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Monday, August 30, 2010

August 30th - 12 noon and 6 pm SLT - Ozimals Community Meeting!

Don't forget about our first Ozimals Community meetings tomorrow, August 30th at 12 noon SLT and again at 6 pm SLT - please come by (better come early!) to get status updates, ask questions, and meet the new guy on the block ;) Here's the SLURL!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ozimals First Evah! Photo Contest

I have exciting news for all you Ozimals bunny fans! To celebrate the opening of the Ozimals University on Monday, September 13, 2010 we are hosting the Ozimals First Evah! Photo Contest, and we want you to be involved! I admit I never knew that our bunnies could take pictures, but we all know they are amazing creatures so it doesn’t surprise me in the least to know that they have figured out how. Oh wait! I’m confused, bunnies won’t be taking the pictures, but they will be playing the starring role in the pictures you are taking!

We have come up with the following four fun-filled categories to inspire your photographic creativity:

1. Bunny & Me (Family portraits)
2. Best in Show (Bunnies a la carte)
3. Funny Bunny (Most humorous picture. Family Friendly please!)
4. My Bunny’s Favorite Things (Pictures including merchandise from MoO/Ozimals Vendors)

And yes the best news is yet to come! We have fabulous prizes not only from Ozimals themselves but from some of the very talented and generous merchants on the Magic of Oz and Ozimals sims.

Prizes include:
Ozimals - 1 year supply of food (standard - Level 2 or pet - Level 1) for a pair of bunnies
Katat0nik - Exclusive Prize Edition Light Blue Bun Bun Dress & Bunny Ears
silentsparrow - $1000L gift certificate
Jolly Farms - Mad About Bunnies - a Hat of Wonder
Houses for You - Gift Certificate for One Free House of Your Choice
MnM Designs - Great spirit "Suzume" Tree Sparrow
Risusipo Shop - Wearable Trophy Bunnies
Frippery - Bunny Love Mask

So scoop up your bunnies and start clicking away. We can’t wait to see where your adventures take you!

And don’t forget to read the rules for all the details.


Basic rules (The Short Version):

You can submit 1 (one) entry per category for a total of 4 (four) entries.

Photos must be uploaded to the Ozimals Flickr Group to entered in the contest.

In the description of your photograph, list your SL avatar name and the category that you are entering the photograph. If you are entering the “My Bunny’s Favorite Things” category you also need to indicate which item(s) belong to MoO/Ozimals merchants.


The categories are:
1. Bunny & Me (Family portraits)
2. Best in Show (Bunnies a la carte)
3. Funny Bunny (Most humorous picture. Family Friendly please!)
4. My Bunny’s Favorite Things (Pictures including merchandise from MoO/Ozimals Vendors)


Detailed Rules (The Long Version):

The Ozimals First Evah! Photo Contest is brought to you by Ozimals.

1. Each picture you enter in the Ozimals First Evah! Photo Contest must include an Ozimals bunny. Photos should not include other breedable animals.

2. You must be a member of the Ozimals Flickr group

3. Entrants are limited to a maximum of 4 (four) entries total, 1 (one) entry per category. No matter how many categories you enter, you may only win once per avatar.

4. Photos are preferred to be high-res and cannot be smaller than 1024x1024 pixels. Aspect ratio must be square.

5. Post-processing is allowed, but no excessive brush use or artificial borders please. This is about creatively capturing your bunnies in their natural virtual environment, not your Photoshop abilities.

6. Please no signatures on the portraits.

7. Please show general common sense and good taste. Images should be PG in nature. Explicit adult images will be disqualified.

8. Pictures must be uploaded to the Ozimals Flickr group and contain the following information:
- In the description field include: Full SL Avatar Name, Name of the Category you are entering the picture in, Name of item(s) belonging to MoO/Ozimals merchants if entering the “My Bunny’s Favorite Things” category


9. In order to be eligible for the "My Bunny’s Favorite Things" category, you must purchase & feature at least one product available from the Magic of Oz or Ozimals merchants. *** Use of the demo items will not be acceptable***

10. Entries uploaded after Midnight SLT time on the 12th of September, 2010 will not be entered in the contest.

11. By entering this competition you agree to your pictures being used in future by the owners of Ozimals for any promotional purposes and to the picture/s being on display in world after the competition.

**** Winners will be notified after Sunday, September 19, 2010.

Please notecard Elizabeth Tinsley with any questions.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Changes in the Ozimals World!

What's going on with Ozimals? What are we up to now?

A whole lot actually...Let me explain :)

Ozimals has had tremendous growth over the past 7 months and that is because of YOU - thank you!

We’ve been scrambling to keep up with everything that needs doing.

We know you want a few simple things (and so do we):

* better, clearer communication.
* more predictable and consistent response to issues.
* solid fixes for problems along with solutions to make the tricky parts of bunny parenting easier.


We have been listening to you and we have a plan for doing better all around so we can support and grow Ozimals. Here are the first steps, and they are already in motion.

1) We have hired a professional project manager. Why? To help us organize how we get things done and make sure they’re getting done more effectively and more reliably.

Joel Foner (Joel Savard in Second Life) has joined Ozimals and will be working with us to improve our internal procedures, guide software development and coordinate with our CSR group and the community. You’ll meet him in world very soon because he’ll also be closely involved with the Ozimals community meetings that we'll talk more about in just a bit.

2) We are expanding our software development staff. Why? More people can do more things! With more people, we can fix things faster, make sure the fixes work better, and add new cool stuff more regularly.

3) We are about to start a series of regular Ozimals community meetings inworld, held at multiple times to accommodate users in many time zones. Why? So that we have a regular chance to talk “in person.” So we can hear directly from you about things you like, things you don't, and suggestions you have for us - plus we can share what we are working on and get your feedback!

Ok, this all *sounds* great, but when does it actually start happening?

Surprise... the answer is not "soon", it starts NOW!

Joel is already hot on the trail of some additional professional programmers, folks who have experience across the software development industry and are keenly interested in Ozimals. We’ll have more news on this when things are finalized.

Ozimals Community Meetings (weekly - open to everyone)

The first meeting will be this coming Monday August 30th at 12 noon SLT and we will have another at 6 pm SLT for our different time zones.

At our community meetings, we will talk about current news, community questions and introduce "The Ozimals Oracle" - quick "How Does That Really Work?" mini-lessons on care and feeding of Ozimals bunnies, breeding and interaction, and troubleshooting tips in areas requested by you. Come by to meet Joel and ask your questions about the future of Ozimals! (We will send out a notice with the location this weekend.)

You have created an amazing Ozimals community. We are listening and working to make Ozimals even better for you. Thanks for your support!

Much <3,
Your Ozimals Team

Friday, August 20, 2010

Bunny Bytes Newsletter 8.20.10

Greetings Bunny Friends! Well, there are quite a few things to cover in this edition of Bunny Bytes, so let’s “hop” right in shall we?

First, I’d like to say thank you to all of the bunny owners who have exhibited great patience with us over the past month or so. We are very grateful for your support. For those who have been frustrated, we truly understand your position and we want to apologize. We understand that we borked it good. There’s no doubt that we have stumbled a bit, made some mistakes and frankly had a pretty spectacular episode of growing pains.

Malk and I have clearly seen that we need more quality people on board to help us keep Ozimals working as it should be and also to help develop some of the cool ideas we have planned for the bunnies plus other plans that have been stuck in development. There reaches a point where no matter how dedicated you are, one person (or two, or even three people) simply cannot do it all. We’ve taken the step toward hiring an expert in project management and quality control to help us restructure how we do things as a company. There are some big changes coming for Ozimals, changes that will benefit the people that matter the most to us – our customers.

At the Second Life Community Convention we made some great contacts that will really help us get to the next level in product stability and support. Our goal is to keep Ozimals at the quality level that you have come to expect from us. We will do our best to make that happen as quickly as possible!

On that note, Ozimals is hiring! We need people who are interested in being greeters in the store and also customer service representatives *especially* during the Euro time periods. We will be posting a link to a web application form early next week for interested residents to apply. If you love bunnies, have time to devote to a job in SL and think you would be well suited for a position with us, keep an eye out for that link and submit an application!

The Bunnybury Price List is on the forum now at this link. Please take a look and give us your thoughts and any final suggestions on the forum thread:

Please note that this is *just* the initial set of Bunnybury items and there will be a constant flow of new goodies that you can purchase with the reward coins.

The Bunnybury system is completed; all that is remaining is the testing of the vendors. The vendor system has been alpha tested and will be going into beta sometime next week. Once the vendors have been fully beta tested and any bugs found fixed, the program will launch. Our goal is the middle of next month at the latest, but preferably earlier.

The Food Reward Vendors are also completed and have been alpha tested. We are looking for people interested in beta testing these vendors now; please file a ticket using the “Beta Test Application” subject if you are interested in helping us test these. (Note: this is just testing the vendors themselves and they will be delivering empty prims, not actual food – sorry!)

Ozimals Orientation and Ozimals University (OzU) are complete and should have their grand opening the second week in September. We think this will go a long way towards helping new people – but bunny owners can also probably learn a thing or two from going as well Wink You will get free gifts just for going through the Orientation and there will be diplomas from the University! If you are interested in being an Instructor for OzU, please file a ticket using the “OzU Instructor Application” subject and Flitter Moonwing will contact you with more information.

SocialBun is in the last phase of alpha testing and we will be setting up a web application form for beta testers. We will send a notice with the link to the form early next week along with the job application link.

Keep watching for a notice early next week for a Flickr contest organized by Flitter Moonwing and Elizabeth Tinsley with some really nifty prizes!

Much <3 from your Ozimals Team

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ozimals at SLCC!

Ozimals is proud to be a Level Three Sponsor of the Second Life Community Convention 2010 in Boston this year! SLCC organizers put out a call for sponsors and Ozimals was happy to give back to the Second Life community by helping to bridge the gap between SL and real life with this convention.

Candy, Malk, and Elphaba are here at the convention in Boston to spread the word about Ozimals to new people, network with other residents to help expand the breedable pet market and meet some of our customers face to face. If you happen to be attending, please find us and say hi!

Ozimals is sponsoring the contest prizes for the Avatar Ball and also has a fun event planned during the ball as well. We're giving away free bunny pair packs at registration and we will also be carrying some tickets around so that's another reason to look us up if you are here - if you aren't able to be here in person but know someone who is, ask them to pick you up a ticket for the free pack. In addition, three lucky ticket holders that get their tickets directly from one of us here at the convention will get an additional prize to be revealed at the end of the convention period.

In celebration of SLCC, Ozimals is having an Xstreet sale on all normal foods! The single packs are 25% off and the breeder packs are 15% off. (This includes all foods except aphrodisiac food) The sale runs now through Monday morning whenever we wake up from the long weekend ;)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Rezzing Issues 8/7

We've had several reports of bunny errors last night and today - asset server fails (failure to rez an object message), bunnies disappearing when attempting to take into inventory, and bunnies that do not complete the nest creation process.

This is not affecting all bunnies, just some of them. We are working to troubleshoot the issues now. In the meantime, Ozimals strongly recommends that you avoid breeding, kindling or rezzing food unless absolutely necessary while we try to assess the problem. We are keeping an eye out on the SL Grid Status page as well for grid issues that might be posted. We will post a notice with the all clear when we are comfortable the issue is resolved.

If you have one of these issues, please file a ticket at and we will do our best to help you.

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