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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pufflings Pre-order!

Starting November 28th, 2011, Ozimals will open the Puffling Pre-order!  The pre-order will run for one week, until midnight SLT December 4th, 2011.  On December 5th, those who have purchased their pre-order will visit the vendor to receive their pre-order pack, and get a one week headstart with their Pufflings.

When pre-order begins, you may visit a Puffling Pre-Order Vendor and place your order. Upon payment, the vendor will give you a certificate as your receipt. When pre-order closes on December 4, the vendors will shut down. Once they restart on December 5, only those who have previously purchased pre-orders will be able to use the vendors. Clicking them then will deliver the pre-order pack previously purchased.

General sales will begin December 12th at the Pufflings shop on Ozimals, and via the Ozimals Marketplace storefront. A price list including all of the standard items and packages will be available beforehand; the price below is ONLY for the special pre-order pack.
L$5500 - Pufflings Pre-order Pack
This package includes: two boy Eggs, two girl Eggs, and one Limited Edition Paragon Phoenix random gender Egg. Two standard foods, one collectable fourteen-day Bliss perch totem, and two 10% Love Grubs!

The Pre-order Pack is limited to one per avatar. The Limited Edition Paragon Phoenix Puffling can only be procured in this pack by our pre-order participants; it will never be purchasable again.

If you are interested in hosting a pre-order vendor at your market, please speak with Candy Cerveau. As we approach November 28th, please watch group notices for a list of pre-order vendor locations!


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