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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ozimals Collaboration with Linden Lab!

Ozimals is delighted to announce a special collaboration with Linden Lab! We've worked together to produce a promotional email that will be sent out to all Second Life Premium Members with an offer for an exclusive Ozimals Bunny "Luv Pack" as an introduction to the Wonderful World of Ozimals!

This pack will be available through the new Second Life Marketplace for only 14 days. The pack includes a pair of bunny nests (male and female), two weeks worth of Level 2 food for those bunnies, two Lurve Potions to help those first nests appear, and a special Luv Bunny Home which is only available through this limited edition pack. This is a complete package designed to get someone who is new to Ozimals off to a hopping start!

These limited edition nests have a chance to produce an Exclusive Luv Pack trait - the Sparrow eye. Once this promotion is over, the Sparrow eye trait will be removed from the genetic pool of starter bunnies - making it a very special prize indeed.

We believe this collaboration will provide lots of exposure to bunnies, our wonderful community, and bring a whole new generation of Second Life Residents into the entertaining hobby of owning and breeding Ozimals bunnies!

Please join us in welcoming these new members of the Ozimals community, particularly when they ask questions in the in-world groups. This is an excellent opportunity to share your tips and tricks, trade photos, and show off your carefully bred lines!


Tazz said...

For the Sparrow eye trait - will the new bunnies be born with the new eyes, or it is a potential trait they can have? If they aren't born with Sparrow eye, is there no chance they have the trait?

silverdragon67 said...

I am having sooooo much trouble can somebody help me? I can't get into the forums to submit a ticketb ecause my bunny has been hibernating for over 3 days even though I made sure his food level is set correct. I asked for a new password and got a response that a new password had been sent but that was almost 24 hours ago and further attemps get me nowhere. If you of any way i can get my passwoird reset please contact me in Secondlife I am Bloodstorm Metaluna there. I am sorry to come here and take up your time with this but I don't know what else to do and I have already lost 1 bunny to an updating glitch.

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