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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pufflings Product Pricing List

We know everyone has been waiting for the product list - Ozimals appreciates all of the community's support for the Pufflings! The buzz and excitement for their arrival has been amazing and makes the months of hard work by the Ozimals Team completely worth it. We thank all of you!

The Pre-Order Pack is available to purchase until December 4th, 2011 at 9 pm SLT. People who have pre-ordered will be able to pick up their packs starting December 5th, 2011 at 9 am SLT. For those of you not pre-ordering, general sales will begin December 12th, 2011 at 1:00 pm SLT at the Pufflings shop on the Ozimals sim, through Marketplace, and other locations to be announced shortly!  The list below shows what products will be available.

Starter Packs:

Boy Pet Pack - 595L
One boy Egg and
one Pet Food (30 days of food for one Puffling)

Girl Pet Pack
- 595L
One girl Egg and
one Pet Food (30 days of food for one Puffling)

Lovebird Pack
- 1195L
one boy Egg

one girl Egg and
one Standard Food (15 days of food for 2 Pufflings)

Birds of a Feather Pack - 2350L
Two boy Eggs
two girl Eggs and

two Standard Foods (15 days of food for 4 Pufflings)

Flock Pack - 4995L
Four boy Eggs
four girl Eggs

four Standard Foods (15 days of food for 8 Pufflings)
two 10% charm boosts and
one 10% energy boost

Pufflings Pre-Order Pack - 5500L
two boy Eggs
two girl Eggs

one Limited Edition Pre-Order Paragon Phoenix Puffling Egg
two Standard Foods
one collectable Limited Edition Bliss Perch totem
one Perpetuation Potion and
two 10% Love Grubs!

Food Prices:

Pet Food

99L - 1 30 Day Pet Food for one Puffling

99L - 1 Wearable 30 Day Pet Food for one Puffling
990L - 1 Epic 300 Day Pet Food for one Puffling

Standard Food

215L - 1 30 Day Standard Food for one Puffling

215L - 1 Wearable 30 Day Standard Food for one Puffling
1825L - 1 Epic 300 Day Standard Food for one Puffling

Zenith Food (adds 5% Zip/Charm)

495L - 1 30 Day Zenith Food for one Puffling

495L - 1 Wearable 30 Day Zenith Food for one Puffling
4200L - 1 Epic 300 Day Zenith Food for one Puffling

Boosters/Accessories Prices:
(Please note that all these items are purely OPTIONAL -breeding is not dependent on using any of these boosters.)

Love Grubs
250L - 1 Love Grub that will give a Puffling a 10% increase in Charm

Bottle of Zip
250L - 1 Bottle of Zip that will give a Puffling a 10% increase in Zip
150L - 1 Bottle of Zip that will give a Puffling a 5% increase in Zip

Enchantment Dust
325L - 1 Enchantment Dust that will re-enchant a disenchanted Puffling instantly.

Perpetuation Potion
1150L - 1 Potion that can be used on Pufflings 30 days old or older. The Puffling will no longer need to eat, but cannot breed, gain personality, or participate in any extra games or Pufflings activities.

RFL Christmas Expo!

Ozimals is excited to be participating in the 2011 Christmas Expo in support of Relay For Life of Second Life and the American Cancer Society! Available only at the Christmas Expo will be TWO new limited edition Elite bunnies, Believe and Cheer. Each Elite package will come with one random nest with unlocked ears and shades plus 10 nest dyes. Come catch some Holiday Cheer and Believe in the power of us all to win the fight against Cancer by supporting this great event!

We will also be participating in the Breedables Show and Auction at the Christmas Expo! We will post the location of our booth once we've gotten in to set up. Ozimals is donating two very special items to the Auction! First, for the bunnies we are giving a 5x pack of size 15 grow potions. This is a full 5 sizes bigger than our largest grow potion! You can have the five biggest bunnies on the grid - imagine how awesome some of the Elites would look as Mega-Bunnies! For the Pufflings, we have created a special version of the pre-order Phoenix in RFL purple. You will meet the Dark Phoenix in an upcoming blog post, so keep watching... ;)

The Christmas Expo will open on December 3rd at 9am SLT, and remain open 24 hours each day until it closes on December 18th at 9pm SLT. The Breedables Auction to benefit RFL will be at 5pm SLT on Saturday, December 17th.

Stay tuned for location information closer to the opening of the Christmas Expo!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Pufflings Pre-Order Pack On Sale Now!

Thank you for your interest in the Ozimals Pufflings Pre-Order!

To pre-order your Ozimals Pufflings Pack, please click the vendor at one of the locations below, then right click and choose the option Pay.

Click 5500, and you will be registered for the Pre-Order! You will receive an Ozimals "Pufflings Pre-Order Certificate" as a receipt.

This certificate serves just as a receipt for you so that you know your order was successful. You will not need to turn this certificate in to get your pre-order pack!

The pre-orders will be available through December 4th at 9:00 pm SLT.

Beginning at 9AM SLT on December 5th, all you need to do is return to any vendor on the list, click it again and you will receive your Ozimals Pufflings Pre-Order Pack!

Any questions, just ask in the groups!

Pufflings Main Store
Ozimals Satellite Store (PG)
Magic of Oz
Shamrock Market
Platinum Breedables
The Borough
Jody's Ranch & Farm Market
Rainbow End Stables
Red Barn Breedables

Much <3 from your Ozimals Team

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Ozimals Pufflings Pre-Order Pack On Sale Tomorrow!

Ozimals is thrilled to announce that the Pufflings pre-orders go on sale Monday, November 28th, 2011 at 10 am SLT! We will send another notice tomorrow with landmarks for the vendor locations. Thanks SO much to everyone for their support and excitement leading up to the release! In appreciation, we're adding a bonus Perpetuation Potion to the pre-order pack. See you tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pufflings Pre-order!

Starting November 28th, 2011, Ozimals will open the Puffling Pre-order!  The pre-order will run for one week, until midnight SLT December 4th, 2011.  On December 5th, those who have purchased their pre-order will visit the vendor to receive their pre-order pack, and get a one week headstart with their Pufflings.

When pre-order begins, you may visit a Puffling Pre-Order Vendor and place your order. Upon payment, the vendor will give you a certificate as your receipt. When pre-order closes on December 4, the vendors will shut down. Once they restart on December 5, only those who have previously purchased pre-orders will be able to use the vendors. Clicking them then will deliver the pre-order pack previously purchased.

General sales will begin December 12th at the Pufflings shop on Ozimals, and via the Ozimals Marketplace storefront. A price list including all of the standard items and packages will be available beforehand; the price below is ONLY for the special pre-order pack.
L$5500 - Pufflings Pre-order Pack
This package includes: two boy Eggs, two girl Eggs, and one Limited Edition Paragon Phoenix random gender Egg. Two standard foods, one collectable fourteen-day Bliss perch totem, and two 10% Love Grubs!

The Pre-order Pack is limited to one per avatar. The Limited Edition Paragon Phoenix Puffling can only be procured in this pack by our pre-order participants; it will never be purchasable again.

If you are interested in hosting a pre-order vendor at your market, please speak with Candy Cerveau. As we approach November 28th, please watch group notices for a list of pre-order vendor locations!

All About Pufflings!

As most of you know, Ozimals has been working on Pufflings. We are thrilled to be able to give you details about their upcoming release!  First, let’s talk for a few minutes about the origins of the Pufflings. We want to share with you the story of Ozma’s Birthday Party and the Pufflings of Oz.

Ozma is the Empress of the Land of Oz, and every year, her birthday is celebrated throughout Oz as a holiday. She receives gifts from all over Oz, but the best one is always from Glinda, the Good Witch of the South, who creates a new fantastic enchantment each year. On Ozma's last birthday, Glinda was inspired by a visit to the royal kitchens, and used her magic to turn a huge platter of cream puffs into a flock of delightful, magical little Pufflings. They soon lived throughout the Emerald City, but Pufflings are adventurous creatures, and began to venture out into the rest of the land of Oz. Now, they are coming here, to make new friends and have adventures in the wider world.

So now that you know the story of how the Pufflings came to Oz, we’d like to share an overview of how they work.

Pufflings are different from the bunnies in that they are mainly server-side breedable pets.  What does this mean to you?  Fewer updates, more content, and being able to add content directly onto the server rather than having to do an update.  Earth Day Pufflings, Frank Baum’s Birthday Pufflings, and International Migratory Bird Day Pufflings?  All possible, and even without an update.  Updates will still be needed for features and additions, but this should cut down on those as much as possible.

First, let’s talk about the physical aspects of the Pufflings.  Pufflings are ten prims each. Upon release, they will have several feather colors, eye colors, different crests and tails to breed for.  Each Puffling will have a shown and a hidden trait for each physical genetic.

Owners will use a dialog-based system to interact with their Pufflings, similar to the bunnies. You will have the ability to add co-owners to your Puffling. To interact with a Puffling, click on him or her, and a menu will appear. There are a myriad of options for movement, interactions, and settings within this dialog menu.


When properly cared for, your Pufflings will live forever.  You have the option of either feeding your Puffling or using a Perpetuation Potion once the Puffling is eligible.  Perpetuation Potion?  What’s that?  A Perpetuation Potion will magically allow your Puffling to live without the need for food.  It will work just like a non-perpetuated Puffling only it will not breed or eat.  Once a Puffling has been placed into perpetuation it will drop any remaining generations.  You will still be able to use your dialog menu for settings such as naming your Puffling.


Pufflings have five stats:  Bliss, Noms, Charm, Zip, and Personality. 

Bliss is how happy a Puffling currently is.  This stat will rise and fall depending on the other stats of the Puffling.

Noms is the percentage of food.  Pufflings work on a scale from 0% not hungry to 100% hungry.  Once a Puffling reaches 100% Noms, he or she will disenchant.  Pufflings who are disenchanted are turned back into the cream puffs from which they were created.  To re-enchant a Puffling, simply feed the Puffling or use an Enchantment Powder on it.  Using an Enchantment Powder on the Puffling will immediately turn the cream puff back into a Puffling.  There will be three versions of food: Pet, Standard, and Zenith.  Pet food is for those of you who wish to have a pet Puffling.  Standard food is needed for breeding Pufflings, and Zenith food will give bonus stats to your Puffling so that it raises stats more quickly.  Once a Puffling has been fed Pet food, he or she will go into a breed cooldown of fourteen days.  Simply feeding the Puffling Standard or higher food will allow your Puffling to breed once the cooldown is over.

Charm is the love meter for Pufflings.  Once a Puffling meets the requirements to start growing love--75%+ Bliss and 25%+ Zip--the Charm will slowly build.  Once it reaches 100%, your Puffling is ready to breed.  If you prefer, you may buy Love Grubs, which will instantly boost a Puffling’s Charm by 10%.

Zip is how much energy your Puffling has.  A Puffling will gain and lose Zip during the day depending on his or her activities and normal life cycle.  Once a Puffling reaches 0% Zip, the Puffling will go to sleep.  The Puffling will sleep for eight hours to recover all 100% Zip.  Once the Puffling reaches 100% Zip, the Puffling will awaken and greet the day with a friendly chirp.  You may wake up a sleeping Puffling by using the dialog menu.

Personality is a stat that shows how much time you have spent with a Puffling.  To boost personality you can hold your Puffling; in the future, you will have more options, and will be able to play games with your Puffling, and give him or her special reward items.  You may gain 1.0% a day while holding your Puffling--it takes two hours to build the full 1.0%.  By raising your Puffling’s Personality percentage you will unlock new features and fun things for your Pufflings.  This is not a required stat for your Pufflings, but you will get more out of the game if you spend the time to increase it.


Let’s talk a little about Puffling breeding.

Puffling breeding is very simple.  Pufflings have ten generations.  This means you can breed your Puffling ten times total.  Once your Puffling is seven days or older, there are two ways for your Pufflings to breed.  First, you can bond your Puffling to another one, so that they are bound and only breed with each other. Bonds must be renewed between breedings. Otherwise, you can allow the Pufflings to chose their own mates just by having them in the same vicinity of other Pufflings ready to breed. 

When a Mommy Puffling and a Daddy Puffling love each other very much, the Daddy Puffling, once his stats indicate that he is ready to mate, will do a mating dance for the Mother.  The parents’ stats must be 100% Charm, more than 75% Bliss and more than 25% Zip.  If these conditions are met, you can click the Daddy Puffling and choose the option “Preen” under the interaction button to instantly breed the two parents, or you can let nature take its course and let them breed when ready.  This option does have a time-out of five minutes, so use it wisely!

Once two parents have had a baby Puffling, an Egg will appear to the side of the Mother.  The Puffling Egg will display stats of the Puffling inside.  The Egg *will* show if the baby inside is a special Puffling.  The Egg is a single prim with options for the owner to use by clicking and changing dialog options.


Special Pufflings are called Paragons.  There are two versions of Paragons: a Holiday Paragon and a Natural Paragon.  A Holiday Paragon is any Paragon that Ozimals releases for a limited time, usually for Holidays. Natural Paragons are Pufflings created via a rare chance when you breed two Pufflings on their final generations.  There are no special traits to match for a Natural Paragon; it is only necessary that the parents are both on their final generation for the chance at a Natural Paragon.

Paragons have the unique ability to display any trait even if the Puffling doesn’t carry it.  That means that if you get a Paragon with a Fleur crest visible, that might not be one of the traits carried by that Puffling.  Clicking the Paragon once, as the owner, will display your Puffling’s traits in local chat.  Non-Owners will also receive a menu where they can see the traits listed.


The Pufflings have a special method of introducing new traits into the population; this method is called Golden Egg Time.  Golden Egg Time (or GET for short) is a new feature for Ozimals that we think will be well received by the community.  During certain periods of time, a random percentage of all eggs created by any Pufflings are "Golden Eggs".

Golden Eggs can be produced by any breeding Puffling, regardless of age or generations remaining. The baby in the Egg will have a new shown trait or traits specific to that episode of GET.  This will be the only method to get the new trait/traits.  Ozimals will let the beginning of a Golden Egg Time be a surprise to the breeders, but we will announce when it ends.  The length of GET will vary from period to period.

The baby's other traits will be completely random, like those of a starter egg--the parents' genetics will have no say in the rest of the traits. These eggs and babies will be noted in Ozaria as GET babies so that the genetics shift is explained.


Ozaria is the one-stop social website for all of your Ozimals friends. Whether you’re looking for a particular Puffling or Bunny, or just checking to make sure your Ozimals pets are updated to the latest version, you can do all of this and more!  Ozaria will offer you up-to-date stats, news and information. 

You may choose to send your Puffling to live at the Royal Aviary once your Puffling is 30 days old.  The Aviarius will give you tokens based on the following criteria.  A Puffling can be worth 20 tokens in total.  The Puffling must be older than 30 days and never disenchanted to receive your full reward.  If your Puffling has ever been disenchanted, the reward is cut in half to ten tokens, with an additional one token removed per disenchantment.  This means that a Puffling that has disenchanted one time would receive nine tokens in total.  A Puffling that has disenchanted ten times will receive zero tokens.  You may also turn in a Puffling Egg for one token via the dialog menu from the egg.


Now that you know how the Puffling works, I bet you’re wondering when these cute little birds can be yours? Read here for special pre-release ordering information!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It's a Bird. No, it's a Plane.

No, it's a bunny in costume! Come see our finalists in the Trick or Treat! Bunny Costume Contest. We have six bunnies on display in some of the most adorable and creative costumes we have ever seen!

Voting for the best dressed bunny is going on now through Sunday, November 6. Show your support for these brave bunnies and their inspired owners. Visit the bunnies and then cast your vote for your favorite costume on the Ozimals forums! It's up to the Ozimals community who will be the Queen, or King, of the Ozimals Halloween Parade!

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