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Friday, April 29, 2011

Hop into Spring May Day Party!

The theme is Spring so wear your best sunny smile and think flowers, butterflies, and bunnies when picking out your party attire. Spring is on our minds and in the air. The weather is warming up, the flowers are blooming, and all the cute little bunnies are hopping around ready to frolic in the fresh springtime air. Come hop, sing, and dance with Ozimals for their Hop into Spring May Day dance party on Sunday, May 1st, from 12noon SLT - 2pm SLT.

Catch a ride!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ozimals 1.7 Update Notes

Patch Notes 1.7

More information can be found in the Community meeting notes.


>> New Genetics! We've added six new genetics to the Ozimals pool and those are available through starter packs at the store or on Marketplace.

>>Non-Owners Menu now includes a link to your bunny's SocialBun profile!

Note: If you are not logged in, or a member of SocialBun, you will only see the bunny name and photo. There will be a link explaining how to sign up if you aren't a member. Bunny profiles adhere to the privacy options you have set up already. SocialBun is still in Beta.

>>New Elite chances! The chance of achieving an elite bunny has been increased, though the parent bunnies must still meet all of the requirements. Keeping bunnies on Level 3 food throughout their breeding lives still *doubles* the new chance! Furthermore, an eligible female bunny's chance increases from her 13th nest, through her 14th, and to its maximum on her 15th and final nest.

** Menu changes
>>Support Menu now gives direct links to the following;
-Join Group: Gives a link to join Orations and Updates in chat.
-Tickets: Direct link to
-Blog: Direct link to
-Forums: Direct link to
-SB Profile: Direct link to bunny's SocialBun profile
-Website: Direct link to

>>Interaction Menu changes

> Collections are a new SocialBun mini-game, found on SocialBun under "My Bunnies for Sale". The bunny's Collection button is in the Interaction menu.

> A Collection Quest is a quest to find a specific bunny. Each one is randomly generated for you; everyone will have different bunnies to collect. The idea behind the quest is to find a matching bunny and collect it. The bunny will be permanently removed from your warren--please make certain before you choose to send it in for a collection! In exchange for each bunny that you help to collect you will receive a collection point which you can turn in for rewards.

> You may request a collection from the page, and if you complete it or skip it within 24 hours, you can move on to the next quest 24 hours from requesting the first.

> If you cannot complete your quest within 24 hours, you will be given a 72-hour extension. This will be displayed by a countdown clock when you go to your collections page.

> If you do not complete or skip your quest during the entire 96 hours, it will expire, and you can request a new one.

> Each user will begin with two skip credits, each of which allows that user to skip one quest.

** Co-Ownership
>Under the Interaction menu you will now see a "Co-owner" option, which allows you to assign, list, and delete two co-owners to your bunny.

>Potential Co-owners must be in range of the bunny when you are assigning them as co-owners.
PLEASE NOTE! Co-owners can do just about anything to your bunnies, including bonding, Bunnybury and sending them for Collection quests! Ozimals cannot replace bunnies or be held responsible for what your co-owners may do, so be extremely careful when using this feature!

> When a bunny is sold or given away, when the new owner rezzes the bunny, the prior co-owners will be erased.

** Refresh
>Instantly updates the bunny in the Ozimals database with the most current information. This function is available once every five minutes.

** Removed Bond Confirmation pop-up window
>To streamline the process of bonding your bunnies, we have removed the pop-up window that asked the owner to re-comfirm. If you are bonding two of your own bunnies together, they will simply bond, without that extra step.

Bunny bonds, and the time remaining in each bond, are now visible to bunny owners on the bunnies' profiles on SocialBun.

**Holiday Elite chance on nests created and kindled during:
April 20 - April 27

This means that any nest created by your bunnies AND kindled between 12:00:01 AM SLT (one second after midnight on the morning of Wednesday, April 20th) and 11:59:59 PM SLT (one second before midnight on the evening of Wednesday, April 27th) can potentially produce an Easter elite, regardless of breeding.

Don't forget! If you would like to bypass your chance at an Easter elite, you are given an option to choose "No Elite" in the kindling menu, and you may simply confirm that you don't want that nest to have a chance at a holiday elite.

There will also be an Easter elite--different from the ones available through breeding--exclusively available at the Ozimals shops and through the SL Marketplace on April 19-27th. The bunny will have the chance of carrying a limited edition eye, available only from this bunny.

Additionally, there are special limited edition Easter foods available from the Ozimals shops and on Marketplace; these will become collectibles, instead of disappearing, when their servings are exhausted. The foods come with delightful extra bonuses, including a Happiness Totem, which boosts the Happiness of surrounding bunnies, and will last until the end of the elite kindling

>Bunny Lifespan and Message Fix - Messages that bunnies were leaving due to old age when actually leaving due to neglect have been fixed.

****************IMPORTANT NOTES****************


Please check that you restore bonds, reset home near food and reprice if you had bunnies set for sale.

2. Due to a safeguard put in to make the update process smoother and faster, when your bunnies have been updated they MAY appear "chubby". Don't panic! Simply re-rez them and they will pop back to normal with no problem.

3. If your update totem gets stuck on a bunny (after 5 minutes, it hasn't completed) please TAKE THE CRATE into your inventory and delete the white bunny underneath. Copy the crate prim description number. File a support ticket and include that crate number for a replacement bunny. Do not delete the crate until you receive your replacement bunny.

Once you pick up the crate and delete the white bunny, your update totem should move on to the next bunny in range.

If you need a location to update your bunnies, Ozimals Orientation islands have a sandbox type update area where you can rez your bunnies in a quiet area and chat with other bunny peeps while you do it! (Updating bunnies only here, please don't build!)

Ozimals Orientation
Ozimals Orientation 2
Ozimals Orientation 3
Ozimals Orientation 4


The food does ~not~ get updated itself, it only communicates to you the need to update your bunnies. PLEASE NOTE!! You do NOT need to buy new food and water! Once you update your bunnies, they will eat any version of food just fine.


Preparing to Update:

1. Get the updater. Available on Marketplace and these locations:

Ozimals Satellite Store (PG Location)
Magic of Oz
Lawst Paradise
Ozimals Orientation

2. Prepare your update area:

A. Designate an "update area" someplace on the land you own.

B. Rez your updater at the center of the update area.

C. Pick up ALL third party scripted products (monitors, dispensers, servers, rings, etc.) and any other heavily scripted items in the area. These items can slow down or even prevent the update process from beginning or completing correctly. This is VERY IMPORTANT.

3. Update your bunnies:

A. Turn bunny movement off. Take a moment to record the bunny's ID if you do not already have it recorded.

B. Pick up your bunnies one at a time (do NOT pick up in a group!)

C. Rez up to 10 bunnies in your update area. The updater affects bunnies within a 9m radius (18 m circle with totem in center)

D. There will be a 30 second delay before the updater begins, (or longer for homesteads) please be patient!

E. The bunnies will update one by one. A crate will appear over them and the process will be shown in hovertext above the box.

F. When all updates are completed, remove the updated bunnies from the update area, and put down the next 10 un-updated bunnies.

G. Continue this process until your entire warren is updated.

H. After the update is completed, RE-REZ ALL YOUR FOOD AND WATER so they will detect that the bunnies have been updated. If you use any dispenser or server system, you need to remove the food/water from those systems and rerezz them.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ozimals: Tancho Sanke 2011

In the wake of the triple disaster that hit Japan in March, the Second Life community has once again demonstrated the depth of its generosity by coming out in support of the numerous fundraising activities centered around sending assistance to the people of Japan. Shortly after the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan with devastating results, Ozimals announced the arrival of the Limited Edition Sakura Bunneh with 100% of the proceeds being donated to the Mercy Corps Japan Earthquake Response Fund who partners with Peace Winds, a Japanese charity.

Now Ozimals would like to announce the arrival of the Limited Edition Tancho Sanke Koi Bunneh in support of the displaced and lost animals effected by the events of the past month. In collaboration with Project Fur Japan, Ozimals will be selling the Koi Bunneh for the next few weeks to help raise funds for the Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support (JEARS) organization. 100% of the proceeds from sales will go directly to providing shelter and food for the thousands of ownerless animals in the disaster areas of Japan. The mission of JEARS is to rescue, reunite and rehome lost and abandoned animals.

Ozimals feels a close connection to the Japanese community in Second Life. It is at times like these that we truly experience the strength of these bonds, when those we know and love are in physical distress and we have the power, through our Second Life creations, to send assistance. Please join with us in helping the people and animals of Japan by making a donation to the charity of your choice, be it through the purchase of the Ozimals Koi or Sakura Bunnehs, or though some other means. Show that no one sitting behind a monitor and keyboard is alone and that through our virtual connections we truly are a part of a global community.

The Tancho Sanke Koi Bunneh is a Special Edition Elite with unlocked ears/shade, which means any ear or normal shade can show on the bunny kindled from this nest. This newest Ozimals Elite will be available at the Project Fur Japan Event for the next two weeks. We encourage you to visit the sim and see all of the wonderful items creators from across the grid have donated to help the lost animals of Japan.

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