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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Trick or Treat! Ozimals Hallows' Eve Goodies are Out!

First of all let me introduce you to one of the new Hallows' Eve Elite, "Nevermore 2011". Only available through November 2, the Nevermore Elite is exclusively available at the Ozimals shops and on the Marketplace. The bunny will have the chance of carrying a limited edition eye, available only from this pack. Also in the pack: a special limited edition Level 2 Standard food, two 3% Energy Treats, and a Hallows' Eve Happiness totem (with a 10m range, boosting bunnies' happiness through November 2, 2011).

However, The Nevermore Elite is not the only Hallows' Eve Elite available this year! Any nest created by your bunnies AND kindled between 11:59 pm SLT on  Wednesday, October 19th and 11:59 pm SLT on Wednesday, November 2nd can potentially produce a Hallows' Eve Elite, regardless of breeding. The nest must be both created and kindled during that period. The Nevermore Elite is not the same as the Hallows' Eve Elites available through breeding so make sure you collect all of them today!
Also just to help celebrate Hallows Eve is special holiday inspired limited edition food! Available from the Ozimals shops and Marketplace through November 2, limited edition Hallows' Eve food packs contain special holiday versions of Level 1: Pet, Level 2: Standard, Level 2: Premium, or Level 3: Archtype foods, as well as Energy Treat candies and a Hallows' Eve Happiness totem (with a 10m range, boosting bunnies' happiness through November 2, 2011).
Wearable food is a NEW fun way of interacting with your bunnies and is available now for the first time in a holiday inspired Hallows' Eve taffy just for you and your bunny to share! Wearable food is designed to feed version 1.9 (and beyond!) bunnies while they are being held/worn. Worn bunnies cannot eat from normal food while they are being worn, limiting the amount of time one could wear them, but this new food offers a way to feed them while you take them on adventures! Wearable food, when worn, will feed bunnies who are being worn, but WILL NOT feed bunnies rezzed inworld. This is a GREAT way to go Trick or Treating with your bunny! Find it now in both the Ozimals shops and the Marketplace in all four food levels.

Finally rounding out the Hallows' Eve offering from Ozimals are the Nostalgia Packs! Back by popular demand, the 2010 Halloween elites are available for a limited time in Nostalgia Packs! Mummeh Bunneh, Vampire Bunneh, Candy Corn, Jack-O-Bunneh, and Frankenbunneh are in individual packs, containing one Hallows' Eve nest dye with ten charges, one Hallows' Eve Happiness totem (with a 10m range, boosting bunnies' happiness through November 2, 2011), and a nest which will produce that specific 2010 elite with unlocked ears/shade. This means that these bunnies can have any ear style or shade (except Vitreous). These packs are available in the Ozimals shops and on the Marketplace through November 2.

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