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Monday, July 11, 2011

Ozimals Community Meetings

Ozimals Community Meeting July 11th 6 pm SLT

Hello Ozmites! Join us tonight when we will introduce the basics of Pufflings breeding (plus a sneak peek at some more colors!), share some Big News for Bunnies, give more details about the Bunny Carnival, plus our normal Q&A session. See you at 6 pm SLT on Monday at the meeting location!

To get up to speed on the new things coming from Ozimals read the meeting notes from the last two Community Meetings. The bunnies are anticipating new friends! Learn all about them!

June 27th Ozimals Community Meeting Highlights
  • Strangelings - Candy talks about community feedback and says some changes are in the works based on that feedback
  • Summer Bunny Carnival - will run July 31st to August 14th with lots of activities and events, including a Flickr Carnival Bunny contest, a Big Top Mutant Contest, Summer Elite bunny kindling, carnival games, a music festival and dance parties
  • Pufflings - introduction to Pufflings; a dramatic demonstration of the Pufflings' origin, some general information, an introduction to the lead texture artist, and some questions and answers
  • Beta Testing - instructions for filing tickets to indicate your interest in beta testing
  • Bunnies - Malk talks a little about plans for bunnies, and also mentions the Elites for the Summer Bunny Carnival are "really cute"
  • Questions and Answers - product interaction; permanent pet option; bunny generations
For the complete June 27th Ozimals Community Meeting transcript click here.

June 20th Ozimals Community Meeting Highlights
  • Strangelings: First Look - introduction to Strangelings
  • Summer Carnival - Candy says there will be a 2 week event and holiday elites
  • Questions and Answers - lots of questions about Strangelings
For the complete June 20th Ozimals Community Meeting transcript click here.


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