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Friday, October 19, 2012

2012 Ozimals Bunny Games: More Info!

Hello, Ozimals friends!

Hopefully all of you chose a team to support before the deadline! As we mentioned in the release notes, each win by one of your bunnies counts towards your chosen team's total Bunny Games score. The supporters of the winning team will each receive a limited edition elite bunny, which will be unavailable elsewhere.

Of course, the racetrack will keep working after the Games have ended, but the last day of racing that will count towards the Games scores is Monday, November 5.

Community members' sign-ups for the four teams came out pretty evenly:

Quadling Questers: 26.1%
Winkie Warriors: 21.2%
Munchkin Marauders: 28.1%
Gillikin Gladiators: 24.6%

Where to get your own Ozimals Bunny Race track:
Ozimals Dia de los Muertos Graveyard
Ozimals Bunny Games  
Ozimals Bunny Race on Marketplace (copy version)
Ozimals Bunny Race on Marketplace (no-copy version)

You can race your bunnies on a track owned by you or a friend, or at public/group tracks, like the ones on the Ozimals Bunny Games sim. Extra treats to help you and your bunnies get into the spirit of the race can be won from the other games scattered around the Bunny Games sim, or you can get the 2012 Ozimals Bunny Games Uber Fun Pack from the Bunnybury vendor.

Now, you can check the team standings on Ozaria! Once you have logged in, go to "My Bunnies", and there will be a new "Bunny Games" option in the menu on the left. Clicking it will show you the most recently published stats.

The Bunny Race track's cooldown is 60 seconds between races, but the bunnies themselves can only race once per day. This slight change was made to keep competition fair for the Bunny Games; the fifteen-minute cooldown per bunny will return after the Games have ended.

Happy racing and much <3
Ozimals Team

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