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Friday, November 19, 2010

Did Someone Say Happy Oziversary?

The Oziversary is almost over but there is no way it is winding down! We have major events planned for this weekend (November 20-21) from dancing to hunting so make sure to put Magic of Oz on your To Do List!

TWO, count them, TWO Fancy Dress Balls are taking place this weekend as we welcome in the 3rd year of Magic of Oz in Second Life! We are excited about what this next year will hold for the Magic of Oz community so please come and help us celebrate good times and good friends!

Dance Times:
Saturday, November 20 from 5-7pm SLT
Sunday, November 21 from 11-1pm SLT

Catch a Tornado to the Dance!

And remember pull out the ball gowns and tuxedos because sometimes the occassion just calls for a little bit of fancy!

Here is your chance to win an Ozimals Bunny Warren Pack! We have two chances to win this great prize and all you have to do is come to Magic of Oz or Ozimals, grab up something from one of your favorite MoO or Ozimals merchants, and take a picture. How easy is that!

Magic of Oz and Ozimals were the brainchildren of Candy and Malk, but they continue to be the vibrant places they are because of the life you bring to them as a community. Take a moment this weekend to show us some of your favorite places across the sims because we really want to know what you find special about Magic of Oz and Ozimals!

Complete entry details for the 2nd Oziversary: Oz Revisted Photo Contest can be found here. We can't wait to see your pictures!

The Over the Rainbow Hunt is still going on and its not too late to collect a airship full of fabulous gifts from some of your favorite Magic of Oz and Ozimals merchants. Magic Pearls will be rezzing all over the Magic of Oz and Ozimals sims through Midnight Sunday, November 21 so don't miss out on being part of the celebration this weekend!

Pick up your Basket at either Magic of Oz or Ozimals to start collecting Magic Pearls today!


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