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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ozimals: Ganbatte Nippon

We all are aware of the disaster affecting Japan. Malk and I have been inspired by so many Japanese residents in SL, many of whom we are lucky enough to call friends. Those we have come to know are some of the kindest and most genuine people we have met, real life or Second Life.

Ozimals has also been embraced by the Japanese community and in this time of need, we wanted to do something to help. We offer our encouragement and hope for the people affected, and to help raise money for the Japan Relief Fund, we are releasing "Sakura" - the Cherry Blossom bunny.

Sakura is a Special Edition Elite pack with one Random Gender Bunny and special cherry blossom nest dye. The bunny has unlocked ears/shade, which means any ear or normal shade can show on the bunny kindled from this nest. 100% of the profits for the Sakura bunny will go directly to the Mercy Corps Japan Earthquake Response fund who partners with Peace Winds, a Japanese charity.

You can find Sakura for sale at the main store, the satellite store, and on Marketplace.

Ganbatte Nippon

Candy, Malk, and the entire Ozimals Team

Meet the Irish Bunneh!

The Ozimals leprechauns have been dipping into the green beer a bit too much and while they were listening to the group they heard the cries for a St. Patrick's Day bunneh. So the sneaky bunch ran to the Ozimals workshop and whipped up a lovely green bunny for you!

We tried to be angry with them but the bunny is just too adorable - so Éirinn go Brách and Happy St. Patrick's Day from Ozimals :)

Lucky the Irish Bunneh comes in a St. Patrick's Day pack that includes a special LE Irish food set unique for this pack (Level 2 food - 1 bunny 30 days) and three 3% energy sweets. Lucky will be sold now through March 23rd at the mainstore, the satellite store, and on Marketplace.

Wearin' the green,

Your Ozimals Team

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Pot of Gold at the End of the Ozimals Rainbow!

Top O' The Mornin' to ye, Ozimals peeps! Welcome to the Bunnybury Rainbow Game for St. Patrick's Day. Please read the instructions below carefully so that you can get the most out of the leprechauns' pots of gold. Good Luck!

The Rainbow is available free and can be obtained from any of the locations at the bottom of this post. If the vendor is red, it is in use; please wait until the vendor is not being used by another avatar, and click it one time only to receive your Rainbow. This vendor gives one item per avatar, and will not give items to any avatar under 30 days old. Please ensure that you are not set to Busy or Away; you will not receive your Rainbow.

The vendor will give you a folder called "*Oz* St. Patrick's Day 2011: Rainbow". Do not unpack or open the object inside called "*Oz* St. Patrick's Day 2011: Rainbow"; this will break it. Simply rez it where you want it; the first time you rez it, it will auto-magically jump to the correct height.

Randomly, every few hours, a pot of gold will rez underneath the rainbow. Each time it rezzes, it will remain visible for 30 minutes, or until clicked. If you are lucky enough to see the pot of gold appear, click it, and it will award you free Bunnybury coins (a random number of them, between 50 and 100):

[05:14] *Oz* St. Patrick's Day 2011: Pot of Gold: Congratulations, you have been awarded 73 Bunnybury Coins for a total of 162 bonus Bunnybury Coins for the 2011 St. Patrick's Day Special Event.

Once you have been given coins, a countdown will begin. More pots may rez during this time and clicking these pots will not penalize you, but you may not gain coins from them; they simply give you more opportunities within a wider time frame.

The Rainbow will be active until March 22nd at Midnight PST.

Happy St. Patrick's Day from the Ozimals Team! <3

Pick up your Rainbow at any of these locations:

Ozimals Main Store
Magic of Oz
Munchkin Land
Ozimals Orientation
Ozimals Satellite Store

Sunday, March 13, 2011

St. Patrick's Day at Ozimals!

Greetings Ozimals peeps! It's time to give the luck of the Irish to all your favorite buns with our Limited Edition St. Patrick's Day foods - choose regular or epic packs - each has its own unique look so all your bunnies can get a special treat for the 17th.

Also included in the packs is a happiness totem (that lasts through March 20th) and an added bonus for the level 2 and level 3 food packs - special Irish-themed nest dyes for your St. Pat's nests! All the special holiday packs are available at the mainstore and the NEW satellite store on Ozimals Orientation now, and on Marketplace Sunday afternoon.

Sunday afternoon we will be putting out our special free Bunnybury Rainbow game - only available in the two stores - that rezzes special pots of gold randomly over the course of the 14th-21st. If you catch a pot of gold under the rainbow, just click it and you might get a gift of a random number of Bunnybury coins added to your account from the Ozimals leprechauns! Careful though, those Wee Folk can be real tricksters... Only one rainbow works per person, the leprechauns know if you are trying to get more than your fair share! ;)

Also be sure to check out Bunnybury on the Ozimals sim. It has a new look and some bunnies having fun for the holiday!

Much <3 and a foamy mug from your Ozimals Team!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Come Help Us Test!

After a lot of blood, sweat, tears and copious amounts of grinding teeth, as well as the hard work and dedication of our staff and closed beta testers, we're ready for final testing for Social Bun! ANYONE who owns bunnies can help us test, and we need you!

We need your help to find any remaining bugs or problems with the site before launch. Read the FAQ to get instructions on how to sign up for Social Bun. If you have a forum account, you are over halfway there already! Once you are properly signed up, it is time to start poking around all the areas of the site to make sure they work properly. To learn how to use Social Bun read the information we have at the support portal.

Click all links, try all the different functions - really explore the site and help us root out any problems. We'd also like to know about any typos, misspellings, or grammatical issues you find as well as any section that is hard to navigate or that doesn't make sense to you.

Please report all bugs, fixes, suggestions and concerns in the Beta forum.

If you discuss bugs or suggestions only in the group chats, we will most likely miss them. Discussion in group is ok, as this is open beta but please be sure to make forum posts as well so that we will be certain to see them.

We hope to get any remaining issues worked out quickly so we can proceed with a full launch - so sign up now and let's get to bug squishing!

Much <3 from your Ozimals Team

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