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Monday, January 17, 2011

New Combo Food Released!

The new combo foods are released! Huzzah! The Ozimals Combo Food will rez as a linked set of food and water. The Combo Food displays servings instead of percentages but lasts exactly as long as the previous food/water did. We have three options now for purchasing food: Single, Breeder, or Epic. Single and Breeder have the same number of foods and are the same price as the original food.

The new type of food was added by popular request - the "Epic Breeder Food." This food is the equivalent of the 10 singles breeder pack (300 days/1 bunny) contained in one food/water set. This food is priced the same as the discounted breeder packs and has a slightly different appearance (generally larger piles of the food) so you can distinguish it from the single foods.

The combo foods have new sculpts and so to help you with the transition here is a list of the food types, their new appearance and their old appearance.

Level 1 Pet Food
Sugar Snap Peas and Water (Old version - pellets and water)

Level 2 Standard
Blueberries and Water (Old version - hay cubes and water)

Level 2 Premium
Pears/Cherries and Water (old version - carrots and water)

Level 3 Archetype
Apple/Bananas and Water (old version - bok choy and water)

Aphrodisiac Food
Raspberries and Water (old version - heart shaped hay bowl and water)

We've taken this opportunity to rearrange the store a bit to make it easier for everyone to quickly find the items they are looking for. The foods are now located along the walls of the store and are labeled with large numbers corresponding to their Food Level - Level 1 and standard Level 2 on the left as you enter the building, and Level 2 Premium and Level 3 on the right.

The tops of the food boxes on each display are colored to indicate the type of product pack you are purchasing - Red for Single pack, Green for Breeder pack, and Blue for Epic Breeder pack. The stat boosters and starter kits are located on displays in the center of the store.

Thanks so much for your support and we hope you enjoy the new foods!

Much <3 from your Ozimals Team

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