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Friday, February 10, 2012

My Bunny Valentine!

In preparation for your St. Valentine's Day festivities, Ozimals is delighted to present the Red Velvet Bunny, our celebration of Valentine's Day for 2012.

This special elite goes on sale tonight, Friday, February 10th, and will only be sold for two weeks, until Friday, February 24th, at both Ozimals shops and on the SL Marketplace.

Ozimals Main Store [Moderate]
Ozimals Satellite Store [General]

Each package contains two special Love Potions--each of which will boost a bunny's Love by 50%, ten times the boost of a standard Lurve Potion!--and one Red Velvet nest dye with ten charges.

The Red Velvet Bunny nest itself has "unlocked" ears and shade, which means that the bunny it produces will not be limited to the normal "starter" traits. (Please note that this bunny will not be available in Twilight, Aphotic, or Dusky shades.) This nest will produce a Red Velvet elite bunny, who has the chance of carrying a new limited edition breedable trait. The bunny and the trait will only be available via this package, though of course the trait will be passable to the bunny's offspring.

We hope you think this new bunny is as sweet as we do--please stay tuned for more Valentine's Day news!

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