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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Region Idling on BlueSteel servers

Hello, Ozimals friends!

Tomorrow morning, Wednesday, May 16, beginning at 8:30 am SLT, sims running BlueSteel RC will roll to a new version of their server code. If you have bunnies or Pufflings on one of these sims, please read this post very carefully.

If you are not sure of your sim's server version, use the menus in your viewer to check it: Help > About Second Life (or "About Firestorm", or etc). This will pull up a page of information including lines that look like this:

You are at [Coordinates] in [Your sim name] located at
Second Life Server

If instead of "Second Life Server", the second line reads: "Second Life RC BlueSteel [Version number]", your sim is a BlueSteel sim.

Tomorrow's update will include a new feature, Region Idling, currently being put into place ONLY on BlueSteel regions. We just learned that this will be happening tomorrow, and unfortunately the information Linden Lab has provided about Region Idling does not give us enough data to be sure that our products will not be affected. We are looking into it further, of course, but wanted to give you a heads-up, so that you are aware of what is happening.

Essentially, Region Idling is intended to lessen a sim's impact on the Second Life servers if no avatars are present. The information LL has provided is not very specific at all about just *how* idling will affect scripts, and how quickly. If you notice anything strange about the behavior of your Ozimals pets, and you are on a BlueSteel server, please mention this when you contact us, and please contact us ASAP, with as much information as possible.

Here is the information LL has given Residents about Region Idling: Region Idling FAQ and Region Idling Discussion thread.

Please remember that up-to-date information about server software updates and grid problems can be accessed through the Second Life Grid Status page.

Much <3
Ozimals Team

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