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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ozimals Q&A @ SL Breedables Fair tomorrow

Hello, Ozimals friends!

We hope you are enjoying the SL Breedables Fair at the Home & Garden Expo. In our earlier post about it, we talked about the Question & Answer session we will be involved in at the Fair.

The Q&A event is Thursday, May 24th--that's tomorrow!--at 7:00 pm SLT, at the Ozimals section of the Fair, and we'd love to see you there! Whether you are new to Ozimals or have been with us since the beginning, this is a great opportunity to come hang out with other Oz friends and fans, get those burning questions answered, and see everything at the Fair!

Remember, the Wonderland 2012 elite bunny pack and the Callooh 2012 Paragon Puffling pack will only be available at the SL Breedables Fair. Please see our earlier post for more information about these limited-edition pets, 100% of the sales of which are donated to Relay For Life.

Today, Wednesday, May 23rd, is the final day to purchase Ancient Everlasting Timepieces for Ozimals bunnies, to turn them into pets who no longer breed, eat, or hibernate. These are special lower-priced Timepieces that only work on bunnies who are at least 550 days old; the regular Everlasting Timepieces will still be available after today, but the Ancient ones will not. For more information about what Everlasting Timepieces do, please see the blog post about them.

See you tomorrow!

Much <3
Ozimals Team

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