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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Welcome to the Pufflings!

Ozimals presents the Puffling Present Pursuit running from Thursday, December 22 - Thursday, January 12!

According to the Royal Historian of Oz, the Pufflings were an enchanted gift from Glinda, the Good Witch, to Ozma, the Empress of Oz, on her birthday. Magically brought to life from trays and trays of cream puffs, the Pufflings are a royal favorite in the palace gardens in the Emerald City. Their countless combinations make the hatching of each new egg an exciting event that Ozma attends with glee. Happy to share the wondrous gift with all, the colonies of Pufflings now extend far beyond the garden walls of the Emerald City. In fact they extend beyond the borders of Oz itself, all the way into the Second Life grid!

Help us welcome Ozma's Pufflings to SL by participating in the Puffling Present Pursuit! The premise is a simple one: every time you purchase a product marked with the "Pufflings Present Pursuit" special logo from one of the stores participating in the hunt, along with the item you bought, you will receive a hunt card (a HUD) and instructions on how to redeem the hunt card for a present from one of the Pufflings' favorite creators!

Check out the amazing list of creators helping to welcome the Pufflings to their new home at Ozimals!

Kouse's Sanctum
Fae & Tiny Fantasy Creations
lassitude & ennui
MnM Design
new trails
The Epic Toy Factory

Redemption Kiosks  - Where you get your presents!


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