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Monday, October 15, 2012

Ozimals Bunny Games Bunny Race!

Here is how to use your new Ozimals Bunny Race track!

To race, ensure that bunnies' movement is turned off, and rez them, roughly in their lanes, in the "Ozimals" section of the track. Start the game by clicking the mushrooms, and then click your bunny. You will notice a new menu button, "Games", in the bunny's main menu--click this, and then click "Race" in the next menu. The racetrack will acknowledge each bunny in chat. Once all four are registered, the race will begin--stand back!

The race track is available in two versions; copy and no-copy. The no-copy version cannot be replaced or redelivered.

Besides the track itself, each box contains optional decorative pieces. The track is packed in the box as "Ozimals Bunny Race", with some optional decorative objects and a coalesced object (which is all of the decorative bits together); once you have rezzed it, if you would like to remove pieces to save prims, you can just pick up anything not linked to the race track. Also included is an optional racing HUD. This HUD allows you to keep the race from making all of its announcements to local chat; instead, it will only speak to HUD wearers. We have included a box that anyone can click to receive their own copy of the HUD.

Track must be rezzed straight to compass points - running east/west or north/south. If you must place two tracks in a row, please rotate one track to ensure that the finish lines are "back to back".

Each bunny has a 15-minute cooldown between races. Each racetrack has a 60-second cooldown between races.

Four bunnies - no more, no less - are needed to race. Please register them one at a time; wait for the race to acknowledge each bunny in chat before the next entrant registers. If all four bunnies are not registered within 60 seconds, the game will time out, and the racetrack's 60-second cooldown will begin.

Every racing bunny's "life processes" are put on hold for five minutes when it begins to race; it will not grow hungrier, or fall asleep, or go into hibernation, or produce a nest, or etc., until those five minutes are up.

Each race track has been imbued with magic before being packed into its box, to prevent cheating by starting one bunny further down the track. The race track knows, and will count, which bunny REALLY won.

Two clicks (as distinct from double-click) on the track itself brings up the  menu for chat and access.

---Chat menu switches between local chat (20m) and chatting to HUD (simwide for HUD wearers).

---Access menu (Owner/Group/Anyone) = This is not who can race, but who can start game, switch local/HUD, etc. Anyone who can rez can race.

One click on the mushrooms brings up the menu to start the race.

---Start Game starts the game. Once you have clicked this, bunnies have 60 seconds to register (so if you are wise, you will rez them out FIRST, then click start, then register them...)

Happy racing!

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