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Saturday, September 25, 2010

2010-09-26 Ozimals Product Notification - Please Read

Hi Bunnyfolk,

I am writing to let you know we have identified a rare issue that may result in some bunnies not eating, and have tested two solutions. We wanted to get this information out to you as soon as we had identified the issue and solutions.

Does This Apply To Me?
This message does NOT apply to you if you have updated all of your bunnies to v1.3F.9 (this week's optional update) or if you are using only v1.3 food and water (purchased in the last three months). Re-rez problems are due to Second Life grid problems, and are not part of the issue described below.

This issue ONLY applies to you if BOTH of the following are true:
1) You are still using Ozimals bunny food and water v1.2.
*If you are not sure which version you have, check the name of your food and water objects in inventory or in world to see if they have "1.2" in their names. (NOTE that this food and water were replaced by v1.3 over three months ago. If you are using v1.3 food and water this issue does NOT apply to you.)

2) You did NOT update all of your bunnies to this week's 1.3F.9 version
In some, but not all, of these cases, you may find that bunnies will not eat or drink.

Two Solutions
If you are affected by this issue, you have two ways to keep your bunnies happy and healthy until the Halloween update:

* OPTION 1) You could update your bunnies to the new v1.3F.9 version.

* OPTION 2) You could purchase some v1.3 food and water - just enough to get you through to our Halloween release, at which point after updating your bunnies your 1.2 food will work. This will not cost any extra, as your 1.2 food and water will be usable - just not between now and the Halloween update.

Where To Get Your Free Bunny Updater (if you choose option 2)

Magic of Oz

Alternative Ozimals Store

or on the Second Life Marketplace

Halloween Update Will Remove the Issue
The issue ONLY exists with the combination of v1.2 food or water and non-updated v1.3F.8 bunnies. As previously announced, there will be mandatory update for Halloween, and after that update your bunnies will eat v1.2 food and water.

If you have questions or would like help, please file a ticket and our CSR team will follow up with you.

Thank You For Your Support
As I've said at the community meetings, we are working to get more solid about our test and release process to make any of these situations as rare as possible. Thank you for your continued support.

Best regards,


Technical Background (aka How did this happen?)
We discovered that the scripts in the v1.2 food and water, while mostly functional, do not behave in a way that matches their programming code. We rebuilt a new food and water from component parts, without making ANY change to the programming, and it worked fine with both old and new bunnies, yet the existing food and water do not match this behavior. This can happen in a system like Second Life, where scripts are interpreted. Unfortunately we have no way to fix food and water that is in your inventory, so we had to find another solution.

What made this issue visible? A change was done on the server to accommodate the new v1.3F.9 bunnies, and that change was supposed to be transparent to both older bunnies and older food. In fact, it would have been, had the old food and water behaved according to its programming.

How could we have prevented this issue? If this update were mandatory, the symptom would not have shown up. If we had realized a) that there was any v1.2 food and water were still in use (we didn't) and b) that there might be a potential interaction, we could have tested this scenario.

Current v1.3 food, and newer consumables when they are released, allow for feeding multiple versions of bunnies, whereas the older food did not.

In the future, we will run a deeper test matrix any time we do a non-mandatory update, and assume that there is some amount of older food and water "floating around" that might still be in use.


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