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Friday, March 16, 2012

Claddagh Paragon Puffling with Limited Edition Eye!

Hello, Ozimals Friends!

While the chance to hatch Claddagh Paragons from your own Pufflings' eggs ends tonight at midnight, the Ceili Pack--containing one Claddagh Paragon Egg and one special seasonal Standard Wearable Food--has just gone on sale, and will be available through next Friday, March 23, 2012.

We have done something a little different this time, so read carefully!

The Ceili Pack's Claddagh Paragons, available from Ozimals, will all have the Natural shade visible; for a Claddagh to show something more exotic as a shade, it must have been bred inworld, rather than purchased from us.

All of the Ceili Pack Claddagh Paragons will have the new limited edition eye, "Karat", which is the golden eye visible on the Claddagh Paragon's "costume". This is a breedable trait--these Pufflings can pass it to their descendants--but it will ONLY be available from Ceili Pack Claddagh Paragons, for the ONE WEEK they are on sale. Please note that they all have the Karat eye: this is not a chance at getting it, but a guarantee.

The Ceili Pack is available at the Ozimals Pufflings main store and at the Ozimals Pufflings Shop on Marketplace.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day, and much <3
Ozimals Team

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