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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pufflings on Marketplace / GET ends

Hello, Ozimals Friends!

We have a few pieces of news:

The current round of Golden Egg Time, introducing the Emerald City shade, has ended. The only way to get this shade now is from the offspring of the Pufflings that have it. There are some great pictures of Emerald City Pufflings in the Ozimals Flickr pool.

Pufflings on Marketplace! Everything from the shop is now available on Marketplace at the Ozimals Pufflings Marketplace store. We welcome you to use Marketplace if it is more convenient for you, but would like to remind you that delivery through Marketplace is not always immediate, and is beyond our control. Shopping inworld at the Pufflings Main Store also enables you to see information displays about upcoming events, and perhaps ask our CSRs a question or two.

Much <3
Ozimals Team

Friday, February 17, 2012

Lovebird Puffling Packs On Sale Now!

Didn't get a Lovebird Paragon from your Pufflings? Never fear! Limited Edition Lovebirds are now available in the Pufflings shop on the Ozimals sim, *and* on Marketplace!

The Devotion Pack contains one male and one female Lovebird, two standard foods, two 10% Love Grubs, and a special Lovebird Birdhouse, available only from this pack.

The Beloved Pack contains one random gender Lovebird Puffling, one standard food, one 10% Love Grubs, and a Lovebird Birdhouse.

These packs will only be available until the end of February!

Ozimals Pufflings Main Store

Devotion Pack on Marketplace

Beloved Pack on Marketplace

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

For The Love of Ozimals!

We hope you can join us this Saturday, February 18th, at noon SLT for For The Love of Ozimals, a dance celebrating our two special holiday releases! DJ DragonBoy will be spinning live, and we'd love to see some creative costumes. Dress to compliment/match either the Lovebird Paragon Puffling or the Red Velvet Valentine Bunny; there will be prizes for the best ones. Good music, good company, and festive outfits--don't miss it!

 For The Love of Ozimals will be held on Ozimals Orientation.

Much <3
Ozimals Team

Friday, February 10, 2012

Holiday Paragon Pufflings!

Happy St. Valentine's Day from Ozimals! Beginning tonight, and lasting through next Friday, February 17th, your Pufflings have a chance of producing a new Holiday Paragon, the Lovebird!

Any egg produced by any breeding Pufflings during this special breeding period can be a Holiday Paragon - there are no additional requirements for the parents. For more information about Holiday Paragons, please see the wiki.

If the breeding period ends and you have been unlucky, don't fret! The Lovebird will be available for purchase at the Ozimals shops for a limited time--beginning when the special breeding period is over, and lasting until the end of February.

My Bunny Valentine!

In preparation for your St. Valentine's Day festivities, Ozimals is delighted to present the Red Velvet Bunny, our celebration of Valentine's Day for 2012.

This special elite goes on sale tonight, Friday, February 10th, and will only be sold for two weeks, until Friday, February 24th, at both Ozimals shops and on the SL Marketplace.

Ozimals Main Store [Moderate]
Ozimals Satellite Store [General]

Each package contains two special Love Potions--each of which will boost a bunny's Love by 50%, ten times the boost of a standard Lurve Potion!--and one Red Velvet nest dye with ten charges.

The Red Velvet Bunny nest itself has "unlocked" ears and shade, which means that the bunny it produces will not be limited to the normal "starter" traits. (Please note that this bunny will not be available in Twilight, Aphotic, or Dusky shades.) This nest will produce a Red Velvet elite bunny, who has the chance of carrying a new limited edition breedable trait. The bunny and the trait will only be available via this package, though of course the trait will be passable to the bunny's offspring.

We hope you think this new bunny is as sweet as we do--please stay tuned for more Valentine's Day news!

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