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Monday, August 15, 2011

Ozimals Carnival Curiosities Headliners!

First of all congratulations to all 31 people who displayed their Mutant bunnies under the Big Top at the Ozimals Summer Carnival! We loved seeing all the strange and unusual markings that make up some of our Mutant community! Thank you so much for sharing your special Mutants with us at the Ozimals Sideshow!

Now to announce our Carnival Curiosities Headliners!

1st Place goes to Milhouse owned by Jena Nightfire. Jenna will be receiving a full collection of all the Summer Carnival Elites to join her and Milhouse back home. To help feed all those new hungry little mouths, she will also be receiving an Ozimals Epic Archetype (Level 3) food package. To round out the prize package and make for some fun among the ranks, Jena and Milhouse will finally be receiving 3 Growth and 3 Shrink Potions. WTG Milhouse and Jena!

2nd Place goes to Serenity and her owner, Rebekah Garsdale. Rebekah and Serenity will be welcoming an Ozimals Bumblebee Carnival Elite Bunny into their home in addition to receiving an Ozimals Epic Premium (Level 2) food package and 2 Growth and 2 Shrink Potions.

3rd Place was taken by Droopy Pants and proud owner, Pannie Paperdoll. Pannie and Droopy Pants will be receiving an Ozimals Epic Standard (Level 2) food package and 1 Growth and 1 Shrink Potion.

Great job to the winners and their owners!

Finally thank you to everyone who came out, looked at and voted for their favorite Mutant bunnies! It was so much fun seeing so many Mutants all gathered together, and I know a lot of people felt it was a highlight of the Carnival! Go Mutants!


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