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Saturday, June 29, 2013

July 11: Bunny Update 2.5

Aloha, Ozimals friends!

Update 2.5 for the Ozimals bunnies is coming on Thursday, July 11! This update brings all of our summer beach party fun, as well as some under-the-hood improvements and some delightful surprises! We will have much more information for you on release day, so dust off your Bingo hats, work on your tan, develop a taste for poi, and stay tuned! Here's a little sneak peek:

One of the reasons we are waiting until the 11th is that Linden Lab have announced their intention to start enabling Server Side Appearance, a/k/a Project Sunshine, on July 9th (in some regions at least). If you are using a current viewer, this should be the normal weekly episode of restarts for you--if you are NOT, you will have larger problems than un-updated bunnies. (See the Second Life blog for a quick overview! July 9th will be the start of the second of the three steps outlined in that post.) Waiting to do our update until a few days have passed will hopefully minimize the stress for all concerned.

The weekend before that is a holiday weekend in the US, when the Ozimals staff traditionally grills things, gets sunburned, and fights off alien invasions with their families and friends. Thus, we will have limited support from Thursday, July 4th, through Sunday, July 7th. If you need support during this time and cannot locate a CSR, please file a ticket--we will answer them as soon as we've prevented the Martians from landing. Many questions can be answered with the help of the community via the Ozimals inworld groups, too, so don't be shy to ask in group chat!

Mahalo, and much <3
Ozimals Team

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Pufflings: Enchanting Food

Hello, Ozimals friends!

Today we are introducing Enchanting Food for the Pufflings.

It is available at the Pufflings main store, and at our satellite shop at Shamrock Market.

What is Enchanting Food for?

When a Puffling goes too long without food, either inworld or in your inventory, the enchantment that originally created the little bird wears off, and he reverts to the cream puff he once was. Cream puffs, true to their natures, cannot breed or play. To renew the enchantment and return them to the happy, enthusiastic Pufflings they once were, you have several options.

One, you can purchase and use Enchantment Dust, which instantly re-enchants them


Two, you can feed them - letting them eat for 24 hours will re-enchant your Pufflings.

Any Puffling that is version 1.2 or later can eat its way out of Disenchantment by eating Omni Food. Earlier versions--1.0 and 1.1--cannot eat Omni Food until they have been updated to the current version, and cannot be updated until they are out of Disenchantment.

So: Enchanting Food, while it will feed any Puffling, is intended to be used to re-enchant 1.0 and 1.1 Pufflings. Feed it to them while they are coming out of Disenchantment, and then once they are no longer cream puffs, you can update them and they will happily eat Omni Food. If you have leftover old-style food, that will work just as well to get older version Pufflings re-enchanted.

You do not need Enchanting Food unless you have older version Pufflings who are Disenchanted *AND* you have no old-style food for them to eat *AND* you do not want to use Enchantment Dust.

If you have had any other problems since the update--including difficulties with Sepia eye textures--please do not hesitate to file a ticket at our support portal, and we will do our best to fix up your Puffling!

And, last but not least: the days are getting longer and longer, and the bunnies of Oz are VERY busy planning their trip to the beach! They're patching their floaty rafts and beach balls, shaking last year's sand out of their swimsuits, and lecturing the excited baby bunnies about not swimming until one hour after eating Omni Food. They're all going to the beach, and all of YOU are invited too--so watch the blog, stock up on sunscreen, and practice your surfing, because your invitation will be here before you know it!

Much <3
Ozimals Team

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Pufflings Update 1.2!

Hello, Ozimals friends!

Welcome to Pufflings Update 1.2! Please read this entire post carefully before you begin updating!

Update 1.2 is a non-mandatory update. What this means is that your Pufflings will continue to eat if not updated, though each food you have rezzed out will message you once a day to remind you to update. If you are not able to be inworld and updating until later, your Pufflings will not go hungry. Until your Pufflings are updated, however, you will not be able to use the new features, nor will your Pufflings be able to breed with 1.2 Pufflings.

*Grow and Shrink potions
*New genetic traits
*Omni Food

*** 1. Grow and Shrink: There are new potions available for the Pufflings! These enable you to change the size of your Puffling to anything from 1 to 10--a standard adult Puffling is size 3. Grow and Shrink potions will only work on adult Pufflings who have been updated to version 1.2. Each potion works for one "step" in size--so if you wanted to go down to size 1, you would need two Shrink Potions.

*** 2. New Genetic Traits: We have added heaps of new genetic traits to the Pufflings gene pool! Any Pufflings starter egg, if rezzed for the first time after the update is released, has the chance of these new traits. We are excited for everyone to see them! The current batch of starter Pufflings will come with old-style Pufflings-only food in the box, but that brings us to our next topic...

*** 3. Omni Food: At long last, this update heralds the release of Omni Food--food that can be eaten by both bunnies and Pufflings. This food comes in the same types and sizes as bunny food--making it a lower price than old-style Puffling food--with the same boosts to love and energy for both bunnies and Pufflings. Your Pufflings will still eat old-style Puffling food, of course, if you have some lying around--and bunnies will still eat old-style bunny food--but it will no longer be sold.

A note about Marketplace: We are still patiently working with Linden Lab to fix the difficulties that Marketplace is having with Birdsong Thistle's listings. We're very sorry, because we know it is frustrating, but because of this, the 1.2 Updater, as well as Grow/Shrink potions, are not currently available on the SL Marketplace, and we cannot estimate when they will be.

****************IMPORTANT NOTES****************
Please check that you reset home near food and reprice if you had Pufflings set for sale.

The Pufflings updater does not rez anything except the newly updated Puffling. When the updater is running, don’t be alarmed when your Pufflings disappear--it will rez 1.2 versions of the same Pufflings in their places.

The updater is very fast, and has been tested in many different environments. Still, if you have any problems with the update, please file a ticket with the names and if possible the IDs of any Pufflings affected. If you do not have a record of their ID keys, you can look them up on Ozaria to get that information. This is one of the reasons it is a good idea to name your Pufflings; it is MUCH easier to find a specific Puffling in your list who is named "Engelbert" than one who is named "Ozimals Puffling", like the rest!

Make sure your Pufflings are named before you update, and that you have access to their ID keys, and any problems you could possibly encounter are much easier to resolve. A Puffling's "key" is the ID number shown in local chat stats. You can also extricate it from the description line of the Puffling, visible when you edit the Puffling, or see it in that Puffling's listing on Ozaria. If you haven’t registered for Ozaria yet, it is free and very useful, and you can get a registration code from the Ozaria signs in the Ozimals shops.

If you need a location to update your Pufflings, Ozimals Orientation islands have a sandbox type update area where you can rez your Pufflings in a quiet area and chat with other Ozimals peeps while you do it! (Updating only here, please don't build!)  SLURLs below:


The food does NOT get updated itself, it only communicates to you the need to update your Pufflings. PLEASE NOTE!! You do NOT need to buy new food! 


Preparing to Update:

1. Get the updater. Available at these locations:

*Ozimals Pufflings Main Store:

*Ozimals Satellite Store at Shamrock Market

2. Prepare your update area: 

A.  Designate an "update area" someplace on the land you own. 

B.  Rez your updater at the center of the update area.

C.  Pick up ALL third party scripted products (monitors, dispensers, servers, rings, etc.) and any other heavily scripted items in the area. These items can slow down or even prevent the update process from beginning or completing correctly. This is VERY IMPORTANT.

3. Update your Pufflings:

    A.  Turn Puffling movement off. Take a moment to record the Puffling's ID if you do not already have it recorded.

    B.  Pick up your Pufflings one at a time (do NOT pick up in a group!)
    C.  Rez up to 10 Pufflings in your update area. The updater affects Pufflings within a 9m radius (18 m circle with totem in center)

    D.  There will be a 30 second delay before the updater begins, (or longer for homesteads)  please be patient! :)
    E.  The Pufflings will update one by one.

    F.  When all updates are completed, remove the updated Pufflings from the update area, and put down the  next 10 un-updated Pufflings.

    G.  Continue this process until your entire flock is updated.
    H.  After the update is completed,  there is no need to re-rez your food. \o/

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Pufflings Paragon "Beatrice"!

Hello, Ozimals friends!

Silas is a happy little Puffling, hopping around and exploring the brightly colored modern world. Even though he is sepia-toned and his tastes run towards things some of the other Pufflings call "antique", he likes seeing all of the progress made in the last hundred years.

But... there's one thing that has haunted him: how will he ever find a mate? An old-fashioned girl like himself? Silas has many lady friends among the other Pufflings, but hasn't met just the right one... yet.

Many of you have asked this, too, so we are very happy to announce the release of the Puffling paragon "Beatrice"!

The limited edition Beatrice arrives in a sepia-toned birdhouse. Sure to captivate Silas, she is dressed in the latest 1913 fashions. She will only be available through Wednesday, June 19th, from the Pufflings main store and from the Ozimals satellite shop at Shamrock Market. Just as all Silases were male, all Beatrices are female.

Beatrice has a limited-edition genetic trait that she can pass to her offspring; this trait will not be available from any other source.

Here is some important information about next week's Puffling update and Beatrice! We know there will be questions about Beatrice's food and whether the eggs will be "updated" next week, so hopefully this will answer those for you.

1/ Beatrice comes with a standard Level 2 food. As of the update, all of the food we sell will be the new Omni Food, which feeds both bunnies and Pufflings. The food in Beatrice's box will not change, however--though it will of course still work, like any current food, after the update.

2/ Any Pufflings "starter" egg--an egg purchased directly from Ozimals instead of from another breeder--has its genetics set when it is first rezzed. This means that any starter egg, whether from the first week of Pufflings or from this week, including Beatrice, "learns" its genetics when you rez it, pulling from the current gene pool. Still with me? Okay, so this means that if you buy Beatrice today, and rez the egg today, your Beatrice will have 1.1 genetics. If you buy Beatrice today, and rez the egg after the update, your Beatrice will have 1.2 genetics. Please remember that it is not when the starter egg is KINDLED, but when it is first rezzed, that counts--and that this only applies to starter eggs, not to any that your Pufflings have created.

3/ Whichever set of genetics your Beatrice has, she will always have the limited-edition trait; the updated genetics won't affect that.

Much <3
Ozimals Team

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Pufflings Update: June 13!

Hello, Ozimals friends!

Save the date! Next week, on Thursday, June 13, it will be update day for your Pufflings. As always, we recommend updating promptly, and keeping your pets updated to the most current version, so it's nice to be able to give you this much advance notice. Here's a little preview of some of the things you can look forward to!

All "starter" Puffling eggs--boxed eggs purchased directly from Ozimals, rather than from another breeder--will have a chance at new genetic traits once the update is released! Where, before, there was a gene pool for the Pufflings... now it's more like a gene OCEAN: we have added a LOT of stuff in this update, which will combine with the older genetics to create fantastic new looks. We're excited for you to see!

Grow Potion and Shrink Potion, for Pufflings, will be released that day too, and will work on any Puffling that has been updated to the new version and is at least seven days old. Just like the potions for the bunnies, these will allow you to permanently size your Pufflings down to a teensy size one.. or up, to an imposing size ten... and anything in between!

Finally, something we've been wanting to do for eons is has finally come to fruition: Omni Food. (Not to be confused with the old bunny food of the same name.) This new food will replace the food we currently sell for bunnies and Pufflings, and will be available in all of the sizes and food types as current bunny food, including Wearable. Omni Food will feed bunnies and Pufflings, making everything simpler for everyone. Plus, it's really, really cute. Yay!

As usual, there will be more information about all of this on update day, so be sure to check group notices and the Ozimals blog next Thursday. See you then!

Much <3
Ozimals Team

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