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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ozimals Pumpkin Harvest Hunts!

Starting on Friday, October 28 and running through Halloween on Monday, October 31, we will be hosting four Treasure Hunts on Ozimals Orientation. You will be searching for pumpkins that are hidden around the sim. Think Easter Egg Hunt only in October with Pumpkins! For each Hunt we will hide a total of 100 Pumpkins. Some will be easy to find, some will undoubtedly leave you wanting to tear your hair out, but every single pumpkin will have a prize in it!

The process is simple.

1. Wait for a Pumpkin Hunt to be announced. We are giving you a schedule so you can plan ahead and hopefully make one or more of the Hunts. Don't worry if you can't TP onto Ozimals Orientation before the Hunt, because we will be closing the sim down an hour before the scheduled time to hide the Pumpkins.

2. The start of each Hunt will be announced in the Ozimals Orations and Updates group or just TP to Ozimals Orientation when a Hunt is scheduled.

3. Search for pumpkins. We will give you a picture when you arrive for the Hunt of what you are searching for so there is no confusion.

4. When you find a Hunt Pumpkin, buy it for 0L and PICK IT UP! We are limiting the number of pumpkins per hunt per avatar to 5 pumpkins so everyone gets a chance to find something. If you have reached your 5 pumpkins limit, please stop buying. Deep ominous voice from behind the curtain, "Remember, we are watching you!"

5. Open up your Pumpkins at the end of the Hunt and see what you have won! Make sure to follow the instructions in the Pumpkins to redeem your Prize Tickets.

Please note that you will not be able to redeem more then 5 Copper, 5 Silver, and 5 Gold Prize Tickets total for Bunnybury Coins. If you find more then five of any level Bunnybury Prize Ticket, they will not continue to add coins to your Bunnybury account after the first five have been redeemed. It is also important to remember that the Bunnybury prize tickets will expire, so be sure to redeem them before 11:59pm SLT on Wednesday, November 2.

Remember, EVERY Pumpkin has a prize. EVERY single one! It was the bunnies' idea, so be sure to thank them and give them an extra treat in their Halloween bags :)

Hunt Schedule
Friday, October 28 - 3pm SLT
Saturday, October 29 - 5pm SLT
Sunday, October 30 - 9am SLT
Monday, October 31 - 11am SLT


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