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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Welcome to Bunnybury!

Greetings and Welcome to Bunnybury! For those who might be wondering... "What is Bunnybury?" The *name* for Bunnybury comes from the Land of Oz, of course. There, Bunnybury is a town (mentioned in the book The Emerald City of Oz) where bunnies are the only residents. There are marble houses and tidy lawns of green clover and the bunnies dress in lovely outfits and live quite happily.

For Ozimals, Bunnybury is an optional reward program for our loyal customers where we offer coins for bunnies and nests that you choose to send to the Mayor of Bunnybury. This program allows you to accrue coins for exclusive thank you gifts from Ozimals, similar to programs you may participate in with RL companies. We plan to continuously add new items to choose from to the program and we welcome your suggestions and feedback--tell us what you would like to see!

To turn in your bunnies and nests to Bunnybury, simply choose the menu option "Bunnybury" (under "Interaction" in the bunny menu and on the main menu of the nests) and confirm that you would like to send the bunny or nest to Bunnybury and after a few moments you will receive a message in local chat letting you know the transfer was successful and how many coins you added to your account.

You redeem your coins using Bunnybury vendors located in several locations around the grid. All you need to do is go to one of the locations listed below and touch the vendor to log in and begin the process. Complete instructions are in their own notecard below and also available at the vendor locations.

Coins are currently calculated in the following manner: Nests are always worth 1 coin each. Bunnies are worth one coin for every week of age. M/P bunnies are worth 2 coins for every week of age. Any M/P-eligible bunny that has hibernated is no longer eligible for the double Bunnybury coin bonus, and will earn one coin for each week of age, just like any other bunny.

There is a one purchase per week restriction on Bunnybury. You may access the vendor as often as you like but after a purchase you are logged out of the vendor and begin a one week cooldown.

Vendor Locations:
Ozimals Satellite Store
Magic of Oz
Ozimals Orientation
Ozimals Orientation 2
Ozimals Orientation 3
Ozimals Orientation 4

Please obtain a copy of the How to Use the Bunnybury Vendor notecard from one of the many information kiosks at any of the above locations. Reading this notecard before you attempt to use a Bunnybury vendor will help you immensely.

Now for the technical rules and restrictions - boring, but necessary!

1. Please note that as an optional reward program, this program is subject to change at any time and for any reason, though we will give as much notice as possible before changes are made. Discontinuation or temporary suspension is also possible, but unlikely.

2. Coins are non-transferable to any other avatar or alt, so please be sure that you use the avatar with which you wish to redeem the coins when you turn in bunnies or nests. Any manipulation of SL or Ozimals bugs to inaccurately inflate your coin totals can result in your coin totals being adjusted to the proper levels. We hate to have to say it, but be honest!

3. There is always the possibility of mechanical failures etc. which can cause the Bunnybury program to be down from time to time. We do not guarantee 100% uptime of the program, but will do our best to have it available for everyone to use at their convenience.


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