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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Wintertide Bunny Gacha!

Hello, Ozimals friends!

Glinda and Locasta, the Good Witches, sat one afternoon, admiring a snowy field full of Comfort and Joy bunnies, all hopping happily amidst the drifts and making little bunny snow angels. A team of Comfort bunnies was building a fantastic snow fort, while a number of Joy bunnies were creating an arsenal of snowballs, and the two Witches knew there would soon be a mighty snow battle.

"They are such dear little bunnies," remarked Locasta. "It's almost a shame we were limited to two colors."

Glinda smiled, and gazed at the enormous decorated tree in the center of the Emerald City, far off past the field of bunnies. "Those two colors are special, for Relay For Life, but... imagine them in all of the colors of the ornaments on that tree. Wouldn't that be spectacular?"

Locasta's eyes lit up. "Comfort and Joy are still available for another week at the Expo, until the 19th of December--and of course those two bunnies will not be available elsewhere, but..."

Glinda was already reaching for her wand, and soon, both Witches were zapping the bunnies on the field with swirly waves of magic. The bunnies squealed, because it tickled horribly, but when the two finished, and the magical dust cleared, the bunnies were countless different colors. They hopped around in excited little circles, admiring each other and rolling in the snow.

There are thirteen different colors of the Wintertide elites. Because there are so many of these bunnies, we have decided to put them in a gacha machine. Each try is L$50, and will give you a random gender, random color Wintertide nest, with unlocked ears and shade or a rare chance to give you bunny pet food. (This means that these nests can have any currently available shade or ear type.) The nests are not transferable, but of course the kindled bunnies are, so that you can trade with your friends! You can see all of the possible colors on the Ozimals holiday tree, just outside the door of the Ozimals main store.

There are gacha machines at the Ozimals main store and at the Ozimals satellite shop at Shamrock Market--they will remain until the holidays are over. (These bunnies will not be available on the SL Marketplace.) Best of luck!

Much <3
Ozimals Team

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