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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Ozimals Events!

Hello, Ozimals friends!

Having trouble keeping the schedule straight? Here is a list!

~Bunny Bingo and Racing at the 2012 Ozimals Bunny Games~
Monday, October 22, 7:00 pm SLT
Wednesday, October 24, 7:00 pm SLT
Saturday, October 27, 12:00 noon SLT
Saturday, October 27, 7:00 pm SLT
Monday, October 29, 7:00 pm SLT
... as well as impromptu games to be announced in chat :D Each Bingo session will be preceded by races, so bring your fastest bunnies!

~Ozimals Dia de los Muertos Dance~
Sunday, October 28, 2:00-4:00pm SLT

~Ozimals Bunny Elite Kindling Period~
begins: 12:01 am SLT on Monday, October 22nd (midnight Sunday night)
stops: 11:59 pm SLT on Friday, November 2nd (midnight Friday night)

~2012 Ozimals Bunny Games~
Last Day to Race for the Bunny Games: Monday, November 5th

~Dia de los Muertos Flickr Contest~
 Entry deadline: Sunday, November 4th
Winner announced: Monday, November 12th

~Last Day to cash in Ozimals Prize Tickets for Bunnybury Coins~
Monday, November 12th

~Remember, the Pufflings' Golden Egg Time, for the new trait "Ink", has not yet concluded, so you still have time to breed the spookiest Puffling you can think up!

Mr. Inkstrut by Pixel Ghost
Ink GET by Zanyrob Merryman
Ink Snow Tipped Sleek by Laime Seda

Much <3
Ozimals Team

Friday, October 19, 2012

Ozimals Dia de los Muertos Photo Contest!

 Hello, Ozimals friends!

We are delighted by how much the community seems to like the new Holiday elites, and have decided to hold a photo competition with the same theme! Please read the rules below, and if you want to know more about Dia de los Muertos / Day of the Dead, take a peek at Wikipedia's entry, then let your creativity loose! Winners will be selected by the Ozimals staff from all the eligible photos uploaded to the Ozimals Flickr Group.

Much <3
Ozimals Team

1st Place - 2500L
2nd Place -1500L
3rd Place - 1000L

Basic rules (The Short Version):

You can submit 3 (three) entries per avatar.

The theme is Dia de los Muertos. Your picture must fit the theme and can be taken anywhere as long as it is Dia de los Muertos inspired.

Photos must be uploaded to the Ozimals Flickr Group and tagged with "OzDDLM" to be entered in the contest.

In the description of your photograph, list your SL avatar name as well as the following (feel free to copy and paste): Entry for Ozimals Dia de los Muertos Flickr Contest


Detailed Rules (The Long Version):

The Ozimals Dia de los Muertos Flickr Contest is brought to you by Ozimals.

1. Each picture you enter in the Ozimals Dia de los Muertos Flickr Contest must include an Ozimals bunny (any Ozimals bunny; it doesn't need to be one of the new elites.) and/or an Ozimals Puffling. Photos should not include other breedable animals. The theme is Dia de los Muertos,  Your picture should fit the theme. The picture can be taken anywhere as long as it is Dia de los Muertos inspired.

2. You must be a member of the Ozimals Flickr group in order to upload a photo. Please do not contact Ozimals staff to upload pictures for you. Flickr is free, and if you do not have a Flickr account, here is a quick explanation of the service. Once you have joined, you must join the Ozimals Flickr group to submit your entry.

3. Entrants are limited to three photos per avatar.

4. Photos should be high-res and cannot be smaller than 1024x1024 pixels.

5. Post-processing is allowed, but no excessive brush use or artificial borders please. This is about creatively capturing your bunnies in their natural virtual environment, not your Photoshop abilities.

6. Please no signatures on the photos.

7. Please show general common sense and good taste. Images should be PG in nature, due to the Ozimals Flickr group being rated "Safe" by Flickr. Explicit adult images will be disqualified.

8. Pictures must be uploaded to the Ozimals Flickr group and contain the following information:
In the description field include: Full SL avatar name as well as the following (feel free to copy and paste): Entry for Ozimals Dia de los Muertos Flickr Contest

9. Photographs need to contain the correct information in the description field AND be tagged with "OzDDLM" or else your entry will will not qualify for the contest.

10. Eligible entries will include only those uploaded between 12:01am SLT October 19, 2012 - 11:59pm SLT November 4, 2012. Photos uploaded before or after the official contest dates will not be entered in the contest.

11. By entering this competition you agree to your pictures being used in future by the owners of Ozimals for any promotional purposes and to the picture/s being on display in world after the competition.

**** Winners will be notified after Monday, November 12, 2012.

Please IM Elphaba Stormcrow with any questions.

2012 Ozimals Bunny Games: More Info!

Hello, Ozimals friends!

Hopefully all of you chose a team to support before the deadline! As we mentioned in the release notes, each win by one of your bunnies counts towards your chosen team's total Bunny Games score. The supporters of the winning team will each receive a limited edition elite bunny, which will be unavailable elsewhere.

Of course, the racetrack will keep working after the Games have ended, but the last day of racing that will count towards the Games scores is Monday, November 5.

Community members' sign-ups for the four teams came out pretty evenly:

Quadling Questers: 26.1%
Winkie Warriors: 21.2%
Munchkin Marauders: 28.1%
Gillikin Gladiators: 24.6%

Where to get your own Ozimals Bunny Race track:
Ozimals Dia de los Muertos Graveyard
Ozimals Bunny Games  
Ozimals Bunny Race on Marketplace (copy version)
Ozimals Bunny Race on Marketplace (no-copy version)

You can race your bunnies on a track owned by you or a friend, or at public/group tracks, like the ones on the Ozimals Bunny Games sim. Extra treats to help you and your bunnies get into the spirit of the race can be won from the other games scattered around the Bunny Games sim, or you can get the 2012 Ozimals Bunny Games Uber Fun Pack from the Bunnybury vendor.

Now, you can check the team standings on Ozaria! Once you have logged in, go to "My Bunnies", and there will be a new "Bunny Games" option in the menu on the left. Clicking it will show you the most recently published stats.

The Bunny Race track's cooldown is 60 seconds between races, but the bunnies themselves can only race once per day. This slight change was made to keep competition fair for the Bunny Games; the fifteen-minute cooldown per bunny will return after the Games have ended.

Happy racing and much <3
Ozimals Team

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Elite packs, update, and Bunny Race now on Marketplace!

Hello, Ozimals friends!

This week's new goodies are now available on the Marketplace:

Lumbre & Sombra Elite Bunny Pack
Dulces & Flores Elite Bunny Pack
Ozimals Bunny 2.0 Update
Ozimals Bunny Race (copy version)
Ozimals Bunny Race (no-copy version)

If you would rather not brave the peculiarities of Marketplace, here are the inworld locations:

Ozimals Bunny 2.0 Update:
Ozimals Main Store
Ozimals Dia de los Muertos Graveyard
Ozimals Satellite Store @ Shamrock Market
Ozimals Bunny Games

Lumbre/Sombra, Dulces/Flores:
Ozimals Main Store
Ozimals Dia de los Muertos Graveyard
Ozimals Bunny Games 

Ozimals Bunny Race:
Ozimals Dia de los Muertos Graveyard
Ozimals Bunny Games 

Much <3
Ozimals Team

Monday, October 15, 2012

Bunny Update 2.0 Begins Today

Hello, Ozimals friends!

Welcome to Bunny Update 2.0! Please read these notes carefully before you begin updating!

Update 2.0 is a non-mandatory update. What this means is that your bunnies will continue to eat if not updated, though each food you have rezzed out will message you once a day to remind you to update. If you are not able to be inworld and updating until later, your bunnies will not go hungry. Until your bunnies are updated, however, you will not be able to use the new features, nor will your bunnies be able to breed with 2.0 bunnies.

*2012 Oz Bunny Games
*Bunny Racing
*Hallows' Eve Elites
*30-minute kindling time
*New Natural Elite
*Bunnybury Bunny Games goodies

*2012 Oz Bunny Games

The Oz Bunny Games sim is now open! It will remain open through the conclusion of the Bunny Games on November 5, 2012, and we will be hosting Bunny Bingo and other special events there. While on the sim, you can play games to receive tickets which can be redeemed for Bunnybury coins.

*Bunny Racing

2.0 Bunnies have a new button in their menu--"Games". Their first game is the Bunny Race, which you may purchase in copy or no-copy versions, or play anywhere that a public track has been set up. If you picked a team to cheer before the deadline, every victory by one of your bunnies counts towards that team's Bunny Games totals. Remember, whichever team wins the Bunny Games will award its supporters a special elite, so start racing!

*Hallows' Eve Elites

This year, we are celebrating Hallows' Eve with a holiday timer. What this means is that any bunny may produce a holiday elite, if the nest is created and kindled within the time period for these elites. Unlike "natural elites", the parents' genetic traits and number of generations remaining have no bearing on their chances for these nests; the parent bunnies must simply be updated to 2.0. The nest will not say that it contains an elite; you must kindle to find out! Nests created during this time period will have a special button in their menus which allows you to "turn off" their elite chance before kindling, should you choose to do so.
The timer starts running at 12:01 am SLT on Monday, October 22nd (you may think of it as midnight Sunday night), and stops at 11:59 pm SLT on Friday, November 2nd (midnight Friday night).

In addition to these elites, you may purchase special packs of Hallows' Eve elites from Ozimals. More information about Dulces, Flores, Lumbre, and Sombre is available here!

*30-minute kindling time

Because so many bunnies in Oz have been training so hard for the Bunny Games, they are in better health than ever before--as a result, their nests are kindling faster, producing new babies in a shorter time than before. All nests created by 2.0 bunnies will kindle in 30 minutes, rather than the old 60 minutes!

*New Natural Elite

A new natural elite has been added with this update. Bunnies that have not been updated cannot produce this elite. Additionally, the chance of producing a natural elite has been increased. For more information about natural elites, please see the Ozimals wiki.

*Bunnybury Bunny Games goodies

Newly available from the Bunnybury vendor is a pack of goodies to celebrate the Bunny Games. Each Bunny Games Uber Fun Pack contains transferable Nest Sparkles in all eight team colors, and transferable Bunny Racing Dust in the four main team colors. Racing Dust works the same way the Bunnybury Bunny Treats do: rez one on a bunny and it will have a special effect for one hour, or until it is picked up. Rather than the sparkles and hearts of the standard Treats, however, Racing Dust creates a cloud of brightly colored dust as the bunny thunders down the track (or around your garden)! Since all items in the pack are transferable, you can trade freely with supporters of other teams.

****************IMPORTANT NOTES****************
Please check that you restore bonds, reset home near food and reprice if you had bunnies set for sale.

2.  If your update totem gets stuck on a bunny (after 5 minutes, it hasn't completed)  please TAKE THE CRATE into your inventory and delete the white bunny underneath.  Copy the crate prim description number.  File a support ticket ( ) and include that crate number for a replacement bunny.  Do not delete the crate until you receive your replacement bunny.

Once you pick up the crate and delete the white bunny, your update totem should move on to the next bunny in range.

If you need a location to update your bunnies, Ozimals Orientation islands have a sandbox type update area where you can rez your bunnies in a quiet area and chat with other bunny peeps while you do it! (Updating bunnies only here, please don't build!)  SLURLs below:


The food does NOT get updated itself, it only communicates to you the need to update your bunnies.   PLEASE NOTE!! You do NOT need to buy new food!  Once you update your bunnies, they will eat any version of food just fine.


Preparing to Update:

1. Get the updater. Available on Marketplace (shortly) and these locations:

*Ozimals Main Store

*Ozimals Bunny Games

* Shamrock Market - All Things Ozimals (Official Ozimals Satellite Store)

2. Prepare your update area: 

A.  Designate an "update area" someplace on the land you own. 

B.  Rez your updater at the center of the update area.

C.  Pick up ALL third party scripted products (monitors, dispensers, servers, rings, etc.) and any other heavily scripted items in the area. These items can slow down or even prevent the update process from beginning or completing correctly. This is VERY IMPORTANT.

3. Update your bunnies:

    A.  Turn bunny movement off. Take a moment to record the bunny's ID if you do not already have it recorded.

    B.  Pick up your bunnies one at a time (do NOT pick up in a group!)
    C.  Rez up to 10 bunnies in your update area. The updater affects bunnies within a 9m radius (18 m circle with totem in center)

    D.  There will be a 30 second delay before the updater begins, (or longer for homesteads)  please be patient! :)
    E.  The bunnies will update one by one. A crate will appear over them and the process will be shown in hovertext above the box.

    F.  When all updates are completed, remove the updated bunnies from the update area, and put down the  next 10 un-updated bunnies.

    G.  Continue this process until your entire warren is updated.
    H.  After the update is completed,  RE-REZ ALL YOUR FOOD AND WATER so they will detect that the bunnies have been updated. If you use any dispenser or server system, you need to remove the food/water from those systems and rerezz them.

Happy Kindling and Much <3
Ozimals Team

Limited Edition Hallows' Eve 2012 Bunny Elite Packs!

Hello, Ozimals friends, and Happy Hallows' Eve from Ozimals!

In addition to the special elites that will be born during the elite kindling period, there are two packs of elites available from Ozimals. These bunnies celebrate the festival of Dia de los Muertos, and will only be available from these packs.

Each pack contains two different limited edition elites. These nests are random gender, and unlocked to offer any ear or shade currently available. One pack contains Sombra and Lumbre (on the left, above); the other, on the right, contains Dulces and Flores.

Also in each pack:

*Two fifteen-day L2 Standard Wearable Foods, in the form of skull-shaped sugar cookies you can wear in your mouth to feed a held bunny
*Decorative, unscripted, copiable versions of the cookies, to help your bunnies decorate the warren for the season
*Two ten-charge Nest Dyes

These packs are available at the Ozimals Main Store Graveyard, as well as at the Ozimals Bunny Games sim! They will be on Marketplace on Wednesday, October 17th.

Much <3
Ozimals Team

Ozimals Bunny Games Bunny Race!

Here is how to use your new Ozimals Bunny Race track!

To race, ensure that bunnies' movement is turned off, and rez them, roughly in their lanes, in the "Ozimals" section of the track. Start the game by clicking the mushrooms, and then click your bunny. You will notice a new menu button, "Games", in the bunny's main menu--click this, and then click "Race" in the next menu. The racetrack will acknowledge each bunny in chat. Once all four are registered, the race will begin--stand back!

The race track is available in two versions; copy and no-copy. The no-copy version cannot be replaced or redelivered.

Besides the track itself, each box contains optional decorative pieces. The track is packed in the box as "Ozimals Bunny Race", with some optional decorative objects and a coalesced object (which is all of the decorative bits together); once you have rezzed it, if you would like to remove pieces to save prims, you can just pick up anything not linked to the race track. Also included is an optional racing HUD. This HUD allows you to keep the race from making all of its announcements to local chat; instead, it will only speak to HUD wearers. We have included a box that anyone can click to receive their own copy of the HUD.

Track must be rezzed straight to compass points - running east/west or north/south. If you must place two tracks in a row, please rotate one track to ensure that the finish lines are "back to back".

Each bunny has a 15-minute cooldown between races. Each racetrack has a 60-second cooldown between races.

Four bunnies - no more, no less - are needed to race. Please register them one at a time; wait for the race to acknowledge each bunny in chat before the next entrant registers. If all four bunnies are not registered within 60 seconds, the game will time out, and the racetrack's 60-second cooldown will begin.

Every racing bunny's "life processes" are put on hold for five minutes when it begins to race; it will not grow hungrier, or fall asleep, or go into hibernation, or produce a nest, or etc., until those five minutes are up.

Each race track has been imbued with magic before being packed into its box, to prevent cheating by starting one bunny further down the track. The race track knows, and will count, which bunny REALLY won.

Two clicks (as distinct from double-click) on the track itself brings up the  menu for chat and access.

---Chat menu switches between local chat (20m) and chatting to HUD (simwide for HUD wearers).

---Access menu (Owner/Group/Anyone) = This is not who can race, but who can start game, switch local/HUD, etc. Anyone who can rez can race.

One click on the mushrooms brings up the menu to start the race.

---Start Game starts the game. Once you have clicked this, bunnies have 60 seconds to register (so if you are wise, you will rez them out FIRST, then click start, then register them...)

Happy racing!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Bunny Update begins Monday, October 15!

Hello, Ozimals friends!

The bunnies' new update arrives this Monday, October 15, and brings with it all sorts of Hallows' Eve goodness, as well as the Ozimals Bunny Games! Full information about the update and about our upcoming events will come in the release notes on Monday, but it seemed wise to give everyone a heads-up :D

Bunnies will need to be updated to this version both to participate in the Games and to be eligible to have Hallows' Eve elite babies during the elite kindling period. The elite period begins this year on Monday, October 22nd--at midnight SLT, so you can think of it as late Sunday night. If you have not been with us for one of these, they are explained further here , but if you have more questions, please ask a CSR or the bunny community via our inworld groups.

We cannot wait for you to see all of the tricks and treats we have planned!

Much <3
Ozimals Team

Monday, October 8, 2012

Oz Bunny Games: Pick A Team!

Hello, Oz friends!

The Oz Bunny Games are starting soon! This means the deadline to pick which team you are supporting is fast approaching!

To select a team, log in to Ozaria, and Edit your profile. There is a dropdown menu with the four teams; select one, then scroll to the bottom of the page and hit the "Update" button. You will be able to choose a team, or to change your choice, until midnight SLT on Thursday, October 11.

The team which wins the Bunny Games will reward all of its fans with an exclusive elite bunny, unavailable elsewhere. If you have not picked a team by the deadline, you will not be in the running to receive the prize bunny!

For more information about Ozaria, including how to register if you have not yet done so, please see the Ozimals wiki!

Much <3
Ozimals Team

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Pufflings' "Harvest" GET has ended

Hello, Ozimals friends!

The Pufflings' Golden Egg Time introducing the new trait "Harvest" has ended... though careful examination of the Ozimals Flickr pool shows that the festivities are far from over. ;)

New traits get added to the public lists as breeders discover them, so please post those pics to Flickr and add them to the pool!

Additionally, since there have been questions, the nests in the Bunnybury vendor HAVE been updated to the most recent versions.

Much <3
Ozimals Team

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