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Thursday, September 30, 2010

2010-09-30 *Alert* Second Life Serialization Errors

September 30, 2010
*Alert*  Second Life Simulator serialization or deserialization errors

This alert describes a situation that happens occasionally on Second Life, and is the result of a known bug in the Second Life simulator. Linden Lab is working on a fix, and has announced in office hours that they are working on a fix, but it has not been released yet.

Below are three short sections, What to Watch For, What is this About? and What Should I Do?

What To Watch For
THE TRIGGER: You rez or kindle a bunny or rez some other scripted item - this does not only affect bunnies - and you see a long error message that looks like this (long error message that says "System.Runtime.Serialization" in it):

System.Runtime.Serialization.SerializationException: serializationStream supports seeking, but its length is 0
  at System.Runtime.Serialization.Formatters. ... (usually much longer than this with many more mentions of serialization or deserialization errors

What Is This About?
This error indicates an internal programming error in the Second Life scripting engine. This error is known to be "in the wild" and Linden Lab is working to get a fix confirmed and rolled out, but it is not yet ready to roll out. (This problem, and the status of their fix, was discussed at Oskar Linden's office hours today on the beta grid.)

What Should I Do?
BEFORE doing anything else, and certainly before restarting your region (which likely won't fix this problem anyway), please send the following information to Aeron Constantine:
* Date and time that the problem occurred
* Name of  your region (or a SLURL)
* What you did just before the error occurred (rezzed bunny, picked up bunny, kindled nest etc.)

Best regards and thanks for your support,


Saturday, September 25, 2010

2010-09-26 Ozimals Product Notification - Please Read

Hi Bunnyfolk,

I am writing to let you know we have identified a rare issue that may result in some bunnies not eating, and have tested two solutions. We wanted to get this information out to you as soon as we had identified the issue and solutions.

Does This Apply To Me?
This message does NOT apply to you if you have updated all of your bunnies to v1.3F.9 (this week's optional update) or if you are using only v1.3 food and water (purchased in the last three months). Re-rez problems are due to Second Life grid problems, and are not part of the issue described below.

This issue ONLY applies to you if BOTH of the following are true:
1) You are still using Ozimals bunny food and water v1.2.
*If you are not sure which version you have, check the name of your food and water objects in inventory or in world to see if they have "1.2" in their names. (NOTE that this food and water were replaced by v1.3 over three months ago. If you are using v1.3 food and water this issue does NOT apply to you.)

2) You did NOT update all of your bunnies to this week's 1.3F.9 version
In some, but not all, of these cases, you may find that bunnies will not eat or drink.

Two Solutions
If you are affected by this issue, you have two ways to keep your bunnies happy and healthy until the Halloween update:

* OPTION 1) You could update your bunnies to the new v1.3F.9 version.

* OPTION 2) You could purchase some v1.3 food and water - just enough to get you through to our Halloween release, at which point after updating your bunnies your 1.2 food will work. This will not cost any extra, as your 1.2 food and water will be usable - just not between now and the Halloween update.

Where To Get Your Free Bunny Updater (if you choose option 2)

Magic of Oz

Alternative Ozimals Store

or on the Second Life Marketplace

Halloween Update Will Remove the Issue
The issue ONLY exists with the combination of v1.2 food or water and non-updated v1.3F.8 bunnies. As previously announced, there will be mandatory update for Halloween, and after that update your bunnies will eat v1.2 food and water.

If you have questions or would like help, please file a ticket and our CSR team will follow up with you.

Thank You For Your Support
As I've said at the community meetings, we are working to get more solid about our test and release process to make any of these situations as rare as possible. Thank you for your continued support.

Best regards,


Technical Background (aka How did this happen?)
We discovered that the scripts in the v1.2 food and water, while mostly functional, do not behave in a way that matches their programming code. We rebuilt a new food and water from component parts, without making ANY change to the programming, and it worked fine with both old and new bunnies, yet the existing food and water do not match this behavior. This can happen in a system like Second Life, where scripts are interpreted. Unfortunately we have no way to fix food and water that is in your inventory, so we had to find another solution.

What made this issue visible? A change was done on the server to accommodate the new v1.3F.9 bunnies, and that change was supposed to be transparent to both older bunnies and older food. In fact, it would have been, had the old food and water behaved according to its programming.

How could we have prevented this issue? If this update were mandatory, the symptom would not have shown up. If we had realized a) that there was any v1.2 food and water were still in use (we didn't) and b) that there might be a potential interaction, we could have tested this scenario.

Current v1.3 food, and newer consumables when they are released, allow for feeding multiple versions of bunnies, whereas the older food did not.

In the future, we will run a deeper test matrix any time we do a non-mandatory update, and assume that there is some amount of older food and water "floating around" that might still be in use.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

New Ozimals Update! Open up the Possibilities!

Update 1.3F.9 !

This update adds the ability for current bunnies to bond/breed/interact with bunnies that contain new traits (new traits refers to new furs, new eyes, new shades etc that are introduced by Ozimals). The bunnies containing the chance for new traits can be purchased in any Ozimals store and in the Marketplace, as always.

We are implementing a new process to monitor and control the release of new traits through the Ozimals store by periodically cycling in new traits based on real time population of the last traits released. This will help ensure a better control on the numbers produced in the population.


1. Due to a safeguard put in to make the update process smoother and faster, when your bunnies have been updated they MAY appear "chubby". Don't panic! Simply re-rez them and they will pop back to normal with no problem.

2. PLEASE NOTE!!!!!!! THE UPDATE PROCESS WILL BREAK BONDS, RESET PRICING AND RESET HOME POSITION! Please check that you restore bonds, set home position next to food and reprice if you had bunnies set for sale.

3. If your update totem gets stuck on a bunny (after 5 minutes, it hasn't completed) please TAKE THE CRATE into your inventory and delete the white bunny underneath. Copy the crate prim description number. File a support ticket and include that crate number for a replacement bunny. Do not delete the crate until you receive your replacement bunny.

Once you pick up the crate and delete the white bunny, your update totem should move on to the next bunny in range.


The food does ~not~ get updated itself, it only communicates to you the need to update your bunnies. 1.2 food behaves differently than 1.3 food. (The version number can be seen in the name of the food) PLEASE NOTE!! You do NOT need to buy new food and water! Once you update your bunnies, they will eat any version of food just fine.


Preparing to Update:

1. Get the updater. Available on Xstreet and these locations:


Magic of Oz

Alternative Ozimals Store

Hope Texas

Rare Jewel


Plumeria Island


Lawst Paradise

2. Prepare your update area:

A. Designate an "update area" someplace on the land you own.

B. Rez your updater at the center of the update area.

C. Pick up ALL third party scripted products (monitors, dispensers, servers, rings, etc.) and any other heavily scripted items in the area. These items can slow down or even prevent the update process from beginning or completing correctly.

***IMPORTANT NOTE*** - The updater includes a "Sim Grade" that checks several factors on your sim to determine if you can easily and successfully update bunnies in the location where the updater is rezzed. If your sim qualifies, the updater will simply begin to update your bunnies. If the score is too low (the minimum is 0.35) then the updater will show a hovertext number of your sim's present level in real time so you can make adjustments to get your sim to the minimum score. The simplest method is to pick up scripted objects that are not bunnies in the area. If that is not sufficient, begin picking up bunnies until the sim grade number is above 0.35. If you cannot raise your sim numbers high enough using these methods, you can also take bunnies to a sandbox to update them. ***MOST PEOPLE WILL NOT NEED TO DO THIS***

3. Update your bunnies:

A. Turn bunny movement off. Take a moment to record the bunny's ID if you do not already have it recorded.

B. Pick up your bunnies one at a time (do NOT pick up in a group!)

C. Rez up to 10 bunnies in your update area. The updater affects bunnies within a 9m radius (18 m circle with totem in center)

D. There will be a 30 second delay before the updater begins, (or longer for homesteads) please be patient! Smile

E. The bunnies will update one by one. A crate will appear over them and the process will be shown in hovertext above the box.

F. When all updates are completed, remove the updated bunnies from the update area, and put down the next 10 un-updated bunnies.

G. Continue this process until your entire warren is updated.

H. After the update is completed, RE-REZ ALL YOUR FOOD AND WATER so they will detect that the bunnies have been updated. If you use any dispenser or server system, you need to remove the food/water from those systems and rerezz them.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Announcing the Winners of the Ozimals First Evah! Photo Contest!

Hi Bunny Fans!

I just wanted to announce the winners of the Ozimals First Evah! Photo Contest. We have many, Many, MANY amazing entries so thank you all so much for taking your cameras out and showing us your creative side.

We are planning on using the winning photographs to help decorate the new Ozimals University. We hope this is the first collection of many that we are able to bring in world to display. I encourage you all to take a look at the Ozimals Flickr Group, I kid you not when I say that this was a very hard contest to decide. It is a known fact that the bunnies were born with the photogenic gene, but beyond the adorable bunny faces, we also have a host of creative and talented photographers posting pictures every day about life with their Ozimals bunnies. So from the Ozimals team we offer up a round of applause to the winners of the Ozimals First Evah! Photo Contest and all the people who are part of the Ozimals Flickr Group!

Due to the splendid response we decided we simply had to have multiple prizes for each category so without further ado I present the list of winners!

Oh! Just a few more details first. If you are listed as a winner, Elizabeth Tinsley will be in touch with you to arrange getting your prize to you. The prizes go as follows:

1st Place - a one year supply of food (pellets or hay plus water) for a pair of bunnies

2nd Place - an Exclusive Prize Edition Light Blue Bun Bun Dress & Bunny Ears from Katat0nik; Houses for You - Gift Certificate for One Free House of Your Choice

3rd Place - 1000L$ gift certificates to silentsparrow; Jolly Farms - Mad About Bunnies - a Hat of Wonder

A Special Edition Bunny Love Mask from Frippery and wearable bunny trophies from Risusipo Shop for each place winner will also be distributed.

Also this may have been the Ozimals First Evah! Photo Contest but it will not be the last! Stay tuned for more fun contests in the future!

Bunny and Me
1. Bunny and Me by Ally Revnik

2. Bun Capone by Sonya Marmurek

3. Peek-a-boo by Kabachi Masala

Best in Show
1. Family Outing by June Trenkins

2. Lick & Violet In-Love by Dragonia DeCuir

3. Life with Fawns by Blair Kyrie

Funny Bunny
1. A Lot of Time with Bunnies Makes You Start to Look Like One by Katiya Rhode

2. Human for Sale by Surprise Serendipity

3. Bunny Battle by Gabrielle Talon

My Bunny’s Favorite Things
1. I Can Fly! by Samhain Ashdene

2. Bunny Who Wore A Monocle by 2mo Keng

3. Opalessence Chasing Butterflies by Jeweled Swords

Friday, September 10, 2010

Win Free Eats for a Year with the Ozimals First Evah! Photo Contest


Yes, you read correctly! If you are interested in the possibility of winning free food for two of your bunny friends for an ENTIRE year then this newest Ozimals contest is for you! Ozimals, along with some of the fabulous Magic of Oz and Ozimals merchants, are offering a wagon full of tempting goodies that any bunny lover would be tickled pink to have!

What is this contest you ask? Well its a photo contest. Sounds easy doesn’t it? All you have to do is start snapping pictures of your bunny loves and you are in the running for ~*ExTraORdinAry!*~ gifts galore! Read on to get all the details because the contest is almost over. All entries have to be posted to the Ozimals Flickr Group by 11:59 p.m. Sunday, September 12, but don’t panic! You still have loads and gobs of time to take a winning picture and get it entered! Don’t wait any longer. You know your bunnies were born to be in pictures!

Just choose one or more of the following categories (yes you can enter each category if you want to) as your inspiration and then uploading the results of your creative energies to the Ozimals Flickr Group.

1. Bunny & Me (Family portraits)
2. Best in Show (Bunnies a la carte)
3. Funny Bunny (Most humorous picture. Family Friendly please!)
4. My Bunny’s Favorite Things (Pictures including merchandise from MoO/Ozimals Vendors)

And yes here is the all important prize information! We have fabulous prizes not only from Ozimals herself but from some of the very talented and generous merchants on the Magic of Oz and Ozimals sims.

Did some say ~PriZeS~:

Ozimals - 1 year supply of food (standard or pet) for a pair of bunnies
Katat0nik - Exclusive Prize Edition Light Blue Bun Bun Dress & Bunny Ears
silentsparrow - 1000L$ gift certificate
Jolly Farms - Mad About Bunnies - a Hat of Wonder
Houses for You - Gift Certificate for One Free House of Your Choice
MnM Designs - Great spirit "Suzume" Tree Sparrow
Risusipo Shop - Wearable Trophy Bunnies
Frippery - Bunny Love Mask

So scoop up your bunnies and start clicking away. We can’t wait to see where your adventures take you!

And don’t forget to read the rules for all the details. (Pulheeeeeease read the details! Bunnies start to cry when you enter the contest wrong and we hate to see damp bunnies. All the tears make them frizz!)

**One change has been made to the rules. Upon additional consideration it has been decided that all pictures uploaded to the Ozimals Flickr Group between the dates of 12:01 am Sunday, August 27 and 11:59 pm Sunday, September 12 will automatically be entered into the contest regardless of being tagged Ozimals First Evah! Photo Contest or not. If a category has not been indicated by the person uploading the picture then the category for a picture will be decided by the judges. All decisions of the judges are final.

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