience across the software development industry and are keenly interested in Ozimals. We’ll have more news on this when things are finalized.

Ozimals Community Meetings (weekly - open to everyone)

The first meeting will be this coming Monday August 30th at 12 noon SLT and we will have another at 6 pm SLT for our different time zones.

At our community meetings, we will talk about current news, community questions and introduce "The Ozimals Oracle" - quick "How Does That Really Work?" mini-lessons on care and feeding of Ozimals bunnies, breeding and interaction, and troubleshooting tips in areas requested by you. Come by to meet Joel and ask your questions about the future of Ozimals! (We will send out a notice with the location this weekend.)

You have created an amazing Ozimals community. We are listening and working to make Ozimals even better for you. Thanks for your support!

Much <3,
Your Ozimals Team


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