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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ozimals Trick or Treat! Bunny Costume Contest!

Calling all ghoulies and ghosties and long-leggedy beasties! Come be part of our Halloween parade! It's time for Trick or Treat Ozimals style. Dress your bunnies up in the most creative costumes you can concoct and enter our Trick or Treat Bunny Costume Contest! Whether you choose to scare us silly or make us bust out laughing, we can't wait to see how your bunnies get dressed up for the Ozimals Hallows' Eve celebration!

For anyone brave enough to risk entering our Trick or Treat Bunny Costume Contest, be assured we have some absolutely amazing prizes. Take a chance, you could win the prize of your dreams!


1st Place - Complete Collection of ALL Halloween 2012 Elite Bunnies (including the Ozimals Elite Nevermore Bunny) AND 1000L in cash, an Ozimals Epic Archetype (Level 3) food package and 3 Growth and 3 Shrink Potions

2nd Place - Ozimals Elite Nevermore Bunny AND your one Nostalgia Pack including a Halloween 2010 Elite of your choice, an Ozimals Epic Premium (Level 2) food package and 2 Growth and 2 Shrink Potions

3rd Place - Ozimals Elite Nevermore Bunny , Ozimals Epic Standard (Level 2) food package and 1 Growth and 1 Shrink Potion

To enter fill out the Ozimals Trick or Treat Bunny Costume Contest Application (cut and paste the following information to a notecard inworld):

Thank you for your interest in being part of the Ozimals Trick or Treat Bunny Costume Contest. Please take a few minutes to fill out this application and tell us a little bit about your bunny. Before you get started please change the name of this notecard by adding your name to it. When you have finished filling out the information, save the notecard and send it to Magic Scribe.


Avatar Name:

Bunny Name:


In a sentence or two tell us the inspiration behind your bunny's costume.

Finally, please include a full perm photo of your bunny in costume with a minimum resolution of 512x512.

Thanks very much!
Once you fill out the application, you will want to save it to a notecard titled Ozimals Trick or Treat Bunny Costume Contest [your name] and send it to Magic Scribe. We will be accepting applications from now until 11:59pm Sunday, October 30. Remember you are allowed 29 prims for decorating your bunny in costume. Be creative and have fun!

Once the bunnies are set up, we will set up a poll on the Ozimals forums for voting. Bunnies will be on display from Halloween through 11:59pm SLT on Wednesday, November 2. Ozimals will supply the bunnies with Level 3 food while they are on display.


1. One Bunny entry per person. If we have more then 40 applicants, then the top 40 bunnies will be decided by the Ozimals staff for display.

2. People will be allowed to rez a total of 40 prims including the bunny. Therefore the costume cannot exceed 29 prims.

2. Application must be filled out in full with all the requested information including Avatar Name and a picture of the Bunny in his/her Halloween Costume.

3. People applying for the contest will be invited to place their bunnies on location by Sunday, October 30. If you abuse the privilege of rezzing your bunny at Ozimals Orientation by rezzing more then 40 prims, you will be disqualified from the contest and possibly banned from rest of the Ozimals Hallows' Eve celebrations.

4. Voting will be done by the Ozimals community on the Ozimals forums. In order to vote you must be a registered user on the forums.


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