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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Announcing the Winners of the Ozimals First Evah! Photo Contest!

Hi Bunny Fans!

I just wanted to announce the winners of the Ozimals First Evah! Photo Contest. We have many, Many, MANY amazing entries so thank you all so much for taking your cameras out and showing us your creative side.

We are planning on using the winning photographs to help decorate the new Ozimals University. We hope this is the first collection of many that we are able to bring in world to display. I encourage you all to take a look at the Ozimals Flickr Group, I kid you not when I say that this was a very hard contest to decide. It is a known fact that the bunnies were born with the photogenic gene, but beyond the adorable bunny faces, we also have a host of creative and talented photographers posting pictures every day about life with their Ozimals bunnies. So from the Ozimals team we offer up a round of applause to the winners of the Ozimals First Evah! Photo Contest and all the people who are part of the Ozimals Flickr Group!

Due to the splendid response we decided we simply had to have multiple prizes for each category so without further ado I present the list of winners!

Oh! Just a few more details first. If you are listed as a winner, Elizabeth Tinsley will be in touch with you to arrange getting your prize to you. The prizes go as follows:

1st Place - a one year supply of food (pellets or hay plus water) for a pair of bunnies

2nd Place - an Exclusive Prize Edition Light Blue Bun Bun Dress & Bunny Ears from Katat0nik; Houses for You - Gift Certificate for One Free House of Your Choice

3rd Place - 1000L$ gift certificates to silentsparrow; Jolly Farms - Mad About Bunnies - a Hat of Wonder

A Special Edition Bunny Love Mask from Frippery and wearable bunny trophies from Risusipo Shop for each place winner will also be distributed.

Also this may have been the Ozimals First Evah! Photo Contest but it will not be the last! Stay tuned for more fun contests in the future!

Bunny and Me
1. Bunny and Me by Ally Revnik

2. Bun Capone by Sonya Marmurek

3. Peek-a-boo by Kabachi Masala

Best in Show
1. Family Outing by June Trenkins

2. Lick & Violet In-Love by Dragonia DeCuir

3. Life with Fawns by Blair Kyrie

Funny Bunny
1. A Lot of Time with Bunnies Makes You Start to Look Like One by Katiya Rhode

2. Human for Sale by Surprise Serendipity

3. Bunny Battle by Gabrielle Talon

My Bunny’s Favorite Things
1. I Can Fly! by Samhain Ashdene

2. Bunny Who Wore A Monocle by 2mo Keng

3. Opalessence Chasing Butterflies by Jeweled Swords


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