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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bunnybury Vendor News!


There was a problem with the Bunnybury vendor putting users into cooldown when they redeemed their carnival tickets. This issue has been corrected: everyone is now out of cooldown and able to use the vendors. Once you do purchase an item, you will still enter a seven-day cooldown. We're sorry for any frustration this may have caused, and we hope that you're enjoying the carnival!

An extra-special limited edition Carnival item is coming to Bunnybury! It will be placed in the Bunnybury vendor closer to the end of the carnival, and will remain available for two weeks. Please watch group notices for an announcement of its debut!

While we're on the topic, all nests in the Bunnybury vendor are, as of now, 1.8a nests. This includes the random nest, the random nest with increased chance of recessives, and the Bunnybury elite nest. (The Bunnybury Elite now has 1.8a genetics, but is still the Brun d'Argent bunny, for the time being.)

Here are the locations of the Bunnybury vendors:

Orientation 2
Orientation 3
Orientation 4

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