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Monday, February 14, 2011

Will You Be Our Valentine?

Happy Valentine's Day to you and your bunnies from Ozimals!

Special Limited Edition Collectible Holiday Combo Food - All levels including Aphrodisiac (which seems very apropos for the Holiday of Love!) The LE Collectible foods are available in all food levels and in the normal and epic sizes.

PLEASE NOTE: These are special editions of food and will have more prims than the regular foods. Check the vendor textures for prim counts on the different foods before you make your purchases

Archetype Food and the Love Totem are boxes of chocolates with three special options - "Open Lid", "Close Lid", and"Nom!" Try them out! These will be valid Love Totems until Feb. 18th at midnight SLT.

All the food packages include three Energy Valentine Sweets with various percentages depending on food type, one Ozimals Chocolate Box Love Totem, and one Special Edition Tinman Bunny Nest Dye (10 charges) When your bunnies have finished the Valentine's Day Holiday Food, you can keep the item as a collectible! Once the food has been consumed, the hovertext will disappear and the item will be renamed with a "Collectible" Tag. The energy Valentine Sweets will disappear after use and the Tinman Bunny nest dye will disappear after the 10 charges are used.

By popular request, we have also made a pack of non-scripted versions of some of the custom made items for those who would like to use them as decorations or give them as special Valentine gifts! These are for decoration only and will *not* feed or give stat boosts to your bunnies.

These Limited Edition food and accessories will be on sale through Feb. 20th at the Ozimals main store, the Satellite Store in Gypsy, and on the SL Marketplace.

Much Valentine's Love from your Ozimals Team


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