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Monday, September 17, 2012

MORE Special Starter Packs at Shamrock Market

The preparations for the Bunny Games absorbed the whole of the Land of Oz, but nowhere were they as all-encompassing as in the Emerald City itself. Glinda, the Good Witch of the South, has a magic book, the Great Book of Records, which lets her see absolutely everything that happens in Oz; as a result, though, she can get a little obsessed with details--perhaps you have heard the expression "cannot see the forest for the trees"?

One morning, at the daily meeting where Glinda assigned everyone's tasks for that day, Locasta, the Good Witch of the North and ruler of the Gillikins, sat waiting and listening. The Wicked Witches' accidental transformation of the bunnies at the market had been a huge disruption, but Glinda had a thousand other things to worry about, and as Locasta listened to her go through that day's endless list, she decided it was best not to bring it up. The scrambled genes of the bunnies would be easy enough, Locasta thought to herself, to correct. She was a Good Witch, after all, and therefore used to cleaning up the Wicked Witches' messes.

When the meeting ended, Locasta took to the air, flying over to Shamrock Market in a cloud of magic bubbles. As she slowly drifted to the ground, the bubbles began to pop, showering her surroundings in glitter as she got her bearings. One quick wave of Locasta's wand and some whispered magic words, and the bunny nests were just as they had been before the Wicked Witches' interference. "Why," she thought, "That wasn't much work at all; our good magic is always stronger than their wicked magic, or Glinda and I would spend our every waking moment undoing their schemes."

Locasta was correct, of course: it was only a few moments' work, which is why Glinda hadn't assigned it to anyone else. As Locasta's cloud of bubbles whisked her skyward again, Glinda sat in her study in Ozma's palace. She hadn't had time yet that morning to glance through the Great Book of Records, and never dreamed that Locasta had taken it upon herself to fix the bunnies, when she picked up her wand, spoke the magic words in her clear, musical voice, and corrected them herself.

It would be some time before anyone realized that the efforts of both Good Witches had changed the bunnies yet again, into something different than the Wicked Witches had done, yet different than they had been to begin with.

As of today, new starter bunnies purchased from the Shamrock Market Ozimals store have the chance of carrying previously unseen genetic traits. Nothing has been retired, but new traits have been unlocked. Your bunnies do not need to be updated; these are version 1.11 starter nests.

To make it easier to be sure, the images on their boxes have changed--ONLY the bunny packs that look like the pictures below contain bunnies with the chance of new genetic traits, and until September 24th, these packs will ONLY be available at Shamrock Market. After that date, they will be sold at the Ozimals main store and on the Marketplace.

The nests in the Bunnybury rewards vendor will be updated on October 1st. Before that date they will be current 1.11 nests, and will not have the chance of carrying this new wave of genetic traits.

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